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No, no, no. In my youth I was a NY Times copy editor. I would not have permitted this—no one would. We’re not inside the heads of Trump’s lawyers. They SAY they believe the judge is biased, but that doesn’t mean they really do.

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Great catch. Such an important point. The NYT is now in the business of news-sculpting. By stating such things as facts they add their considerable imprimatur as a source of reliable news to this disinformation effort.

Trump's lawyers know the judge is not biased, and are just play acting. So now they get the NYT's help in peddling this BS.

This type of reporting is exactly the opposite of reporting the truth.

Shame on the New York Times!

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> is now in the business of news-sculpting

Some of us remember Judy Miller and her unnamed sources lieing us into the second Iraq war, and NYT never running a retraction. That was over 20 years ago.

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@artemesia @JamesGleick

Yup. And let's not even get started on Maggie Haberman's whispered house of mirrors.

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@JamesGleick Particularly galling because that is the reasoning they often use to avoid using the words "lie" and "lied": we can't know what they really believe.

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@JamesGleick @girls_can what is this from?

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@tsyum @girls_can NYT, as I suggested.



Is it allowable as being the statements of the two unnamed sources? That is, if the sources said, "Trump's lawyers believe the judge is biased?"

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@stevensrmiller That’s not what it says, though.

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