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Here's a weird one; popped up a requester just now asking to download a bunch of fonts, one at a time. 🤷🏻

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@WTL This happened to me recently when catalogging using @neofinder. Wonder if it could be related. Some kind of system trigger?

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@davids I don't know - it's the first time I've seen this happen. <looks up @neofinder> Oh, neat a new tool to check out!

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@davids @WTL

This happens when Apples AppKit tries to open an .rtf file that contains references to special system fonts that macOS no longer bundles.

In NeoFinder, that can happen when you catalog the text content of .rtf files.

Unfortunately, Apple never provided an API to turn off that notification in case the proper font is not needed.

Also, this message was often triggered for documents that didn't even use that particular font, that was a bug in macOS. Sigh...

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@neofinder @davids W-e-i-r-d. That makes it popping up in FCP even more curious. I hadn't opened anything new, although I had switched projects. 🤷🏻Thanks for the explanation!

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@WTL I'm guessing this is in prep for Final Cut Pro on iPad.

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