Proton now attempting to make users link their Google account

I guess their new free plan changes means they force you into linking your account with Google, make you spam done on a million websites as they try to make you change the email associated with them and to use their mobile app.

If you don't do these things you lose your free data allowance!
And as a paid user it's even more annoying shit to deal with when visiting your inbox!

The best part? Doesn't even allow you to dismiss it.

Why does Proton keep making the UX worse and they are getting more aggressive.

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Guys… That’s very clearly a bug. It’s the little thing they would show to new users, and they probably added it because they saw an influx of new users since they announced larger storage for free plans. It’s an onboarding thing that is displayed to everyone by accident, i dont get the outrage. Plus you can just click the “x” button and it goes away

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Hopefully they fix it faster than the "email from the mobile app sends before saving the last live copy, truncating the email" issue they've been having for nearly a year and the "installing the VPN client on Linux will utterly break non-VPN connections" that has been plaguing Linux users since at least 2021.

I was an early adopter of Proton. Their new attitude of "features, not fixes" has me looking elsewhere.


That should both not be an issue anymore. For Android, there’s a fully rewritten App in beta status ( and the new Linux client has been released as well. (

Diotima, (edited )
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Last I checked, the former was still an issue.

The latter, I have not tried because its easier to just use OVPN and avoid thd app and its potential issues. Regardless, Proton left paying clients with two fundamentally broken apps for months to years.

Edit: The issues with the mail client persist.


Can you please report that behaviour through the app to the support team please? Feel free to DM me the ticket number. I’d like to forward that to the team for an internal follow up.

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I have, and you know what happened? We got ignored, or we got "we're working on it" responses for months on end.

Proton is, at its core, an E2EE email service. A broken mobile client is a fundamental failure.

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  • alex_herrero,

    It is an error. A fix to remove this is coming, as the team stated some hours ago:

    “There is a fix incoming, thanks for your patience!”…/kro14ta/?u…


    I thought this was just an attempt to help users move from gmail to proton?

    I have a forward setup, was one of the first things I did when moving to protonmail.

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    I moved to Proton Mail specifically because I want nothing whatsoever to do with Google or Microsoft.

    So what are the best alternatives to Proton, now that it looks like I need to add yet another degree of separation?


    It popped up for me too on their unlimited plan. I clicked the X and went on with my life.

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    I’m seeing it too, on a paid account. I opened a ticket with support and their response was that they’re looking into it.

    It pisses me off to see crap like this. I pay to avoid ads and I’ve become hypersensitive to them. I know the hard core apologists will say it’s not an ad, but in my book it is.

    I know how to use the service and I don’t give a fuck about how they think I should be using it.


    It’s a bug, bugs happen.

    Source: am software engineer

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    If only there were a way to pilot changes through a tier of users willing to act as testers.


    It’s an ad. Same with the offers to save for whatever the latest sale is. I’m already paying. Ya got me. Leave me alone.

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    It’s definitely an ad. Just because it happens to be from the same company doesn’t make it not an ad.


    Admitting you’re hypersensitive is the first step to fixing your hypersensitivity.
    Good work. Tomorrow you can take another step.

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    If they keep this shit up, plenty of people will be taking the step to turning them into a historical footnote. Expecting the service you've paid for, without interruption, is not a difficult ask.

    Except apparently for Proton, it is.

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    Ow I could just click 'x'

    streetfestival, avatar

    I have a paid Proton account. I feel like part of what I’m paying for is to not see the word gugal, so I’d be unhappy if I did


    Would this just be the screen when you don’t have any emails, or does it pop up on top of the emails? It’s a bit hard to read on the gif because it keeps moving

    If it blocks you from doing things, then that’s bad. If it’s just the “you don’t have any emails, this is how you can get started”, then I don’t really see the problem.

    Likely more users would want to see the options listed there, and people that don’t want to link it can just ignore it till an email comes in. I’m assuming it disappears when emails come in


    Sorry, was showcasing how its bugged and I can't get rid of it (I never manage to click X, it just goes comes back to middle after a second regardless of what I do). If you have emails, it turns into that tiny version on the side, but again just randomly disappears, I managed to click X on it, but it came back again. Regardless of whether or not Proton should be doing this, the implementation is not robust and is broken for me.



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  • verysoft, (edited )

    Web, Firefox. Happens in the desktop app too (which I dont currently see the point of? It's just an electron app with no extra functionality vs the webpage?)

    JohnWorks, (edited )

    Yeah I’m getting the same thing on mine as an unlimited user. I think it’s a bug since the window goes back even after I click maybe later.

    Edit: the popup is gone today so it probably was a bug.


    yeah not to sound brainwashed but I also think it might just be a bug for paid accounts. it’s also not hurting me, and doesn’t affect my ability to check mail.

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    What happens if you don’t click the x?


    I never managed to click the X once.

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    You are clearly moving your mouse to the x in the video. Does this block your ability to use your account?


    Yeah, perhaps the video doesn't showcase it, but it actually just comes back after a second, regardless of if I move my mouse or not.

    No it doesn't, it just sits on the screen, if you have emails there it goes to that corner, then disappears after a second. It just jumps around appearing/disappearing as I go through stuff. Very annoying, but not actually blocking functionality.


    Is this after creating a new account? I have a bunch of free accounts that I’m actually working to get them all upgraded to the new 1GB email and 5GB drive allowance. I haven’t created a new account in a while so not sure if it’s only for newly created accounts.


    No, this is an existing account with Proton Unlimited.


    Huh, ok that’s interesting. I haven’t encountered that. I do remember seeing a pop up sometimes, but it’s not the one you’re seeing and it usually just happens one time on each account and doesn’t bother me again.


    Seems bugged. I assume it shouldn't even be appearing for paid accounts. And the linking a Google account shouldn't even be a thing at all.


    You keep saying linking a Google account, but nowhere do I see that happening. Setting up a mail forward is not in any way linking anything.


    It wants you to link accounts so Proton can automatically setup mail forwarding for you.

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    as a paid user ive never seen anything like this


    This is on a paid account, that's what's more disgusting. Maybe just a huge error on their end, but I still don't believe this is a good way to get business from their free accounts. Wanting people to link their account to a Google account when the goal and marketing is privacy??


    The idea is to ease the transition away from your Google account.

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    it kinnd of looks like its just attempting to get you to setup alternative access methods so you dont get locked out of the account.


    Nope, it just tells you some basic privacy info, wants you to link a Google account, wants you to change your account emails for different services (you have to click done on them all) and wants you to login on their mobile app.
    It seems like this was their plan for adding the extra 5GB storage to free accounts, which I think is fair, if you are not forced to link a Google account, that's the worst offender here. It appears massively bugged though and probably should not be appearing on paid accounts at all.


    I’m not sure what what you think is involved in “linking” your Gmail.

    It’s all standard procedure when switching to any new email address or service.
    You go to your old email, set up an auto forward. That way while you’re telling all your various accounts your new email address, you don’t miss anything that’s still going to the old address.

    It doesn’t give Google any access to your Proton account, Proton emails, or anything really. Just the knowledge that you’re using another email. If that still bothers you, the address you have Gmail forward to could be a SimpleLogin address. That way even Google doesn’t know what your new Proton email address is.


    I’m on the Unlimited plan and I got this same thing today in my inbox. It was weird because it was like “double your storage to a gig” , but I have 500 gigs.

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