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Tech workers who make 6-7 figures a year destroyed the income of freelancers earning pennies and we called it progress.

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@Daojoan efficiency!

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@Daojoan Wait, I could be making 6 or 7 figures?!?

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@Daojoan a very small percent of tech workers in a small number of companies have worked in creating generative AI. Nor are they responsible for the funding and promoting of AI.

That's like saying welders are responsible for the arms industry.

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@Daojoan we we have source links for this datum. ?

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@ogg source is in the screenshot and alt text. You can google it.

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@Daojoan ah ok so no source data, thanks #fakenews, next time post links with the shots.

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@ogg or google it instead of being a rude lazy fuck 🖤

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@Daojoan lol, yah who is the lazy fuck,... YOU ARE... no data with claims... FUCK YOU

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@ogg the source is in the screenshot and the alt text. You can google it sweetie 🖤

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@Daojoan WRONG again... Ok we are done, perhaps before sharing BS Fact Check.. Thanks bye.

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@ogg I did fact check. I googled it 😂


@Daojoan Just another luddite. We've created a tool that makes a long and complex process a little easier. Now we're eliminating the bloat. How many people jumped on the bandwagon because they could make a quick buck? The people who actually like the field will be fine. Push for ubi or something before you push for regression.

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@doomslayer 1. You don’t actually understand what a Luddite was and is.

  1. I constantly talk about UBI and nowhere in this post did I demand regression.



@Daojoan "Nuuuooohh you, you don't understand! You couldn't possibly understand the intent of my post from the words I wrote! If you don't agree with me you just aren't smart enough! That's what it is you are just not intelligent enough to grasp the concepts!"

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@doomslayer nailed it

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@Daojoan no this is wrong. AI is not good as humans. We have a recession.

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@Daojoan around the same time we also entered a global recession. I'm not sure this is much more than a correlation, particularly because any AI output I've seen so far is not good enough to pass as professional work without significant skilled human intervention.

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@flying_saucers @Daojoan And this is one year in. Google had to fake their "breathtaking" Gemini intro because it's... not good. GPT-5 will not arrive anytime soon due to the fact there is no more (useful!) training data.

But yes, if you're not any better than ChatGPT at coming up with a marketing text, than you should be looking for a different job - it's just that your job hadn't been really save before either 🤷‍♂️

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while destroying useful internet search and filling the air with garbage, as well.

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@Daojoan hot take: this isn't a problem with AI. reducing the amount of human labour needed to produce value is good. this is merely a problem with the heart of capitalist ideology: that people have no value other than for their labour.

we shouldn't be halting progress because it threatens our fragile and broken system; we should be tearing out that system to create a better world. one where human lives are valuable on their own.


@Daojoan Welcome to the world of blue collar works since the mid 70s. "automation can replace humans- think of all the savings" said a bunch of people making 7 figures.
Every day I see a few robots doing what it used to take 20 humans to do. I'm am NOT saying it's a good thing, but it was so predictable, now that white collar jobs are at stake it's a crisis. I don't see the trend slowing down. Perhaps in time a UBI will be needed🤷

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@laser314 I’m a huge proponent of a UBI.


@Daojoan Just wait. It's going to get MUCH WORSE. Anything that is rule driven is in the #Crosshairs: #BusinessAnalytics #Forecasting #OperationsResearch #MarketResearch #Finance #Law #ComputerProgramming are coming to the end of their #LifeCycle


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@Daojoan there has been collapse in regular tech works as well. I feel it is just mostly coincidence, for now. In the long term the impact will be enormous though

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@Daojoan it's like the luddites.

In an alternate timeline where humanity has its shit together, technological progress is a good thing.

But we don't live in that timeline.

Rather than fighting progress, let's fight for that timeline.


@Daojoan kind of a poor analysis:

  1. most tech workers don't work on generative AI
  2. tech workers dont control freelancer jobs or salaries, capitalists do
  3. if the tech workers who do work on this said, "no, I dont think I will build that particular thing", as disorganized individuals, their bosses would say, "haha, ok, find a different career, then"

I think its fair to say that AI tech workers should organize. Not fair to blame them for the actions of capital or the capitalist class.

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@nap @Daojoan Pretty sure you contradicted yourself there. And without even realizing it.

Yes. If tech people refuse to blank. Then they'll just be replaced with..other tech people. You alluded to that with saying they'd be out of a career. But didn't state how. And that's how. Because to fire someone. Or let them go. Usually there are other employees to take their spot.

This ain't new. Employees in any and every company known to mankind know this. Hence why there's so many unions to begin with.

A much better question? Why haven't tech people unionized already? The answer? Money and ego.

They on average get paid more than others. And get to feel they're better than others. That combo makes it very very difficult to unionize and put both those things in jeopardy.

So the analysis is not only pretty good. But you actually added even more credibility to it.

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@nap @Daojoan no one said most tech workers work on AI, just that those producing AI are on very high salaries


@ronanmcd @Daojoan

Oh, so those tech workers that work on AI and have very high salaries went to every hiring manager of freelancers and made them cut jobs and wages?

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@nap yes that is what happened I have proofs

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