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🎲 Do you like Python's little CLIs? For example:

$ python -m http.server
$ python -m webbrowser example_url
$ python -m uuid
$ python -m calendar

What about adding one to random?

$ python -m random curry "fish n chips" tacos

$ python -m random 6

$ python -m random 2.5

Give your feedback on my proposal at

If there's support we might be able to get it into 3.13 before May's beta cutoff! 🤞

0xdefec7edcafe, avatar

@hugovk i often use python3 -m antigravity

jpmens, avatar


fcodvpt, avatar

@jpmens @hugovk "python -m uuid : New in version 3.12", a reason to get a newer Python version :D

hugovk, avatar

@fcodvpt @jpmens Also improved ‘Did you mean …’ suggestions for exceptions and lots more!

darac, avatar

@hugovk I do like them. rich uses that idea as a demo area (e.g. python -m rich.progress) so I think it's a good place to put some functionality (e.g. Pick a random number) without getting too worked up about exposing all the bells and whistles.

hugovk, avatar

@darac Ah yes, I really like how Rich shows demos like that. I copied it for python -m termcolor :)

I fully agree about keeping it simple, we don't need to expose the bells and whistles like random.vonmisesvariate(mu, kappa)

veronica, avatar

@hugovk Never used those actually. I have at least one ipython terminal open at any given time. It is my default calculator! 😊

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