codinghorror, (edited ) avatar

I said this before on the bird site but it really is true; I distinctly remember reading Ayn Rand as a teenager and thinking “this is some bullshit she is trying to pull here”. As pulp it is fine, but this is not a serious philosophy for serious people.

gknauss, avatar

@codinghorror When I was 14 or so, someone I knew handed me “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” instead of “Atlas Shrugged,” and, man, do I owe them.

Eka_FOOF_A, avatar

@gknauss @codinghorror Some British expats introduced me to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio series. Then I got to watch most of the series. It warped me even more. I was already a Whovian.

Jackiemauro, avatar

@gknauss @codinghorror there should be a national Rand buy-back program where any teenager can hand in their “Atlas Shrugged” and get “Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy” and maybe a pizza or something.

danhulton, avatar

@codinghorror I tried to write a book report on Atlas Shrugged in high school, but I couldn't even hate-read the entire book to write the report, so I just made a Flash animation mocking Objectivism instead.

Got an A, too.

davew, avatar
argonaut, avatar

@davew @codinghorror

I read “The Fountainhead”, but was immunised by being a lowly student of Architecture, able as such to know that Architects can’t be heroes in real life, and that the trope of the free thinking celluloid architect would never survive the first investor’s roundup.

shortridge, avatar

@codinghorror I will die on the hill that she’s a great romance novelist

codinghorror, avatar

@shortridge I would actually support that. As pulp it was a fun read, but it’s trashy

thebeehammer, avatar

@codinghorror the people who think Ayn is serious philosophy often think Alex Jones is a journalist.

film_girl, avatar

@codinghorror I read "Anthem" when I was 14 and I really liked it — it was the first "adult" dystopian novella I'd read up to that point (Animal Farm so doesn't count as it is more satire imho) -- but then I made the mistake of reading the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged and I was totally rolling my eyes. Brave New World remains one of my all-time favorites, however, b/c Huxley is proof you can critique society without arguing for pure selfishness.

exchgr, avatar

@film_girl @codinghorror i had the same experience with atlas shrugged at 18 or 19, and at that point in my life, i was more inclined to believe that sort of nonsense

danielpunkass, avatar

@codinghorror I was glad that I had been forewarned when I read it, because I can see how alluring the philosophy could be.

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