@Teri_Kanefield@mastodon.social avatar

The way to shut up Donald Trump: Put him under oath.


"reversal" don't make me laugh. He was never going to testify.

@dangrsmind@sfba.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield "The way to shut up Donald Trump: Put him under oath."

Now that is quotable.

@Daojoan@mastodon.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield once again, good faith reporting on donald trump just does not cut it

@xs4me2@mastodon.social avatar


How do you deal with a megalomaniac narcissist and a pathological liar…?

@Gustodon@mas.to avatar

@Teri_Kanefield He is Earth's most famous coward. This was never a possibility for him.


@Teri_Kanefield i agree

@cowvin@retro.pizza avatar

@Teri_Kanefield Since it's a civil case, the courts may infer guilt from him not testifying, right?

@BraveryTEWalker@mastodon.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield I remember when America used to be called an 'experiment' as a compliment.

Um, the experiment's failed. Get us out.

@kkeller@curling.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield this is a civil trial, so the judge can make a negative inference from his decision not to testify, is that all correct?

edit: is all that accurate even if he was already called by the prosecution?

@Teri_Kanefield@mastodon.social avatar


Right. In civil trials negative inferences can be drawn from silence.

I know nothing about New York law so I don't know if special rules apply in a case like this, but I assume.

@poundpj@mastodon.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield True. But I had such high hopes.

@copito@techhub.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield he has already testified in this trial when the NY AG called him. Do you think it would be worse for him on cross than it was in direct?

@Teri_Kanefield@mastodon.social avatar


Cross is always worse

@copito@techhub.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield Thanks, I’ll try to live my life in such a way that I never have to put this knowledge to use :-)

@Teri_Kanefield@mastodon.social avatar

@copito By the time my clients needed me, they were in big trouble.

I came in after they lost at trial.

@IveyJanette@mastodon.social avatar

@Teri_Kanefield He would have. Until he found out that the judge banned cameras in the courtroom. And he realized that the networks weren't going to interrupt the Tamron Hall Show to show him taking the 5th on the stand.

@ordrad@lor.sh avatar

Did his lawyers finally convince him he's a danger to himself and his case of he testifies?

@anathema_device@bne.social avatar

@ordrad @Teri_Kanefield No, he's just a coward. He counting on the gag order being restored to give him an excuse for what he always planned to do

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