Brain drain is already happening in Austin, TX, where we lived and worked in tech for 20 years.

We left 8 years ago. Never looked back even though we are all native Texans.

Tech companies are leaving there in droves. Who wants to work in a fascist fucking state?

Guess what? NOBODY.

Most of my friends left not long after we did. Saw the writing on the wall.

HeatherTX, avatar

It really sucks for those of us who are still here and living in one of the areas with concentrated Democratic voters. We need more Democrats (spread all around) to combat the GOP at the state and federal levels. I’ve seen the poisonous creep of far right policies in neighboring states. We need good people to stay in Texas and vote.

JustChapman, avatar

@JenWojcik We left Dallas for the PNW a couple years ago. You couldn’t pay me enough to go back. I loved the Austin of my youth but now, it’s nuts just like the rest of the state. After moving it became very clear to me that living in TX is similar to having Stockholm Syndrome. You keep telling yourself, “It’s not that bad” but it is, dear reader, and much worse than you realize.

Daojoan, avatar

@JenWojcik exactly this. I saw a TC article the other day about how tech companies are leaving Austin because housing prices aren't as good as they thought. Never once mentioned the red state fuckery that's actually driving folks away.

GhostOnTheHalfShell, avatar


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  • JenWojcik,


    The summers in Austin were literally killing me. Physically. The unregulated power market made air conditioning unaffordable. Boiling frog. Drove through there this past summer. It's just sad now.


    But yeah, all that will be left is Musk's bullshit, Dell's bullshit, and Samsung. Oh and Apple. They have a huge facility in North Austin.

    Catawu, avatar

    @JenWojcik Apple has almost completed their ‘saucer’ campus in Mt View. When it’s done, my bet is, they will migrate everyone over to it and close the TX facility or just leave it at skeleton crew level. My friends who worked at Apple say the new campus is bigger than anything built yet, and yes, it’s shaped like a saucer.

    drahardja, avatar

    @Catawu @JenWojcik Wait, what? Which campus is this?

    There is a “saucer-ish” campus that Apple has leased in Sunnyvale, but I haven’t heard of any “saucer” campus in Mountain view.

    Catawu, avatar

    @drahardja @JenWojcik Sunnyvale… you’re right. I had my mental map mixed up. You’ve seen it, eh?

    drahardja, avatar

    @Catawu @JenWojcik Yes. BTW that building is not nearly as big as Apple Park. AP is absolutely massive.

    drahardja, avatar

    @JenWojcik Apple made two big campus bets in 2019: Austin and San Diego. I worked for Apple at that time, and I recalled that I could count the people who were even interested in Austin on one hand, and mostly because they have family connections there. Everyone recognized in 2019 that Texas was going down the Fascist dumpster hole, and Austin was part of it.

    Then the pandemic hit, and no-one made a move.

    Now that Apple has foolishly leaned into RTO (ironically, to a large extent driven by the need to protect their real estate investments, I assume), they are trying to attract people to those campuses again. Now that abortion access is basically gone from Texas, you can bet anyone with a uterus isn’t going to step foot in that state. Same goes for trans or queer folk: who the hell would go to Texas in the present day, knowing they don’t even want you to exist?

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