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#ShowerThoughts: is Mastodon to the fediverse, what Mozilla was to the web, between the demise of IE and the inexorable rise of Chrome?

strypey, avatar

Who might create the Chrome of the fediverse? Maybe Meta this time? Can Mastodon do better at defending the free ports of the fediverse than Mozilla has done at defending the open web?

johncarlosbaez, avatar

@strypey - since I use Mozilla, not Chrome, that question probably means something different to me than to you.

strypey, avatar

> I use Mozilla, not Chrome

I use a Mozilla based browser too. Have done since before FireFox was separated out from SeaMonkey. But there was a time when the vast majority used FireFox. Now we're part of a small and shrinking minority, and Mozilla have made a whole series of... questionable decisions over the course of this decline in usage.

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