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Dr. Gartner, pt.2: "I don’t want to say the mainstream media is covering up Trump’s cognitive disability, but they certainly aren’t covering it like the 5-alarm fire it is. They are consistently not showing the parts of Trump’s speeches & interviews where his eyes go blank, his jaw goes slack, he looks confused, & slurs words, uses non-words, can't finish a sentence, rambles, perseverates, confabulates & babbles incoherently. That’s what should make the 6 o’clock news."

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@CindyWeinstein Covfefe? Trump was tossing the word salad while he was still President. He'd fold his arms and sulk. He'd fidget if he had to sit still for any length of time. He walked out of meetings. He had Ivanka sit in on matters of State, because he couldn't comprehend half of what was being said - if that much. He sacked anyone who disagreed with him. I'd say the evidence of his unfitness to hold office were there while he was campaigning in 2014/15/16...but nobody wanted to see it.

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@Tooden @CindyWeinstein Didn’t TFG literally require his White House briefings presented as PowerPoint due to his attention span and inability to grasp more complex issues?

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@CAWguy I don't know, but it makes sense. Not just because of his deteriorating mental health, but so that someone else could compile it, and then he could sort of wave at it as rambled on. @CindyWeinstein

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CindyWeinstein, avatar

@Tooden. True. This article, like the interview with Dr. Gartner, focuses on the degeneration of language (but in 2017).

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@CindyWeinstein Dementia?

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@mbrmark. that is what Dr. Gartner is suggesting, yes.

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I hope folks share this piece on all of their social media accounts and with their personal networks.

People will only know if we spread this information.

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@joeinwynnewood @CindyWeinstein
Dunno, it may be not enough. The piece is full of descriptions of "red flag" behaviours ("his eyes go blank", "can't finish a sentence", "looks blank, stops in mid-sentence... jaw goes a little slack... slurs, speaks haltingly... looks confused"), but, to reach people who needs to change their mind, the actual videos should be shared, as examples and evidence. Otherwise, MAGAs will just reply it's "misinformation", "witch hunt" and all the repertoire.


@Eh__tweet @joeinwynnewood @CindyWeinstein
Exactly. Someone in the USA needs to start posting the clips showing this all over social media.

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@pa27 @Eh__tweet @CindyWeinstein

The clips are out there (though spreading them further is great too).

This piece explains what people are seeing when they watch them.

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@Eh__tweet @CindyWeinstein

The target audience is everyone who's not a MAGA Republican; people who are not enamoured of the former president and need only to be reminded how much they dislike him and how dangerous he is.

Cult members can only be reached with extended 1:1 conversations, if at all.

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@joeinwynnewood @CindyWeinstein
I did not mean that MAGAs are the target audience, they are "the other voice" that speaks in the public space, countering critics aimed at TFG. IMO, the target audience is composed of a) progressive-leaning people who are critical against Biden and need to me reminded of the much worse danger that the other side represents and b) "not-taking-side", uncaring people who make a point of "listening to both sides".
A common situation in other countries too.

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@Eh__tweet @CindyWeinstein

As I implied in my reply to @pa27, I think we need both the videos and the professional assessment to break through to the target audience.

With both, the persecution complex excuses of the rabid right will fall flatter than tissue paper.

What's even more important, however, is repetition. Only what is repeated sufficiently will break through. It's why and it's peers pound on the bullshit of the day.

synlogic, avatar

@CindyWeinstein also the Centaur stance. and times it looks like hes wearing a diaper. or a back brace

also the orange makeup

AND MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE thing written all over his every deed

minor details like that. ha

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@CindyWeinstein my theory is Parkinson’s related dementia.

Pagan_Animist, avatar

@CatDragon @CindyWeinstein

FTD has Parkinsonism features associated with it.

Husband has bvFTD with Parkinsonism features.

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