New instance, new #introduction post!

Hi! 👋​ I'm Scott, aka Thissa! I'm a technology enthusiast from BC, Canada. By day I build software used to run medical labs in #Python. But when I'm not doing that I'm often watching #Anime or #Gaming.

I really enjoy #RPGs, #VisualNovels, and #RhythmGames. My current obsessions are #GenshinImpact and #HonkaiStarRail. Other games I've enjoyed recently include #SayonaraWildHearts, #DiscoElysium and #DDLC.

I'm also a big fan of #RetroComputing and #Programming which I talk about on my main account, @smallsco . This account is a lot more relaxed.

Giving #Calckey a try because, why not, it looks a lot more fun than plain ol' Mastodon!

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@thissa Hello!


@VulcanSphere Hello! Welcome to the Fediverse! 😁

I just set up a kbin account myself as a Reddit replacement, interesting to see how things grow over there! I still like Mastodon & Calckey the most, though, as Twitter replacements.

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@thissa 👋🏻

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