kissane, avatar

saw that a textbook I need was meant to be freely accessible online, but!

the URL is broken bc the university broke it after the faculty member left, so!

poked around and found the archive on wayback, but they were mostly archives of 404s, but!

found a ruby gem to pull down the archive, but!

oh ruby gems plug is broken, so!

reinstalling ruby, but!

oh huh weird clang problem, AND


~~ the [computers] are a lie ~~

nk, avatar

@kissane have you seen that old Loriot sketch “das bild hängt schief”? It’s the perfect emotional summary of this kind of experience and I reference it constantly

kissane, avatar

@nk well, this fills a gap in my life I didn’t know existed lol

ChasMusic, avatar

@kissane you might try the Internet Archive if the old URL wasn't password protected (

kissane, avatar

@ChasMusic That’s where I found it! “Wayback” above is the Wayback Machine, which is the Internet Archive’s web archive.

jgarber, avatar

@kissane If you’re looking for any help with this, I’d be willing to try!

kissane, avatar

@jgarber Thank you! I could eventually fix it but I think I’m going to nuke ruby and everything else coded after 1996 and live in peace for awhile.

jgarber, avatar

@kissane No worries. Have a good one!

kissane, avatar

@jgarber Thank you for the offer!

kissane, avatar

(ruby is still borked in some doofy way. I used wget as the old gods intended and it's all fine.)



@kissane rvm ?

kissane, avatar

@maxfenton it sure is

kissane, avatar

@maxfenton I'm not going to fix it

I'm going to scrape it all off my machine and feed it to the coyotes


joncamfield, avatar

@kissane please tell me the book is “Yak Shaving for Professionals, 5th edition; expanded”?

kissane, avatar

@joncamfield it sure is now


@kissane Error message: “Then fix it, dear Henry”

kissane, avatar
kissane, avatar

meanwhile it sure is easy to one-click the book from the bad company and a huge publisher but hey, open access, right?

adamgreenfield, avatar

@kissane I’m sure you looked on the better-known such sites, but have you tried ?

kissane, avatar

@adamgreenfield ooo nice, ty

I was trying to find the author's painstakingly compiled HTML version out of…principle? I guess?

but I have it working now, rabbit holes notwithstanding

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