GitHub: A place to host open source code!*

*If you do what we want you to do


Mines ok. But then I use my own domain.


GitHub is owned by Microsoft and Microsoft also hates email aliases. May I recommend Port87. Microsoft and GitHub both accept the tagged addresses you use with Port87.

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Looking at this Web page I end up on a wait list… Is there more somewhere?


I’ll send you an invite right now. The waitlist is temporary, but necessary right now. I need to know metrics for autoscaling capacity.

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Thanks that’s very nice of you! Let me know if I have to DM you my email or something else! I see that you’re behind that project, nice to have you there


If you were on the waitlist, I’ve sent you an invite. :)

nameisnotimportant, avatar

Thanks, I wasn’t because I weren’t sure on the best way to go, but I just joined now. Feel free to approve when you have time! Cheers


You should have an invite now. :)

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Million thanks mate! I can confirm this! Cheers!


I use simplelogin on github. Works fine


fuck github. use a different git site, there are plenty!

Atemu, avatar

Github is unfortunately the premier platform for collaborating with others to build FOSS. Until alternative forges support federation, any other forge is usually a dead end.




GitHub has 28 million public repos

Gitlab is has less than an order of magnitude as many Under a million in 2020, and nearly 80% without FOSS license.

Is it everyone’s favorite, or best, or most feature rich. Nah. Is it where the FOSS projects are. Yes.


Is this why Freedesktop, GNOME, KDE, Haskell, & others self-host their GitLab community editions? These must not be the real FOSS projects.


Sure, self-hosting is a great option for very large projects, but a random python library to help with an analytics workflow isn’t going to self-host. Those projects, along with 27,999,990 others have chosen GitHub, often times explicitly to reduce the barrier to contribution.

Also, all of those examples are built on thousands of other FOSS projects, 99% of which aren’t self-hosting. This is the same as arguing only Amazon is a bookseller and ignoring the thousands of independent book publishers creating the books Amazon is selling.


This isn’t to say every project should self-host, but that they could self-host. And if you don’t want to self-host, you can join groups like Notabug, or a server hosted by a foundation like Codeberg, or the privately-held SourceHut, or even the open-core GitLab with its free tier (tho publicly-traded, most of the source is open & one can run the community edition if they wish). To assume if not self-hosted GitLab CE, then one must use a closed-source, US-based, publicly-traded, megacorporate, social media + code forge platform that’s trying to monopolize the developer tooling space is a false dichotomy.


Huh, federated Git sounds nice.

Atemu, avatar

Federated Git has been a thing ever since git was conceived:

<span style="color:#323232;">git send-email
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They mean like I want to be able to open an issue on your instance using an account on my instance. Forjero is working in this


The mailing list or maintainer email can accept your issues. You don’t have to have a code forge.

delirious_owl, avatar

Theres a reason people do.


Sure. I love being able to browse code without checking out your bloated monorepo, but it isn’t a requirement.

delirious_owl, avatar

I mean more about the features that forges provide, not just a WUI for browsing code. Namely: tracking hundreds of issues, PRs, etc


There are several independent options for all of those that, while they suck to go to a different site, often do a much better job than the code forge—think how Gerrit makes PRs look foolish, Bugzilla, Trac, Trello, etc. even the humble mailing list. What’s also important to note is a separate servdce offers different (or even better) organization options. Say you wanted a “polyrepo”… well, new you need a separate issues/review for every repository which often doesn’t fit as concerns can apply to mulitple repos (which now that I think about it might be one of those pressures on folks to create monorepos due to tooling lock-in choices from certain forges). That’s not to say there isn’t a cost/benefit to losing the integration of a central spot or less servers to deploy, but it very well could mean that a small orchestra of independent services could better suit a project compared to opting into every feature a code forge is offering.

That is to say, the one feature you see in all code forges—even the simple ones like cgit—is the ability to browse code/commits.

toastal, (edited )

The pull request model Microsoft GitHub force on users ends up being a colossal waste of everyone’s time & it’s the only model offered. It’s also a social media platform which encourages star hacking, READMEs that are actually RENDERMEs, focusing too much on making one’s graph green, etc. that are bad for project quality & mental health IMO. This doesn’t sound like a “premier” platform but the result of lock-in & network effect. The way to break is to go host elsewhere… & since Git is a distributed version control system, this should be encouraged.

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@toastal @Atemu

Why use #github when you can use @Codeberg ?


Or SourceHut, or self-host cgit or Forgejo. Hell, why run Git when Darcs & Pijul are awesome.

Atemu, avatar

Because the projects I want to contribute to are on Github, not some other forge. Also, I don’t want to create accounts on dozens of forges; each with their own settings and whatever; I also don’t want to have to put contributors to my projects through that, so if I want external contributors, Github is pretty much my only choice.

I don’t like it but until federation between forges is a thing, Github it is.

arbocenc, avatar


Same reasons used by #iphone, #mac, #microsoft, #facebook, #twitter, #reddit, etc. users.

But here we are, people using #pinephone, #linux, #mastodon, #lemmy, etc.


krafting, avatar

@arbocenc @Atemu it's not because it's the most used thing that it is good and you should use it too, exactly!

Corporation are not your friends, remember that

Atemu, avatar

Yeah, they’re gatekeepers. We know. Even EU regulators have noticed and are finally making baby steps on cracking down on them.

Though just as with Twitter and Reddit, we need a resilient decentral OSS alternative for this to work. That’s in the works as we speak but it’s not here yet. It’s like trying to give up Reddit 3 years a go; there was no viable alternative.


Discord locks my account everytime I join a server



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  • MonkderZweite,

    I made a sandwich.


    I beat a human at chess


    Likely that they don’t “trust” your email provider, but there’s a lot of strange A/B testing going on behind the scenes of that data harvester.

    Setting up a dedicated spare gmail or outlook account solves that issue.

    Registering a “cell number” helps too, but it’s hard finding a service that offers “free texting numbers” that isn’t set up in a way that they can see that it’s just one of those services. Wish I remembered what finally worked for me.

    Lastly, if you’re using a modified Discord app or desktop install, be sparing with the non-standard features. That can flag you sometimes too.

    For most servers though, I find it easiest to just access them in browser as a not signed in guest.


    I think Google Voice still gives out a free phone number as long as you tie it to your actual phone number. I used it for Craigslist all the time years ago to avoid giving out my actual number


    A lot of services like PayPal will block known Google Voice numbers. Screw all these service for even asking. I can do 2FA without a phone so you must be trying to collect more data than you should.


    Are you using 2FA ? With some services (Not Discord but others) I found out that when 2FA is enabled I will not have to suffer endless amount of CAPTCHAs and what not.


    I had the same issue with my Anonaddy alias, I just made an alias using my domain name and works fine now. It’s unfortunate that so many project are on shithub.


    Fuck Microsoft for buying GitHub. As expected they have made good into garbage.


    GitHub was proprietary, venture-capital, Ruby sludge before Microsoft. They’d either way aim to be bought or be the next Microsoft.

    delirious_owl, avatar

    Yeah all the email addresses on my domain name are just aliases. Dont tell github

    mrshy, (edited )

    I gave them an generic “alias” through a more mainstream service than silomails, we’ll see if that pacifies them.


    Same experience here


    What do you mean by email aliases?

    mrshy, (edited )

    Exactly it’s a completely false distinction. All email addresses are an “alias”.


    Not true, there is a distinction between your reply address and any secondary addresses you have configured on the mailbox. Still, as far as I know that’s not something they should be able to see from outside your email server. You are setting up aliases on your own server right, not using some third party as an intermediary? Using a third party intermediary would possibly be something they can see from the delivery routing.

    It’s most likely that this is just them shitting on you for using an “untrusted” provider. Most big sites and email providers are really getting stingy lately with who they’ll accept email from and what is accepted as a valid email domain. There’s also a big push for properly configured SPF and DKIM records that aren’t set to allow spoofing sender domain. It’s combining to cause a lot of issues for self hosters lately, and also for companies that have vendors who insist on sending email from the vendor’s servers but appearing as from the company itself.

    backhdlp, avatar

    Basically another email address that forwards everything to your main email.


    So a redirect instead of alias? E-mail alias is the address+alias@… thing.


    I thought that was a gmail specific thing.


    It is, an email alias is a redirect. They’ve just been calling plus codes aliases and didn’t know they were mixed up.


    Thats an extension


    Yeah let’s say you got, on simplelogin you can make a and now sign up for services using aleeas with those emails being forwarded to your protonmail

    Here’s an illustration


    What was this feature called again… basically linking, right?


    It’s called an email alias:


    How would they even detect that? Blacklist common alias providers?

    backhdlp, avatar

    I guess so


    I dont think so. I get my self hosted aliases banned. They must read the dkim/spf/dmarc or other types of headers against a base of mainstream email providers


    Wouldn’t that ban self hosted email period?


    Depends on what header they read and how

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