“The GOP is still expected to retain majorities in both chambers, though the party’s advantage would likely be slimmer than the absolute authority it now commands, particularly in the Senate. Currently, the GOP has a supermajority in the Senate and a near supermajority in the Assembly.”

So in a state were the D/R ratio is 42%\42% they are still getting maps biased in their direction, just not as much as they had before.


Yeah, the new maps are still gerrymandered, just to a more “traditional” degree.


They’re not so much gerrymandered as certain parts of WI naturally skew red. It is a pretty purple state. Trump only lost there by 20k votes in the presidential 2020 election. And that had nothing to do with maps.


Every state has uneven distribution. Gerrymandering uses that to give an outsized number of reps to one side and not the other.


Reminds me of when I was in high school and they taught us about the spoils system in the early 20th century (mostly with Democrats, the Republicans of the time). Even at that young age, it occurred to me to be a little indignant because it’s not a system; it’s just normalized corruption!

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