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soviettaters, in By law, Sask. youth under 16 now need parental consent before changing pronouns at school

Seems like a no-brainer to want parental consent for big decisions such as this

John_McMurray, in That seems pointed

Jeez guys I was just thinking of the SW

SidewaysHighways, in That seems pointed

Like the trenches of The Great War

Norgur, avatar

Or the desolate, dead places pollution and industry nave created.

Besides, "not having vegetation", so being literally devoid of life is a theme encountered in many of the folk sagas, Tolkien wanted to imitate.


Tolkien, from everything I’ve read, was particularly anti-industrial. It was a continuing theme in his writing. The hobbits were the traditional English country folk of lore, loving their gardens and gossiping with their neighbors, the elves were the magical masters of nature, the dwarves were more of a mixed bag, and the humans were kind of forked depending on their lineage.

I believe he was also fairly racist. If you read the descriptions of the orcs and of the armies of the “southern” men and compare them with the descriptions of the tall, blond northerners, elves, and so on, I think it’s pretty apparent that descriptions like dark skin are signifiers of evil.

Norgur, avatar

Well, that's all the subject of almost endless debate among literature scholars. Firstly: It's crucial to never draw conclusions about the stance of an author from his writing alone. Secondly, the premise behind the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion was to invent a body of folklore in an imaginary geographic body that was just like the UK. Something that the British literature canon sorely lacks, especially when compared to the rather cohesive stories around the Nordic Gods (even if the Edda is mere fabrication by Catholics and probably takes more liberties than they should make the Norns look bad and Christ look spectacular), or the Greek/Latin Gods.

Tolkien was a very learned linguist and literature professor. So there is no way to tell if he chose things like the skin colors or the descriptions out of a moral message he wanted to convey, or if he merely copied things he assumed would be in such works.

He very famously strongly opposed Nazi-Ideology and Eugenics, as well as British propaganda as soon as that turned racist as well (Picturing the Germans as the same kind of sub-human the Germans thought everybody else was). So it's highly debatable if he really had anything racist in his mind or if we interpret stuff with our current mindset into works of the past, which we can and should not do.

The same goes for descriptions of Nature and such. Was he really anti-industrialist, or did he describe a land he imagined the people in this imaginary Britain-esque place would find? Furthermore, if he was anti-industrialist (or pro-nature): How much of that did make it into the Lord of the Rings? We simply cannot tell, so we shouldn't try to. He expressed some notions in that direction in private letters, but we cannot guess from the Lord of the Rings.

John_McMurray, in ‘Nobody even shot at me’: Sask. killer’s death confirmed as cocaine overdose

The cops killed him. It’d take an absolute moron to not realize that. Reporters in this country just aren’t.

John_McMurray, in Sask. potash worker to remain on suspension over nightly medical cannabis use

Nutriens’ doctor should be facing a review board for incompetent behaviour

skozzii, in Murray Mandryk: Sask. needs answers on $747M in closed-door spending

The sheep here will still vote for their beloved Sask party no matter how much they get stolen from them.

Rentlar, in Murray Mandryk: Sask. needs answers on $747M in closed-door spending

Maybe the costs came from those Sustainable Saskatchewan o&g supporting ads that were blasted all across Canada…

OminousOrange, in Pronoun case adjourned as province applies for leave to appeal judge's decision allowing challenge avatar

“We respect the court, but think it should fuck off and let us do whatever the hell we want.”

-Bronwyn Eyre, Justice Minister and Attorney General, former radio host with no practical law experience

DerisionConsulting, in Saskatchewan teachers’ job action: Which schools will be closed and when

Rotating teacher strikes, the withdrawal of noon-hour supervision and pulling extracurricular activities have been announced for a number of school divisions in Saskatchewan.

If you’re going to strike, actually strike. Parents volunteering to watch kids at noon for one day isn’t applying any pressure towards the union’s goals.

jadero, (edited ) in Saskatchewan water reservoir levels being kept higher in anticipation of lower runoff

it was noted that major water supply reservoirs in southern Saskatchewan are mostly at or above normal levels.

I guess it all comes down to how “normal” is calculated.

I have no formal data, so what follows may be a waste of typing and reading.

It’s true that, right now, the water level in Lake Diefenbaker seems to be in line with what I’ve come to expect over the last decade. But I’ve lived on and utilized this reservoir for over twice that period of time, and it seems to me that we have a clear trend of lower levels.

The mouth of the creek that I once used for docking my boat and for my subsistence fishing had not been reliably useful for at least 5 years. What I have been used to is that the lake “backs up” into the creek, and that just doesn’t happen anymore.

In fact, the old-timers remember when the lake would regularly back up into the creek far enough to get something like a canoe up into my back yard, and I’ve seen that once in 2 decades.

dessimbelackis, in Why don't we still have streetcars in Saskatchewan?

Mid20th century many cities got convinced to phase out electric trolleys in favour of diesel-burning, tire-tread-shedding busses. And there were no negative consequences!

The streetcar rails are still under the asphalt in Winnipeg. You can see them when the potholes are really bad lmao

yardy_sardley, in Why don't we still have streetcars in Saskatchewan?

Car-centric city building took off in the late 1940s, and like many, many other cities, Saskatoon decided to dismantle their streetcar system in favour of having a couple extra lanes for car traffic.

Rentlar, in Why don't we still have streetcars in Saskatchewan?

Saskatoon, SK is of comparable population size to St. Louis, MO, and the latter has 2 light rail lines. It can be done again, and it seems the bus demand is there at least.

Just don’t hire whoever designed the LRT system for OCTranspo (Ottawa), or the Eglinton Crosstown (Toronto)

ApathyTree, (edited ) in Sask. church pastor wants shelter shuttered avatar

He looks like the asshole “leader”, big Jim, from under the dome. So I’m not that shocked. Life imitates art.

(Yes this is mostly tongue-in-cheek)

ImplyingImplications, in Sask. church pastor wants shelter shuttered

Robert Pearce, the pastor of Fairmont Baptist Church

A Baptist. That explains everything.


That’s not really fair to baptists.

In my experience, most churches are fully of NIMBY’s and also hate the poor.

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