Season 2 of Headbangers Rhythm Royale is out

Like other similar games there's a battle pass system with seasons, but for this game there's no paid tier. It's all free and it's now been changed for the first time, along with the addition of many cosmetic items.
At the same time,a DLC is out if you want extra cosmetics, which is part of the Pigeon Pass.
Also, the game is now at a discount on Steam to celebrate the new season.


This became the sole game I play on my gamepass lol

dakar avatar

If you want to try out another rhythm game, there's also Hi-Fi Rush on gamepass, and it's damn good. It even just won at the Game Awards in audio design.


I’ve played the update a bit, I expected some sort of new gamemodes which didn’t came, I guess this was just a new cosmetics update.

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