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Psychology news robots distributing from dozens of sources:
There has been a lot of talk lately in tech circles and on YouTube about
how to get out of receiving AI-generated suggestions when you do a web
search -- which is now increasingly the default on Google.

While sometimes convenient, AI suggestions have 3 main problems:
a) They are often wrong,
b) They make you scroll way down the page to see the actual websites, &
c) They use all the earth's websites as their database, thereby stealing
everyone's content and rendering visiting the actual content creator
websites mute (unless AI answers wrong).

Here are some ways to turn off the AI in web search:

  1. -- This site is part of a network
    of privately hosted sites using the same open-source search software. I
    notice that you can not do a site-specific search like in Google or
    DuckDuckGo (" Outlook questions"). See also for a list of other search URLs in the network.

  2. Set your default search engine to Wikipedia:

  3. Change your Google search default to: **

You probably can't edit the existing Google listing, so you'll need to
create a new search shortcut. Some directions on how to do this can be
found at:*

-- Michael

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