Gormadt, avatar

Thank you so much for finding the source

spudwart, avatar

Nah, you don’t understand.

Your cat kills a dragon and drops it at your doorstep.

The treat isn’t a request.

It’s a demand. And the dragon is a warning.

Gormadt, avatar

Spoken like a true cat servant

Edit: As a former cat servant I have to agree

nifty, avatar

The cat is in on it with the dragon, it’s a Trojan feint scenario to sneak the big guy in past the high walls and archers.


Clearly the “cat” is an Elder Silver Wyrm in disguise

pancakes, avatar

Only a cat would hunt and kill a several thousand pound fire-breathing dragon, drop it on the front step, and expect a treat.


To be fair, deserves a treat. Dragons are more a pest than even rats.


Plot twist: in this setting, dragons are rodent. I’d be down for that tbh.

HipsterTenZero, avatar

we call those kobolds


Canonically, kobolds are actually naturally occurring minerals

Jonny avatar

If the internet has taught me anything, it is that the cat thinks the knight is shit at killing dragons.

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