It would really be nice if a company came along that recognized its relationship to the ecosystem that grows up around it. It seems like that’s an obligation, really, to help those who helped you become what you are. What you don’t have, on the other hand, is an obligation to rape everybody. Which is all capitalism does at this point - enshittification. Make a good product, then fucking ruin it, shitting on the current customers in favour of the ones you’ll get once it’s marketed to the masses.

Useless, stupid, destructive and cancerous system.


Didn’t even know it was recap season. I’m never going back.


I’m getting my doomscrolling and worthless banter/arguing with strangers “fix” from lemmy.

But Lemmy is no replacement for local news/rumormill, or most career/hobby subs, yet. Except for at a very high level. Like metro area, or “gaming”. Reddit is still far superior only because theres already a community there.

Eventually Lemmy may get to that point. Time will tell. I still haven’t installed the Reddit app, and I basically only end up there when some other search brings me to Reddit. I’ve already stopped muscle-memory impulsively typing it. My autocomplete for www.red is no longer safe-for-work.


I caved and downloaded the Reddit app to get my fix for more niche communities that don’t have Lemmy equivalents yet (I don’t have the time nor the energy to stand up new Lemmy communities).

The app is just so infuriating and information dense. I struggle to figure out what’s actually content and what’s just an advert. Navigating doesn’t make much sense either.

Stay away from the app. Use the website if you absolutely have to.


Yep. Really miss Apollo. Wefwef is a good replacement but nowhere near as polished. Haven’t looked at new apps in a while though.


Same here unironically

I still miss Apollo, I’m trying to use lemony more though


I still check reddit for community and user based experiences on topics I don’t trust the Google bias with. The occasional ‘Fuck Spez!’ is a nice reminder.

Lemmy has the potential to become a future database of such kind but it’ll take time. Well unless there’s a disruption in the industry, that suddenly makes people move to or post more on Lemmy, like going viral through Hollywood maybe.

We still need to figure out a way to make it easier for younger and older people to use Lemmy, or it never happens.

@trk@aussie.zone avatar

That second one is perfect considering the subreddit.


Can someone explain what I’m looking at here? Is this the official app? What does the text mean? Is OP making a joke on it? I’ve never seen the official app (because fuck you) so I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking at.

(Kinda surprised how many of you get it…)


It seems to be from some kind of Reddit end of year highlights reel. I think OP probably engaged with the post about Apollo shutting down a lot (voted, commented, maybe viewed it a great deal of times, etc.) and so Reddit served them this little “highlights” card.

OP is now sharing it here as a “remember where we came from / fuck Reddit amirite” post


Holy shit, reddit app actually does that Facebook bullshit? I don’t want… why the fuck… who thought… that’s STUPID

@dexa_scantron@lemmy.world avatar

More crap to click on makes it easier for them to sell ads.


This meant a lot to you, and only you know why…

You and pretty much everyone else on Lemmy lol


What they did to that developer is why I quit reddit and refuse to go back.


Leaving Reddit was one of the best things I’ve done for my phone addiction. Lemmy isn’t nearly as addictive, and the lack of a profit motive to fuck things up and encourage mass clicking helps control the content.


Right? I used to spend hours on Reddit each day, now I only go on Lemmy during my 15 minute lunch break




Yet you still give them money by using their app

@GuyDudeman@lemmy.world avatar

I only use it to check mentions of my work via the FeedComber bot.


But why use the app instead of the website with adblock?

@GuyDudeman@lemmy.world avatar

Because the website doesn’t allow me to mark all notifications as read.

@BeigeAgenda@lemmy.ca avatar

Mine was some worldnews article, could be because I switched without making a fuss there.


I thought it already shut down


It’s December my guy


This is this years version of Reddit recap or what exactly they call it. They give you some statistics from the past year, similar to Spotify wrap, or at least that’s the meaning of it, I haven’t gotten mine to work sense they started a couple of years ago. This year I haven’t even gotten one.


OP is a cuck using the official app.

If they’re going to browse reddit they could at least use a modded client with API usage with a burner account


revanced patches against official app work like a charm. Considering that I am on GrapheneOS and app is forced to stay off when I am not using it is a win for me. Also, I rarely scroll reddit, so I don’t mind using shittier app.


Fuck Reddit. We on Lemmy now


I use both Boost for Reddit and Boost for Lemmy. I often forget what site I’m on


Was on Reddit for 11+ years. Apollo for the last few years. Quit cold turkey in June and honestly my life is better for it.


I still read /r/boxoffice when there’s a major flop (so I’ve been back there a bit since Wish released) but I don’t log in anymore.


I do the same with local events, I can find the same memes on here without having to scroll past a half dozen posts shilling Taco Bell or fucking Christianity


Lol, they pushing Jesus ads on Reddit now?


Have been since before the API fuckery


Interesting. Always used RIF, so never saw any. Now I only use reddit for like 2 subs, and I did think it was greasy how they made the ads look like posts. Just greasy.


I used RiF as well so I didn’t see the ads first hand, but I definitely came across multiple posts complaining about the Jesus ads. They were apparently pretty bizarre and it was a large ad campaign partly funded by the founder of Hobby Lobby. Even NPR (US National Public Radio) did a story on them: npr.org/…/jesus-commercial-super-bowl-billboard-h…


Same. Cold turkey and the only time I’m on there is when I get there from a DDG search. When that happens, I get my info, open Modmail to make sure my dark subs aren’t stolen away, and then fuck right off.


I joined back on the iPhone 4 using blue alien or whatever that app was called. Then been on reddit sync until the purge. I pretty much exclusively used reddit via a third party app. It hurt to delete all my content and delete my reddit account, but the sync author said he’s moving to lemmy so I just went along. Now I’m on lemmy with sync. The community is obviously much smaller, and there’s quite a specific kind of person here (looking at you Linux and star trek instances) but I can actually interact here. I never deleted my comments before, and still wouldn’t, but I don’t see myself instantly down voted into oblivion for not sharing a hive mind idea. I get to see more kinds of interaction here instead of having to sort by controversial. It’s nice.


Same for me, but with Sync.

I was on Reddit for about 15 years, pre-dating when Digg shit the bed, and to be honest there are some similarities between this place and old Reddit.

That’s not to say that we’ll see a flood of people from Reddit, but that this place has a nice, quaint charm that wasn’t too dissimilar to before. With that being said, the Linux bros are as unbearable as they used to be on Reddit, and there are some extremely wild opinions on politics that don’t align with reality - that’s not much of an improvement.


I started on Reddit in 2012, realized quickly that I was getting too invested in karma, so decided to never have an account for more than one calendar year.

That worked very well, but by the end I was still spending an inordinate amount of time dicking around. I spend maybe an hour a week on sync for Lemmy. perfect!


Same but with Boost for reddit. Now on Boost for Lemmy!

I remember being on Reddit back when it was pretty new. Also got a Gmail account back when it was beta and invite only. Everything seemed possible back then. My world view sure has changed since then. Not quite doomer pilled but damned if I’m not on the edge.

@krimson@feddit.nl avatar

Same. I don’t miss Reddit at all.


I miss it, but I also get to feel like I’ll see it grow all over again, slightly different.

But this time I already know that it’ll become a great place to go find a community for any specific niche in the future.

And this time, an ass CEO idolizing another idiot cannot kill off third party apps with one toxic decision.


I’m not sure Lemmy will be able to grow too big. As soon as an instance starts to get thousands of viewers moderation/hosting costs become too high for hobbyists.


I don’t think a paid instance is out of the question. Someone who knows the licensing better can correct me.

I paid Reddit $30/year for years. If this gets anywhere close, I’d be happy to do the same here.

I’ll pay for things that are reasonably priced.

@return2ozma@lemmy.world avatar

Same. 11 years, nearly 2 million karma, frontpage almost every week. Mine was Reddit Is Fun app but I swore not to go back.

Edit: same username on reddit


Ddddodoooorrrrttthhhyyyyy GAAAAALLLEEEEEEEEE!!!



Also 11 years, very active until they killed RiF.


Obligatory, FUCK U/SPEZ

I was part of “Rexxit” or whatever you wanna call it; I agree, life is better here. Viva la Lemmings


Something about this place is comfier than reddit. I don’t miss it.


All my homies hate spez

@FlavoredButtHair@lemmy.world avatar


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  • DoucheBagMcSwag,

    As much as Spez is a pig faced fucktard, don’t spread literal fake news. It discredits our cause.

    He was added as a a moderator when you could literally nominate anyone for moderatorship without any input from them


    I lurk with a burner account it because lots of niche reddit communities (modded API 3rd party client of course) still don’t have Lemmy groups and…it’s all rage bait, horny bait, and whOleSomE bait.

    No substance, only engagement is the goal.

    @Exusia@lemmy.world avatar

    Now we shitpost on the funny mouse website!



    @MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar



    Wow it’s the Margot Robbie. Lemmy sure has come far


    Alright but imagine how fucking funny it’d be for an A-list actor to just unabashedly join lemmy as themselves and just act like a normal person but be entirely open with who they are

    @MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

    It would be absurdly funny because of how out of place she would look here, which is analogous to something like, what if a sentient plastic doll from a parallel universe somehow ended up in the real world, right?

    Sounds like it could be a good movie.

    @MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

    We did like a whole Barbie marketing campaign here and everything.

    Also, that’s the esteemed Academy Award nominated character actress Margot Robbie to you!


    Do you happen to know anyone who, back in the 90s, was on a very famous tv show?

    @MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

    Isn’t that the horse from Horsin’ Around?

    @p03locke@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

    Just don’t piss off the other mouse.


    now get out there and make me some goddamn money! hu huh!


    Pretty sure that the other Mouse has their hands full with the high heeled man currently ruling Florida


    Woah there. Did you say a man in Florida wearing high heels? Kinda sounds like drag to me. Better stop that man before he starts grooming children to be Satan’s minions!!!


    I heard he goes by an alias too instead of his given name. Someone should make a law against that…


    I’m very similar. I still go back and check in from time to time, but I see Reddit as a ghost of its former self. It seems that all the good content posters have moved on.

    For me it was bacon reader, but mostly the same. I lurk there maybe once a month, but the only active communities seem to be centered around helping people. I would suspect that those who don’t regularly use Reddit, may not have been completely in the know about the changes, or maybe they didn’t care, and they just used Reddit when they wanted to know about a thing; so those users still return to Reddit when they need help. Everywhere else seems to be very inactive… At least compared to what Reddit was just a year ago.

    @GuyDudeman@lemmy.world avatar

    LOL @ “Only you know why”


    well I know why too. Anyone else?


    I know why. All things must pass I suppose including the soul of Reddit.

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