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Speculater, in The Biggest osu! Cheating Scandal

TL;DW: The subject of the investigation was not cheating while one of the investigators was cheating.

mojofrododojo, in Microsoft & Xbox baffle internet after shutting down Hi-Fi Rush dev & three other Bethesda studios

all for a tiny bump in stock prices. fucking gross.

theJWPHTER88, in Rhythm Games April Fools 2024 First Look!!!
theJWPHTER88 avatar

Admittedly, although I only had experienced the east-side path during said time, I had absolute laughs on vivid/statis' AF2024 update, itself founded on the now-perennial "grode" inside joke, perpetuated by a certain A-Saph as the major driving force.

Ryceam and Phigros', on the other hand, are on the same levels of buffonery as the aforementioned act, the latter also laughing out at the newest additions that were BRAIN HACKER and Cycle of Retribution (that , however, I did not get to enjoy myself due to time issues).

CaptainBasculin, in Why osu! Compilation Channels Are Dying...

I was used to host a similar styled channel until I realised, watching clicking circles isn’t that interesting when top players are at such a high level. It’s cool to see a few times, but people won’t come back to watch similar stuff all the time.

FfaerieOxide, in New game: Swivel
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A spinning chair combined with a VR headset? Sounds like a recipe for vomit.

alxdre301, in The Biggest osu! Copyright Drama
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Ah, a_hisa incident, I believe this has changed minds of some charters of charting, I remember when I first heard of it, someone I know that they made a chart and published on osu! then they got their minds back, and removed since they didn't ask the composer...
Somehow it changes how charters should do before making a chart... like reading the track usage, asking the composer for permissions.
Seems some players on the other side, they keeps saying about "Fair Use", hmmm, I wonder that a_hisa is a Japanese, then they have to follow the US Law or Japanese Law (clearly I think it's the Japanese one)...

*chart = map (chart is for general use)

theJWPHTER88, in The Strangest osu! Player Did The Unthinkable...
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Some speculate they're unemployed, per the now-perennial title joke on that player, while others focus on the "break-time-at-work" angle…

Really makes you think that not all osu! (and rhythm game) players and enthusiasts are that well-off in life, and are just playing for fun despite their surrounding environments.

dakar, in Any vivid/statis players on here?
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Went to try it now, but looks like the latest version broke the game, and downgrading didn't work for me.
I'll go back to it another time.

n3m37h, in Rock Band 4 DLCs have ended

Yeah my brother is very disappointed, has near 3000 songs

PsychologicalCannabis, in Considering DJMAX Respect V. Should I get it or the classic PSP games are "enough"?

Always online is an instant no from me. Have enough games that I will play

@mumei@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, I know, I feel the same for the most part, but I’m definitely itching for some more DJMax, I have hundreds of hours on the PSP games, and there isn’t really anything else like it. Guess I’ll have to pass though and keep consuming my PSP haha why did they have to make it always online, makes me sad

alxdre301, (edited ) in Geometry Dash now has rhythm games
@alxdre301@urusai.social avatar

I can't believe what I'm seeing lol

CaptainBasculin, in osu!mapping: beatmap nominators

It’s been how many years and I couldn’t manage to get a map ranked. While my primary goal on mapping is “map something I would enjoy playing” so it doesn’t matter to me that much; it’d be interesting to rank a map.

dakar avatar

It's crazy the lack of BN's. I looked through maps and found this one pending since 2007, we really need more people ranking.


That’s a pending glitched map (normally maps are graveyarded near 30 days after their last update, this one was uploaded before graveyarding was implemented i guess); and it’s not spreaded properly; it’s not getting ranked anytime soon.

CaptainBasculin, in Season 2 of Headbangers Rhythm Royale is out

This became the sole game I play on my gamepass lol

dakar avatar

If you want to try out another rhythm game, there's also Hi-Fi Rush on gamepass, and it's damn good. It even just won at the Game Awards in audio design.


I’ve played the update a bit, I expected some sort of new gamemodes which didn’t came, I guess this was just a new cosmetics update.

CaptainBasculin, in Akolibed Set The Very First 1.7k PP Play... | osu!

1.4kpp skip, 1.6kpp skip, now waiting for 1.8k skip and 2k skip respectively

JTStrikesBack, in Channel recommendation: The Corner Cab

Thank you for this! This is a nice new take on a rhythm game channel. You don’t happen to know many other, do you?
I know tokaku of course, and kkclue has done a few reviews of controllers etc, but I’ve never really found many good personalities who talk a good bit about rhythm games other than some people who mostly just stream themselves playing (which is cool but not what I’m looking for).

dakar avatar

If you want to learn a lot about rhythm games, I'd really recommend Losermanwins.

Also, you may know Etienne, but his videos are pretty unique so they're worth a watch. Unfortunately, he doesn't upload on that channel anymore.


Losermanwins is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! Incredible, thank you!

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