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The way I solved this problem is by using an https://invidious.io/ instance.

Logins are easy to create, so you can have one for each subscription set you want to create

Private by default, so not even the fingerprint scripts are monitoring you

And the subscriptions page lists just your subscriptions in order of most recently released, nothing else shoved in


If you're on Android, you could check out Newpipe or Grayjay.


I prefer these Youtube-Player Alternatives for Android:




You can use RSS feeds to know about new videos, and any feed reader/manager like Feedbro to manage them.


Not an extension but



If I were you, I would just use Piped (piped.kavin.rocks). It stores all your subscriptions in Local Storage, and displays them in the “Feeds” section. The Feeds section also supports RSS, so you can get notified too. If you are on android, grab one of the Piped clients. NewPipe is the most recommended, but I really like the UI of LibreTube.

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I know this is a bit offtopic, but on e621(warning: furry site) there is a userscript called Re621 that in the absence of a ‘subscription’ system allows you to subscribe and creates a kind of notification within the page that notifies you when an artist you subscribed to uploads new art, without the need for an account. Something like this would be ABSOLUTELY GREAT if it existed for Youtube, because I could just export my subscriptions and that’s it, if I format my PC I don’t lose my recommendations.

Since I can’t really help and I don’t know if something like this exists for Youtube, I wish it does because I also use Youtube without an account, but something I can suggest you is to use some instance of Piped and create an account (not related to Youtube, it only exists inside the instance) to be able to subscribe and save playlists, but only that in your case, because you will lose the personalized recommendations, you can also use FreeTube and subscribe locally to your favorite content creators there and export it as a backup so that if you were to format your PC, you can remember the names of the content creators to which you were subscribed.


as far as I know, Youtube still supports RSS.

an account on a Piped or Invidious instance would do the job, too.


It does. RSS is the way IMO.

I use FreshRSS and the chromium RSS subscription extension. I just go to a user’s youtube page and click the extension icon and it subscribes me.

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