nixCraft, (edited ) avatar

Poll: My code follows the naming convention (please boost for reach, TIA):


@nixCraft This just shows the popularity of JS over sane languages.

nazokiyoubinbou, avatar

@nixCraft I always sort of hated it, but what little I do along these lines tends to follow "camelCase" because so many other things start with caps, so I need to do that just to differentiate. I sort of wish it was the other way around and I could use PascalCase or something.

crankyshihtzu, avatar

@nixCraft @nixCraft it depends on the language, I try to match the language standards.
C#/C++ I use PascelCase for classes and methods, camelCase for variables, mostly use this for Java and Groovy too.
Python, I use snake_case.
Bash (and Batch), I typically use snake_case for throwaway variables or locals in functions and the all caps snake_case for "global" variables.
YAML, tends to be kebal-case.
That is most of them I write frequently.

HatsuSixty, avatar

@nixCraft If I'm writing C, Rust, or python, I use snake_case, in C++ and other languages, I mostly use camelCase (and PascalCase for types).

heschy, avatar

@nixCraft I used camelCase but since I use PyCharm I use the whatever the PEP 8 thing wants me to use 🤣

PerlPlayer, avatar

@nixCraft Hungarian notation 😊 and I'm not even sorry 😁

Tavian_C_Lirette, avatar

@nixCraft If the code in question can mean "LittleBigPlanet Tags & Microchips", then MultipleWordsGluedLikeThis is how I would often name them when making games in it.
On the topic, CamelCase can actually mean the first letter is capitalized OR in lowercase. I thought Pascal Case meant that the words were spaced apart While Also Being Capitalized. A Disturbing Amount Of People Talk Like This Online For Some Reason.

retiolus, avatar

@nixCraft all. 😂😭

eickot, avatar

@nixCraft depending on the project, in godot, is snake_case + PascalCase, in javascript camelCase + PascalCase....

clot27, avatar

@nixCraft depends on PL


@nixCraft all of the above:

camelCase for variables
PascalCase for classes
SNAKE_CASE for constants
kebab-case for file names (best for git OS interop)

sibrosan, avatar

Different naming style for functions, variables, constants

ainmosni, (edited ) avatar


Mine follows whatever the convention of the language or project is.

weaselx86, avatar

Depends on whether I'm writing in C or Go.

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