Good. The more they abuse their user base the more people will look for alternatives. Hello Lemmy! :)


Errrr, I use bing and just click the cache button instead. I have to use a VPN for work and it’s annoying to turn it off just to see one thing on reddit.

@null@zerobytes.monster avatar


@TeoTwawki@lemmy.world avatar

Fck reddit. We have lemmy. Let reddit rot.

@Ragdoll_X@lemmy.world avatar

Every day spez is DIGGing himself into a deeper hole…

@thebardingreen@lemmy.starlightkel.xyz avatar

He got his IPO money. He gives zero fucks what happens now.


USE EU VPNs let them block the EU.


Use Redlib front end should be able to open reddit. Some instances don’t work, but you there are many that work. I use this extension: github.com/libredirect/browser_extension


Firefox also has a libreddit extension that will automatically direct you there if you type in any reddit address.


The hurensohn getting his own damn way with just about everything. 🤬🤬🤬

@Dumbkid@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Oh, they did this with my actual ip lol don’t know what I did


That’s what i experienced today with tor, it didn’t even surprise me


And I just discovered this some weeks ago. The “woah there, pardner!” is so cringeworthy.


The whole website is cringe. It has some of the best little communities are on there, but they are the exceptions. Most of it is power-tripping mods and disingenuous arguments from far-right lunatics on a foundation of “narwhal bacon lol.”


To me it sounds like a racist, homophobic Southern US citizen that likes to tote their guns and “defend” their property through the Castle doctrine because freedom (fuck yeah!).

Actually the perfect encapsulation of the brainrot on reddit.


Nobody in the south says shit like this unironically lmao.


stop watching so much CNN geez

@Outtatime@sh.itjust.works avatar

You’ve never been to the South


You mean about the “Woah there , pardner?” or the overwhelming about of racism, bigotry, and homophobia?

I mean I’ve been to the South and I can confirm one of these two things.

@Outtatime@sh.itjust.works avatar

Try again. Take your bullshit hot takes the fuck out of here. It’s tired and old. Nobody is buying it anymore.


Right, I forgot that Fox News declared that racism in America is no longer a thing.

Thanks for making me aware that the situation with the racism like the Ahmaud Arbery case is in the distant, distant past and southern racism is not a thing anymore.

Appreciate you putting me into the white view of the situation.


“pardner” would be more southwest which is quite different from the south.


Still works for Mullvad.


Depends on which node I guess. I’m on mullvad and its not working.

@lutillian@sh.itjust.works avatar

One of the biggest downsides of a VPN; you share an exit node with lots of other people, only takes one bad actor to get your exit node ip banned


Even if you don’t share the nodes, they know whether an ip belongs to a datacenter or not and so ban them preemptively. My IPs are all just mine and are clean as a whistle, but most of them are banned on lots of services anyway.


They don’t block datacenters, they specifically block publicly available VPNs. It’s not just Reddit that does this.

I have a few VPSs. I can connect to them with Wireguard and browse Reddit and the other VPN blocking services without an issue.

@EngineerGaming@feddit.nl avatar

I got the screen while using a Socks proxy on my VPS. Not even the biggest VPS provider out there…


Interesting. Is it a free VPS or something? Your VPS provider most likely isn’t the same company that owns the datacenter.

My VPSs are in different parts of the world and they’re in datacenters owned by different companies. My VPSs are not expensive either.


You must have good VPS’s then. Mine are all lowendbox-level $2-3/mo ones. But, even though I don’t have nor use either, I’m pretty sure that both reddit and netflix would tell you to get bent if you try to connect via ec2 or any other major cloud provider.

Also, free VPS’s?? That a thing?


Mine are about that price too. Maybe it’s just luck.

There are some free tier serverless options and such. I’ve never had a play as I’ve always feared getting a 50k bill without realising it.

@EngineerGaming@feddit.nl avatar

Not a free VPS at all. I would look into it, but I don’t remember the biggest datacenters being in that country.


It depends for me. Sometimes it works first try, sometimes I have to bounce around a few locations before it’ll let me in.

@Andromxda@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

The Redlib frontend still works. In my opinion it also provides a much nicer UI than the official Reddit website or even old.reddit.com. This is the list of public instances: github.com/redlib-org/…/instances.md


I started seeing this a few days ago. It will allow you to browse with a vpn after logging in, and you can log in with the vpn in use.

Funnily once logged in you can log back out and continue browsing old.reddit like normal. I wonder if it’s using some kind if authentication cookie to validate browsing

@m3t00@lemmy.world avatar

All 1000 scanned ports on are in ignored states. Not shown: 1000 filtered tcp ports (no-response)

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 26.88 seconds


That’s bad, Reddit is blocked in my country. VPN is my key to the open world


What country are you in?




You can still use reddit with a vpn if you login. The error message even tells you that.

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