Abusive mods with no recourse for the users.

This dude posts a wildly racist meme of Michelle Obama. I report the post. Funnily enough, the racist post is posted by the mod of dankmemes, dankchristianmemes and some other shit hole.

Said mod then starts sending abusive transphobic messages to me. Try to report the user. Nothing happens when I hit the button.

Shit like this is why Lemmy isn't a viable alternative yet. We need to do better and be better.

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Hello everyone. This is Michelle, one of the Lemmy.world Admins/Moderators.

I want to let you know that if you are reporting a post/comment from a community moderator, please message me and let me know your concern. Especially if it relates to the violation of server rules for hate speech, racism, threats, or calls to violence.

If it’s a Lemmy.world community, they can resolve the report before we have a chance to see it. So please let me know if no action is being taken.

If the community is on another instance, we can see the reports you submit. We can ban and remove the posts/comments from our side.

We have zero tolerance for homophobia, racism, hate speech, bullying, child pornography, and many others that are listed under our server rules.

The moderation tools we currently have are not very robust, but I hope this helps clarify what can be done to escalate issues.


Can we please defederate from exploding-heads.com? Nothing good comes from there.


Wow, that instance looks like a cesspool.

antik, (edited )
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wish granted sparkles


A post on that goofball server says:

Exploding-Heads.com will go offline August 31st 2023.

So we won’t have to deal with their whiny racist sexist bullshit for long.

If you’re curious an accurate tl;dr of the post that’s from is “waah we can’t be total shitheads with impunity while also telling everyone else what to do, so we’re going to voat nostr where other insufferable brats also go.”


Soooo… I don’t see any way to report abusive mod behavior at all here on lemmy - there doesn’t even seem to be a way to let the other mods of a given community know about the behavior of one of their mods. I’ve just been suspended from World News because one of the mods there decided that the term white supremacist counts as a perjorative.

clueless_stoner, (edited )

Are you aware we can see all of your removed comments? You should be surprised one of our staff didn’t just ban you from the site. You have nothing to argue for.

I don’t see any way to report abusive mod behavior at all on Lemmy

So you’re saying there is absolutely no way to email Lemmy.World, like not directly mentioned on the sidebar? And are there no options to DM admins, including secure messaging options? No reporting button?

Read before you participate next time, both community and instance rules. Thank you.


Are you aware we can see all of your removed comments?

Emmm… yes. So can I. It’s in the modlog, isn’t it?

And are there no options to DM admins

I was under the impression I was responding to an admin… right up there.

like not directly mentioned on the sidebar?

Not the sidebar I’m looking at… the only option is to individually message the mods themselves. Should I have messaged all of them or just picked one?

You should be surprised one of our staff didn’t just ban you from the site.

Please clarify your stance on this very clearly so that everybody is perfectly clear on this - do you or do you not consider the term white supremacist to be some kind of racial perjorative?


I’m not an admin, so I can’t see whatever deleted comments they’re talking about, but fyi: there’s only one R in pejorative.

(I know you weren’t asking me, but no, white supremacist is not a pejorative, any more than environmentalist or progressive is. They’re all just descriptors that can be used in otherwise appropriate or inappropriate statements)


there’s only one R in pejorative.

Thank you for the correction - it’s not a word I care to use much. Also… I copy-pasted it from World News’s sidebar.

any more than environmentalist or progressive is.

I have no idea how terms like environmentalist or progressive can be used as pejoratives.

I know you weren’t asking me

I kinda need the people with executive power to answer this - I might be new to Lemmy, but I’m not new to these kinds of discussions, and I know better than to invest energy in tackling issues of white supremacism when the people with executive power do not understand (or don’t want to understand) how white supremacism actually works.

edit: Yes, you can see the comments - it’s all in the modlog down at the bottom of the page.

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👏 Amazing 👏, please ban this fisuxcel bigot

!deleted125603, (edited )


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  • mannycalavera, (edited )
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    FWIW, I was threatened on Reddit more than once with actual murder... people threatening to come to my house and kill me. Reddit's general response was to... delete the chat message in question as a "resolution" to my complaint. AFAIK, that was the extent of their action. I at least have the impression that abusive users will be removed, though it might take a bit given the incredible influx of new users.

    This is horrible, why do people think they can say this shit? I hope you reported this to the police? I'm pretty much most places this behaviour is illegal. It's not a good look for Reddit to be complacent with illegal activity on their site.

    Edit: massive typos


    They think they can say this shit because they obviously can. There are no consequences.

    @zeppo@lemmy.world avatar

    I had a similar experience, but their response was better. I had been talking on a certain sub for months (an illness support sub...) and there was one user who was prominently abrasive. Actually an odd mixture of acting tough mixed with seeming very sensitive, so I suppose basically a bully. We didn't get along great. He liked giving factually incorrect advice mixed with telling us all we were "weak pussies" for being concerned about illness. I don't remember all the details, but at some point he started blatantly using alternate accounts to support his viewpoints and harass people. I called him out on that and he was angry about it, and started saying things like "I'll be in Portland next week, maybe I'll come pay you a little visit" and "you'd better watch for me, I'll be seeing you soon". Reddit admins did remove his main account along with the 2-3 others he was using.



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  • VanillaGorilla,

    I don't fear them. Let 'em come!

    P Sherman
    42 Wallaby Way


    A French guy was stabbed to death once after a guy he beat in counter-strike was able to track him down.


    Possible and tragic, but that's the address of the dentist in Finding Nemo. And I suck at counter strike. And I'm not French.


    The question is, is it real? Or are addresses in movies fake and cannot be traced to real places, like the 555 phone numbers?


    Google said it's fake. I guess the producers wouldn't have picked a real address. Or at least not a real address of a person. Police station would be a good pick.


    This is explicitly why I avoid mixing my gaming/forums/Discord accounts with my IRL/social media accounts. People out there are lunatics.

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    Yeah, as @melpone says it will just take time for admins to respond if you message them directly. I know Lemmy.world doesn’t tolerate people like this. This is from the lemmy/mastodon.world Code of Conduct:

    Provide a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for everyone regardless of gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, political affiliation, or other similar characteristic.

    @jerkface@lemmy.ca avatar

    A homophobe told me that he’d rather die than respect everyone’s right to be safe and unabused in public. I told him I didn’t believe him, why doesn’t he show us. I got permabanned, he’s still spreading hate.


    Lovely 😐

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    This is why huge instances are not a good idea, the shitstain will likely be booted out when the overworked admins get to the complaint but will take time, if the instance was smaller it would have been done already but big instances need lots of work

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    That guy is on exploding-heads.com which is full of alt right chuds so I'm not surprised.


    That instance seems to be a breeding ground of nutters.


    Lemmy and Kbin sites need to implement basic block lists... the terrible mastodon/akoma/pleroma/friendica sites all need to be banned here too or they will make your day bad.


    And here-in lies the downfall of Lemmy. Federation can't be an automatic thing. Communities need to be vetted before their content becomes visible on other instances. The Federation concept will work, but not the way it's currently designed.


    Federation can be automatic - people just need to go find the block lists where the work is already done.

    @antik@lemmy.world avatar

    Yes we're getting a lot of reports from exploding-heads and their mods. Fisuxcel has already been banned from lemmy.world

    @candyman337@lemmy.world avatar

    What you'd want to do now is reach out directly to the admin of the instance.


    Have you taken a peek into that cesspit? Good luck


    I'm actually looking at the user right now and it looks like he's been banned. I understand you may be a bit raw right now but hating on lemmy as a whole and instances because of one person is not a very good look. We're all going through change right now



    Do mods see who report what? Because that means I won’t report anything. I stopped reporting on Facebook groups because of that. I stopped reporting on Reddit when Reddit started sending me feedback on my reports.

    @Brunbrun6766@lemmy.world avatar

    Yes and I find it very strange. The few reports I’ve seen on my communities show who reported, what was reported, and the reason given

    Edit: also as a mod I feel that knowing who reported something isn’t necessary? The only thing I can truly think of is so mods can do something about report spam or false reporting, but to me a better solution would be having it hidden to mods, and visible to admins if it needs to be investigated for report abuse/spam/etc.?


    Mods are moderating, they should know who reports what. Anonymous reports don’t work and lead to abuse.

    @Zehzin@lemmy.world avatar

    The racist transphobes can now be seen from Lemmy. Nature is healing.

    PS: They aren't welcome.


    That's not cool. You come to my subs. I'll treat your reports right. Bring you a hot towel with a mint and the morning paper.


    Thank you for doing mod work and keeping spaces nice for us. Your hospitality is priceless.


    We're not being paid so yeah, priceless is a good description. lol

    @LillianVS@lemmy.world avatar

    Disappointing, I would really like an option to report moderators/people to the instance. As there are people who have broken the rules of the instance and whilst I want to remove them from my community I wouldn't mind being able to forward complaints of a user to the instance admins so they can ban them from the entire instance should they need too. There have been a few that break the rules of Lemmy.World and deserve an instance wide ban.


    I got arrased by both users and moderators in reddit, at r/Europe, nada all I got from Reddit admins was autoresponses of "Reported content doesn't constitute a violation of Reddit Rules".

    I see Lemmy.world working much better than reddit seeing this post.

    @TwoGems@lemmy.world avatar

    And then Reddit would suspsend you for literally everything lol not the racist


    I got banned from all of reddit for 3 days because i reported a post that broke a rule, few hours later that post was removed for braking such rule, so i got banned for helping


    Pathetic! That mod should be banned from interacting with our instance as soon as possible. All the mods in all their communities should be sacked.

    exploding-heads.com users are often problematic, not sure why.


    What a cesspool...


    I can't tell which instance they're on, but if you report something to admins, it's reported to your local server admin. If they're on a different server, the absolute best your admin can do is contact the other user's admin to forward the report and block the instance. The more likely outcome is that they block the other user from your server.

    I don't know how responsive the admin of LW is, but it seems to be a site that's prioritizing growth and "openness", but, as far as I'm concerned, the real value of this space is in smaller servers and smaller communities, with federation just giving access to occasional trips to "big city" sites. Smaller sites usually have more responsive admins and are quicker to cut off bad actors because they care more about community health than unlimited growth and access.

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  • stevehobbes,

    Especially while trying to hide his erection.


    Transphobes don't hide their erection. They openly rape and kill transgendered persons every day. It's disgusting.

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