“Children have a right to learn about this, to keep themselves safe. By not allowing sexual assault centres into schools, we are doing a disservice to kids and we are putting them at risk.”

Since leads the nation in STI's, domestic violence, HIV etc this is very true.

br00t4c, avatar

@JeffWalters The real #groomers are commited to engineering an ignorant, uninformed populace of potrential victims.


@JeffWalters must be under the theory that if children don't know about sexual assault, they won't be sexually assaulted. Or maybe there's a Pedophile in the Conservatives trying to make their crimes easier to commit.


@Oldfartrant @JeffWalters

Im 66
I was five when it started and because no one bothered to explain that this type of thing did NOT happen in the real world, I was told by my rapist that all children had to do this, I actually participated like it was a chore. Which lead to me being criminally abused on multiple occasions. I did not know that I was supposed to say NO. I did not KNOW that I could say no.

It is very very important to not shame AND allow the knowledge that this is NOT an approved behavior that you have to participate in.

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