Nikki Haley Desperately Tries to Walk Back Comment on Alabama Embryo Ruling

As hospitals across Alabama pause IVF treatments, Nikki Haley is suddenly trying to claim she never said what she said.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is frantically trying to quell the controversy over comments she made about IVF after an Alabama court’s recent ruling that frozen embryos are children.

“We don’t want fertility treatment to shut down, we don’t want them to stop doing IVF treatment, we don’t want them to stop doing artificial insemination,” Haley said on CNN on Thursday. “But I think this needs to be decided by the people in every state. Don’t take away the rights of these physicians and these parents to have these conversations.”

It was Haley’s second such attempt to explain away her controversial stance on the issue. On Wednesday evening, Haley blurted out a much more gibberish response.

“Well first off all, this is, again, I didn’t say that I agreed with the Alabama ruling. The question that I was asked is ‘do I believe an embryo is a baby?’” Haley said on CNN Wednesday evening. “I do think that if you look in the definition, an embryo is considered an unborn baby. And so yes, I believe, from my stance, that that is.”

But calling an embryo—the stage before the microscopic cellular mass is labeled a fetus—an unborn baby is not exactly correct.


In Handmaid’s Tale–esque fashion, Haley has tried to toe the line on the issue of third-party fertility in a futile effort to keep voters from turning away from her floundering campaign, even though she conceived her son via artificial insemination.

Jesus fucking Christ, these people. For fuck’s sake!

MagicShel, (edited )

What I found hilarious (except not) was that she said it should be a conversation between a woman and her doctor, although the embryo is a baby and killing it is murder so… Not much to discuss there is there?

Discussion is pretty much conspiracy to commit murder under that law, right?

teejay, (edited )

This is such an easy layup for any reporter. Haley had her own son via IVF. Part of the IVF process is to reject embryos kill babies and only implant the most viable one(s). Someone should ask her how many of her embryos she rejected babies she killed in order to have her son. Bonus for the follow up question: Why was this baby killing ok for you, but not for others?

someguy3, (edited )

“That was God’s plan, he works in mysterious ways.”

CharlesDarwin, avatar

“My husband and I prayed on it and we were forgiven. Praise Jebus!”

Jaysyn avatar

Oh wow. I can't believe she was stupid enough to say this at all.

Totally unfit for any office.


Really? At this point, how can you not believe the depths of stupidity that republicans will sink to?


When are they gonna press child abuse charges against her for starving and cryogenically freezing her babies?


Can’t say I’m surprised, but damn…this level of hypocrisy is truly stunning.


It’s not even notable any more, sadly.


Conservatives are losers with no platform since religion is dead as fuck as a platform.

UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

Conservatives are losers

Majority of governorships and plurality of state legislatures. Nevermind all the fucking judge and sheriff seats.

I would love if liberals could lose like that.


I think the Alabama law is quite clear. Every month a woman’s egg drops and she doesn’t go get impregnated, she’s a murderer. All women need to be pregnant from puberty to menopause, and if they aren’t, they’re killing babies.


Bunch of damned retards.


Wait, I don’t want to confuse what the ruling actually means. Embryos are fertilized, so an egg going without fertilization and being passed through menstruation doesn’t meet that definition. If it is fertilized and is still passed through menstruation (as what, a good quarter of pregnancies do?) then sure.

I’ll be there first to point out hypocrisy and the authoritarian big government this would require to prove (and likely would affect minorities disproportionately), but I don’t think it helps to distort what this law means. It very well could be a slippery slope towards it, and yes is still enormously stupid, but it doesn’t meet the threshold of what you’re arguing. Unless I’ve misunderstood the wording of the law?


Wait, I don’t want to confuse what the ruling actually means.

Right, give them time to add another ruling that does mean that.


If you read the rest of my comment I said as much.


Fair enough.

GreenAlex avatar

So she doesn't want IVF to stop but does still think embryos are babies. To me this reads like someone who thinks literally all embryos retrieved during the IVF process must be used. For those who aren't aware, IVF can potentially end up with 8 or so viable embryos.


She has to know it’s BS because she’s had IVF herself.

CharlesDarwin, avatar

The comments from The Daily Show on her and her being a so-called “moderate” are even more poignant now.


I posted about this a few days after Roe was overturned. I’m a bit surprised it took this long for IVF to be attacked. Next will be stem cell research, then contraception.

If you were an adult in the 1980s-90s, you’ll remember this.

Haley might be young, but she’s an idiot if she didn’t see this coming. It was her own party that made these same moves 40 years ago, and they haven’t been subtle about repeating history.

I guess all republicans are morons, but come on. This is not a surprise.

spider, (edited )

Nikki Haley is suddenly trying to claim she never said what she said.

And we thought only Biden and Trump were having cognitive issues…

Edit: Some people apparently don’t get it.

Viking_Hippie, (edited )

Nah, this is just saying something moronic and then frantically trying to do damage control when it turned out people didn’t like it.

Typical sleazy politician move that has nothing to do with cognitive function.


Don’t take away the rights of these physicians and these parents to have these conversations.”

So… she’s pro choice?

rustydrd, avatar

No, no. You see, she’s saying you should feel free to talk about it, so long as your conclusion matches her opinion.


IVF for some, miniature American flags for others

UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

Listen, she’s going to say some stuff and its going to sound good and then you’re going to vote for her to BEAT TRUMP alright? Don’t spend a bunch of time thinking about it. Just VOTE.

CharlesDarwin, avatar

Also, she’s a moderate Republican. The “liberal media” tells us this is so, because, uh, reasons. LOL.…


Doesn’t matter, the only possible chance Haley has is if Trump gets convicted of something between now and November. Haley is raising awareness for her 2028 campaign.


He’d still be the nominee


I look forward to the maga goons who will keep writing Trumps name in no matter the circumstances. Jail, dead, exiled to Moscow… they’re a cult.

UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

Dude could run from prison and he might even win, depending on whether the economy slips in the shower between now and November.

After a full 24 months of liberals screaming “He’s a fascist! We have to stop him! PLEASE VOTE! It’s the only way to stop the fascism!!!” Biden would personally hobble down to the cell and let him out for his swearing in ceremony, because fuck sorry dawg there’s nothing we can do a rule’s a rule.

You’d be getting “Please donate $20.24 to STOP TRUMP NOW! The fight for the Midterms STARTS TODAY!” even as Roberts was holding up the copy of Hustler magazine Donny asked to be sworn in on.


Own it, you coward.


Nikki Haley is a fundamentalist extremist that is advocating for a full ban on abortions after six weeks (which makes abortions essentially entirely illegal). Just because she isn’t Trump doesn’t mean she isn’t fucking crazy.


Oh no! Businesses are shockingly deciding it’s not worth possible manslaughter charges for possible technical malfunctions. How fucking surprising.

These fucking idiots never think about how this stuff could affect them until it does. As long as it only hurts the right people, they cheer it on.

gregorum, (edited )

There is no such thing as an “unborn baby”. It’s not a baby until it’s born. Before that, it’s fetus, before that an embryo, and before that a zygote. This is why uneducated idiots should not be making decisions which involve science and medicine.

Edit: fixed


I agree with the spirit of your post but I think you’ve switched the order of zygote/embryo.


lol, fixed. I had just woken up

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