Studying physics be like:


When you pick a degree based on what you think will pay out, versus what you love, or even what you are inclined towards…


I love my field of study. There were many required courses that I did not love.


That completely ignores shit schools with shit programs. Or the occasional shit professor.


Many moons ago I was part of the first group for a new program to build up skills with html, css, etc. I was excited but then found the professor had trouble displaying an image on the first day and I had to show how to the class. I noped out. They clearly weren’t ready. Felt wrong that they were taking money.

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as much as i disagree with him on certain things, Mike Rowe had a good point with a vid he did a long time ago. sometimes your passion isn't what will pay what you need. it can still be your passion, but you might need to look elsewhere for what you want to do for a living. what he was getting at was to not overlook new things, that you might actually like as a job, even if it wasn't your passion.

for example, few people choose HVAC repair as a passion, but it pays well, and might be stimulating for someone looking for a technical type job.

personally my passion is working with computers, but it can be hard to make a living at it, at least at a consumer level. but the thing is i really like helping the average joe find GOOD ways to spend their money. i'd have loved to have graduated college and worked on enterprise grade stuff, but i have a learning disability and can't pass Algebra. this means i can't get my degree.


I am a trim cutter at an RV factory. I wake up at 3:45 AM and usually get home around noon. It’s rough sometimes, very physical, and occasionally mentally stimulating. I’ve heard so many tell me, why don’t I pick a vocation instead of this?

Frankly: music, botany, history or whatever hobbies I have that I have competency and drive to do will never pay as well, and if you find me a stable job that gets off with 6 hours of daylight after I’ll reconsider my options.

Sometimes, a job is just a job and that’s okay. Not every job has to be your LIFE PASSION and I think it’s unhealthy to be endlessly pursuing that “Perfect” job, because at the end of the day, you are only going to be unhappier with your current situation and spending your free time trying to find that job unicorn instead of enjoying the time you have.

Do the ugly, well-paying job so that you have the $$$ and benefits to enjoy your free time!


My masters has been so much easier than my BS.


Honest question, how much of that was because you’d spent your BS building a foundation and the masters was built on that?

Obviously, I’m making a few assumptions here, and I don’t even have a diploma so I’m not sure what a BS is, unless of course, you’ve got a masters in BS - in which case, there’s some great shitposting you could be doing :)


It’s a Masters in civil engineering transportation and logistics, while my undergrad was Suppy Chain Management. I wrote a ton of papers and had crazy 3-6 hour tests with my undergrad. The Master work is similar to topics and more laid back. Two quarters in, and I’ve written maybe two three page papers. It’s probably more of a technical degree than if it was an academic masters that led to a doctoral program. Basically, $45k, read the books, and you get at least a B.


Oh my god. This is me rn. 🥲

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