Oh wow, I did something pretty similar!

Question: for nitrogen (or other gasses) do you need to use a fluid buffer or can you just hook up machines directly to the source?

Unrelated question: how did you change the color of your zip line thingy?

scrubbles, avatar

I don’t use buffers very much. The primary use for them I have is when doing loopback systems like in Aluminum or Nuclear to make sure the system is balanced.

If you need 60 water per minute input, and it also puts out 30 water, you can backfeed that 30 water into a filled buffer. Then, take the output of the buffer, and merge it in with a water mainline that has a valve on it for 30, and then you have a guaranteed 60 water/min for the input. The buffer ensures that the system can get itself kickstarted.

For the zipline tool it uses your primary swatch color. So every factory I do we change up the swatch to something different, this time it was a greyish purple

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