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Worker Experiences in San Diego County SDSU x CPI (

I am a graduate student in the sociology department at San Diego State University. We are working with the Center on Policy Initiative to survey San Diegans about how they are paid at work. If you have worked in San Diego County at any point in the last 12 months, we want to hear from you!...

Meet the new U-T Print Edition (

Saw this at Vons today. The corporate beancounters at the Union-Tribune’s new corporate overlords did the math and decided a fractional percent of expenses could be saved with a new, smaller print edition. Looks like the “Weekly Reader” from my childhood memories. Not sure whether to be amused, embarrassed or horrified....

Little Amal visits Balboa Park; 4Nov23 (

They call her the little girl on a big journey. Little Amal is the 12 foot puppet of a 10 year old Syrian refugee child. She is a global symbol of human rights, especially those of child refugees. For the last few weeks, she has traveled more than 9,000 miles: 40 cities from coast to coast in the US, and 7 cities in Mexico at...

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