Attention Attention Attention

I was drawing Palworld Fanart 3 Times like Lifmunk, Caprity, and Ribbuny. I discovered Bob Marley One Love my genre is Reggae tomorrow your FA Account and SoFurry Account to be Unbanned so I will able to Post It!

What did Emeraldia say on a Bullhorn with a Siren? “Attention, Attention, Attention. Harassment and Bullying with Hazel3/Cutevixen can result the Law to be Broken. We use FreeLawChat to unban Fur Affinity and SoFurry Accounts! According to the Internet Online Law, Harassment and Bullying is an Illegal Conduct. Hazel3/CuteVixen has Conflicted because Your Law is Broken and it will be Penalty. Harassment and Bullying on the Internet Online is Against the Law! The FA Admins and SoFurry Moderators will be complying with FreeLawChat to Unban both Accounts. Stalking on the Internet Online is an Unlawful Conduct. FreeLawChat will be getting an Electronic Cease and Desist for Harassment and Bullying. So, Stop Harassment and Bullying on the Internet Online that’s an Unlawful and Illegal Conduct and you will result in Penalty. It’s an Unlawful Conduct to Harass, Stalk, and Bullying Other Users! FreeLawChat will chat to FurAffinity and SoFurry to read the Rules and Obey. Harassment and Bullying in FA and SoFurry can result the law to be broken. Harassment and Bullying in Online Internet is an Illegal Conduct!”

Oh, I say. I wanted to go Disney100 Exhibit on Saturday and the March 2nd Saturday is Museum of Ice Cream.

So, I can Order Neon Green L and Neon Pink R!

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