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CaptainBasculin, in Season 2 of Headbangers Rhythm Royale is out

This became the sole game I play on my gamepass lol

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If you want to try out another rhythm game, there's also Hi-Fi Rush on gamepass, and it's damn good. It even just won at the Game Awards in audio design.


I’ve played the update a bit, I expected some sort of new gamemodes which didn’t came, I guess this was just a new cosmetics update.

CaptainBasculin, in Akolibed Set The Very First 1.7k PP Play... | osu!

1.4kpp skip, 1.6kpp skip, now waiting for 1.8k skip and 2k skip respectively

JTStrikesBack, in Channel recommendation: The Corner Cab

Thank you for this! This is a nice new take on a rhythm game channel. You don’t happen to know many other, do you?
I know tokaku of course, and kkclue has done a few reviews of controllers etc, but I’ve never really found many good personalities who talk a good bit about rhythm games other than some people who mostly just stream themselves playing (which is cool but not what I’m looking for).

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If you want to learn a lot about rhythm games, I'd really recommend Losermanwins.

Also, you may know Etienne, but his videos are pretty unique so they're worth a watch. Unfortunately, he doesn't upload on that channel anymore.


Losermanwins is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! Incredible, thank you!

drekly, in Rocksmith 2014 is being delisted soon

Wait then what? Do I not own it anymore?

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You can keep playing it if you have bought it ,or you buy it by October 23.


Nice, I’ve had it for years so that’s good

rsh, in Rocksmith 2014 is being delisted soon

Does this mean the DLCs will be taken down also?

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From their announcement it looks like the DLCs are going to be delisted over time. So those will stay for longer, but I don't know how long.

terry_tibbs, in Rocksmith 2014 is being delisted soon

If I remember rightly they broke custom songs with an update too, I had to pirate an old version of the game to get mod support back. I wouldn’t throw any money at ubisoft even if I knew they’d choke on it.

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Pirating Ubisoft is always morally correct.

CaptainBasculin, in An Introduction to maimai | An Arcade Rhythm game that does your Laundry

There’s also an in-development alternative osulazer gamemode called Sentakki that replicates the maimai experience. For PC you can just load up the dll file, and for iOS/Android you can join the discord to get compiled builds.


stopthatgirl7, in This Rhythm Game Movie is Just Not Good | Deemo: Memorial Keys Review
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That makes me kind of sad, because I loved Deemo back in the day. But honestly, after the movie was announced, I didn’t hear anything about it - I didn’t even know it had released.

And the part at the end about Rayark and the AI art, and the signs they’re going downhill…yeah. It feels like it is.

alxdre301, (edited ) in Beginner rhythm games

Sorry for slow answer
In fact, FnF mods feels more like a community game to me, mostly community game only just provides a really specific kind of players. This is a general problem of every community rhythm game, although these easy charts are really quick to chart, osu! might have a better balance here...
If you are a beginner, you should buy and try some official games like DJMax, EZ2ON, blah, blah, blah which have easier charts for you to get used to the rhythm game mechanics.


Piano Tiles 2 is mostly considered as a music game, not a rhythm game by many rhythm game players. An honest advice, your fast hit from PT2, forget it. Learn how the music works, it is a slow path but gives you a better experience with music not like the whack-a-mole game.

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Even with it being a music game I think PT2 is what got me into rhythm games. When I first looked at osu! I was drawn into the mania mode because it's kinda similar to PT2. So this game is probably what made me like VSRGs so much.
Of course having played PT2 didn't make me good at rhythm games straight away, but without it I may have never started playing them.

blonderfool, in Welcome to m/rhythmgames!

To chime in, if you haven’t had the opportunity to play Beat Saber, you are missing out. If you are near a VR business that allows rental time to play, book a session and it will be well worth your money and time. Warning: You’ll really want your own VR set up afterwards.

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I've tried Beat Saber a few times, and it's pretty fun but too tiring. I stick to mostly PC games for this reason.
Even then, at a pro level, some rhythm games are a bit exhausting.
If you can handle Beat Saber well that's great, but I can't, at least for now.


I totally understand that. I used to play religiously and had no problems, but I definitely had to build endurance. I’ve been out of the game, and now when I play I also get tired much more quickly.

I’ll have to try some games you recommended anyhow. Thanks!

onelikeandidie, in Gameplay for Ratatan revealed

Actually hyped, I didn’t know about it until the teaser trailer came out and it looks pretty fun. I like what they did with the font to reference Patapon, for example with the Rata if you squint a little you can see Pata cuz they made the R leg shorter!

onelikeandidie, in Rhythm game speedrunning

I think it’s possible to speedrun Patapon since it requires a lot of skill to keep it in fever the whole time and also not fail the miracle drums.

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True, looking at it in speedrun.com the series has some runs, with some new ones in the last month. I wonder how that'll change when the similar game Ratatan comes out.

Maximilious, in Any ideas for a magazine icon?
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It doesn't get more iconic than Parapa the Rapper for me personally, or an image of the DK drums. Many ways to go with it!

JargonWagon, in Nintendo Direct announcement: Headbangers Rhythm Royale

A battle royale rhythm game that has Rhythm Heaven Fever vibes? I need to check this out!

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