Americans, mostly women, are becoming more liberal: Gallup

American political ideology as a whole has shifted left in recent years, but women are becoming even more liberal, according to Gallup.

The survey data, released Wednesday, shows that while the country remains largely center-right, the percentage of those identifying as or leaning liberal has increased over the past three decades, and is now just 1 percent under it’s all-time high.

Roughly 36 percent of adults identify as conservative, 25 percent as liberal and the rest identify as either moderate or unsure, according to the poll.

When broken down by gender ideology, women in the youngest and oldest age groups said they were more likely to identify as liberal.

Women ages 18-29 were 40 percent more likely to be liberal in 2023, a slight decrease from 41 percent in 2022 and 44 percent in 2020, but still higher than the 30 percent in 2013. Those ages 65 and older were 25 percent more likely to identify as liberal — a slight increase from the 21 percent reported in 2013.


The American political system has done nothing but ratchet to the right for about a hundred years.

It's so far right that people think liberals are left wing. That shit is center right lmao

themadcodger avatar

That was my thought when they said X identified as conservative, Y liberal, the rest moderate or unsure.

How about none of the above since they're all right of center?

lennybird, (edited ) avatar

Are you guys referring to the labels as applied to the Democratic party, or the people who self-identify as one or the other?

Because while I think it’s generally fair that the Democratic party is center-right (largely absorbing any half-relevant positions Republicans once had), self-identifying liberals especially of youth and women probably are leftist despite colloquially referring to liberal. In that respect I’d imagine most of these people are effectively Social Democrats by European standards; meaning a mixed bag of regulated markets combined with a strong national government and select nationalized industries (eg, medical insurance). Basically the Nordic Model.


Social democrats and market socialists. The issue is that Lemmy loves to insist on the idea that liberalism and leftism are not compatible, which is an outdated, reductive idea.

Liberalism is just the idea that individual liberty is critical to democratic agency. Myself, and basically every other contemporary leftist of consequence, would argue that democratic agency is also critical to socialism as well.

The only place where this is a controversial take are internet forums where “leftism” means “violent revolutionary fan service” and the participants are, in turn, educated entirely within this framework which exists basically nowhere in the academic mainstream.


The issue is that Lemmy loves to insist on the idea that liberalism and leftism are not compatible, which is an outdated, reductive idea.

Well to the previous commenter’s point, that may just be the result of two people using different definitions of the terms.

Plenty of people do consider their “liberal” beliefs to be incompatible with “leftist” beliefs as evidenced by how many called anybody to the left of Biden as “too radical” during the 2020 primaries. We can debate about the terms but at the end of the day those people have made it clear they openly acknowledge fighting anything to the left of whatever Biden is.


There’s a world of difference between “saying something is not viable” and “fighting against something”.


You voted against our interests. You and I are not on the same side.


I mean, in the sense that you’re on the side of the Russians, that’s correct


Buddy if the only choice I have in this country is to support Russians or a strike blocking, genocide supporting piece of shit then our democracy has already failed.


If you’re against democracy then we’re also not on the same side.


I’m not. You are.


Also, your choices are:

A. Support a strike blocking, genocide supporting piece of shit, or

B. Support the Russians AND support a strike blocking, genocide supporting piece of shit.

Your perfect candidate is not running, if they even exist.


That’s not a democracy buddy. Like if not voting for Biden is a vote for Russia then you’re only a very reasonable step away from saying “And a vote for Russia is a crime”. Game over man.

Your perfect candidate is not running, if they even exist.

There were plenty of great options in the 2020 primaries. Piece of shit Boomers rejected all of those.


But like…it literally is a crime.

Do you want to vote for Russia?

Ah fuck you’re just another tankie troll aren’t you.


I mean that’s what I am, the problem is whenever I use the word social Democrat as an American people have no idea what I’m talking about so I just call myself a Christian socialist instead. After all that’s just a more muscular version of social democracy.

DessertStorms avatar

a mixed bag of regulated markets combined with a strong national government and select nationalized industries (eg, medical insurance). Basically the Nordic Model

So liberal in exactly the same sense American democrats are.. People not liking that "liberal" is a negative in any circle left of those who consider themsleves that, doesn't change what it means..


Classical Liberals and especially Neoliberals (what the Democratic party is) are solidly against nationalized industries and while liberalism is ok with either laissez-faire or regulated markets, neoliberalism is strictly anti-regulation.

Socially democratic nations (Nordic nations being the most consistently socially Democratic) have nationalized industries (Norway has its energy, transportation, finance, and communications all nationalized).

Probably the closest the US has ever been to social democracy was when social security and the new deal were enacted. The Democratic party has never been majority Socially Liberal to my knowledge, which is one step right from Socially Democratic, which is yet another step right from Democratically Socialist.

lennybird, avatar

No, not necessarily. Social Democracy is one-step further left on the spectrum when considering a balance between Free Markets versus total nationalization and closed markets within the purview of a functioning Democracy. In essence, a truly mixed economy with a strong welfare foundation and regulator control rods for the markets. For all intents, the progressive-left of the Democratic party are Social Democrats while the mainline “corporate dems” are ostensibly Liberals.

Tankies dreams’ aside, markets & trade aren’t going away anytime soon.

DessertStorms avatar

That's a lot of words to say you don't understand what liberalism is.. No mount of "strong welfare" counteracts support of capitalism and the oppression and inevitable fascism that comes with it. Because yes, necessarily.

The fact that you think me saying all of this makes me a tankie is a perfect demonstration of your lack of understanding of these terms and ideas (and/or of your unwillingness to challenge your bias and think outside of the parameters capitalism has set for you).

lennybird, avatar



Liberals/democrats ARE left wing. Always have been. By definition the term is based on seating arrangements during the French Revolution. Democrats have always been considered left wing, just as republicans have been right wing. It’s just that now:.: the tankies think they own the term.

However- in reality… the FAR LEFT has distanced itself so far from the left wing that it doesn’t even resemble what it began as.


I think you might be misunderstanding the French Revolution. By the time those seating arrangements were in place there weren’t any conservatives left. The ones on the right were the Liberals the ones on the left were the leftists. The girondins were in no way conservative. The mountain was in no way liberal.


I wasn’t talking about French democrats/conservatives. Just where the terms came from.


I’m sorry friend, any knowledge of history or political science is not allowed on Lemmy. You can choose either edgy leftist fan service or a series of escalating bans.


I thought Lemmy was created to avoid the censorship and bans on Reddit


I’m banned on Reddit politics and worldnews for posting leftist opinions. Frankly I’m fine with this becoming a leftist echo chamber because I’m not interested in rehashing the same tired arguments over and over again.

Don’t block strikes. Don’t support genocide. If you don’t need our votes ignore us. If you need our votes you have to listen to us.

It’s pretty simple stuff really. Take it or leave it.

Econgrad, (edited )

That kind of attitude leads to totalitarianism. You need robust debate for a democracy to actually succeed.

Furthermore when you’re surrounded by echo chambers of your own opinions you get dumber over time. That applies to the left and the right and it’s a big reason why the right is so bonkers now.

You shouldn’t support creating a maga of the left.


That kind of attitude leads to totalitarianism.

Alright. Go solve it on Reddit then.

You shouldn’t support creating a maga of the left.

Why? Looks like they’ve managed to take over the Republican party. If leftists took over the Democrat party maybe it’d finally be worth a shit.


Put my name into .ml mod logs to disabuse you of this fiction.


I mean communism is trash and tankies are literally against freedom of speech so I’m just glad all of Lemmy is not like that


It was. Then the tankies found a safe haven here amongst leftist mods and now it’s a shit show of flavor of the week manufactured outrage.


Literally the only reason I’m here is to avoid censorship so if this place starts doing that I’ll just delete everything and walk away and find another replacement.


Oh. They censor. Trust me, they censor.


Well I won’t get too attached I guess. I refuse to help build up another Reddit that is anti free speech.


Oh it’s totally free speech here. Just be careful what you say about Marxism/communism on certain instances. It’s only free speech in those of you agree with the hive.


I mean I will absolutely just stay away from anything with .ml

People have warned me. I value freedom of speech more than almost anything after having it taken from me on the internet. I now understand how precious this constitutional freedom is. And I understand how the lack of it destroys society.


I rest my case.




The op isn’t even correct [the idea Democrats and Republicans have always been the same as today is objectively incorrect]. The post never got deleted and there isn’t even enough people on Lemmy to mass downvote a post… Why do you act like the two of you are being martyred for your opinions?


You’re absolutely correct. But I would say on a global scale the American Democrats are still centrist because they embrace managerial capitalism.

They’re not even really social Democrats like you see in Europe.


Not even a global scale, just literally as compared to Europe.

Eurocentrists are hilariously blind to their own prejudices. Y’all always say global this, global that when you’re exclusively referring to Europe.


The Republicans used to be the more liberal party. The parties literally swapped platforms at one point.…


the FAR LEFT has distanced itself so far from the left wing that it doesn’t even resemble what it began as.

Yeah they’ve really gone off the rails with this whole “don’t block strikes” and “don’t support genocide” nonsense. /s


The gaza war is not a genocide


You can call it whatever you want buddy. Only question you have to ask yourself is do you think Biden needs my vote? If not then just ignore me.


Words have meanings. Not every war is a genocide. There’s no attempt to exterminate Palestinians. Gaza is as dense as New York City. If they were trying to wipe out Palestinians there would be far more deaths than there have been.


Call it whatever you want. I don’t want the U.S. supporting Israel in it. I won’t be voting for Biden in 2024.


Then you’re voting for Trump because that’s the reality of our two-party system and I agree that it sucks but…

That makes literally zero sense. You don’t support everything that Biden does even though he’s better than Trump.

So you’re just going to stay home and not vote which in a purple state will count as a vote for Orange Hitler.

Who will undoubtedly commit far more genocide according to your definition of it which is basically just any war.

What? Lol


This is a pet peeve of mine: the term “liberal” has gone through a semantic shift in the US. It used to mean “generally left leaning”. I think maybe the word “progressive” has taken on this role now.

I think the confusion comes from the fact that many European languages always used the cognates of “liberal” to mean “free market”, I.e. “economically conservative”. This is also how the term is used in some academic fields, like economics. But this is precisely the opposite of the other meaning!

It’s pretty clear the article is using the first meaning. They even use “leaning left” interchangeably with “liberal”.

My theory is that since Americans have been interacting with Europeans more online since the 2000s, the terms have become conflated.

frezik, (edited )

How many environmental regulations were there in 1924? How many black people could vote? Child labor laws? Could you vote in primaries, or did party bosses in literal smoke filled rooms choose a candidate? Could states shut down newspapers and ban non-Christians from holding office?

If we go back about ten more years, women can’t vote, and Senators are still chosen by state legislators rather than a popular vote.

Why are leftists so quick to forget their successes?


For real; that comment was either made by a child, or someone severely ignorant of history

uis, avatar

To not spam same text I will link it

Deceptichum avatar

Unless I’m reading those graphs on the Gallup page wrong, the only two groups with an upward movement at the end are old women and young men? Everyone else was shown as decreasing from previous highs.


Because if you’re even remotely educated on what’s going on, you’d realize republicans are just objectively evil. They are not even a political party. If anything, liberals are right wing, and republicans are just devil spawn.


That doesn’t explain gender divergence.


active marketing by republicans as clearly outlined by steve bannon does


Or maybe the divergence of male/female voting has nothing to do with suffrage. Maybe women value social safety nets offered by Democrats or maybe they value the Democrat foreign policy or maybe they just find Donald Trump more repulsive than do men. I can think of a lot of reasons that could explain the divergence that have nothing to do with someone (who, I don’t know) wanting to repeal a woman’s right to vote.


In the US parties are large coalitions of a lot of different groups an interests and not all of them mesh well together. This is true of the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. To write off the divergence as being explained by upset, uneducated young males who spend a lot of time online seems naive. The population of such males is small and they are an even smaller percentage of the electorate. They might make the difference in a tight election but they do not explain the significant divergence in party association between males and females. Plus the divergence on gender between left and right is not limited to the United States. It is a phenomenon found in many other countries. So there’s a lot more to it than a small demographic in a single nation.

rob_t_firefly, (edited ) avatar

The party actively working to disenfranchise people who aren’t men is losing the support of people who aren’t men. That bit seems self-explanatory.


Do you have evidence of a conspiracy to revoke womens’ right to vote?

uis, avatar

I need my copy-pasta again:

American “left”: maybe we shold do some student debt relief? Just a tini-tiny. If you don’t mind.

Rest of the world right: universal education, more funding!

Rest of the world center: universal education, state must provide students with everything(including housing and food) so they don’t worry about anything else other than learning, state must provide teachers with everything(including decent salary) so they don’t wory about anything else other than teaching, state must provide universities with all necessary equipment, buildings must be maintained in good condition(so ceiling wouldn’t fall on students’ and teachers’ heads)!


Oops that’s my fault.

Super-leftist trans woman here. I count as 16372938.33 womens, clearly skewing the data in our favor. Sorry everyone, so sorry

But in all seriousness, how could a woman perceive the conservative agenda and NOT become more liberal in response?!


We found the Spiders Georg of liberal women.

But in all seriousness, how could a woman perceive the conservative agenda and NOT become more liberal in response?!

Oppression kink?


Keep conservatism in the bedroom, I’m sick and tired of them just flaunting their kink in public all the time


hey when you’re erasing women can you please only erase the women for trump?


Americans, mostly Republicans, are becoming more fascist.

uis, (edited ) avatar

Becoming? As in they wern’t?

nexguy, avatar

The United States as a whole has been shifting towards progressive policies since its creation… as has the whole world.

flying_sheep, avatar

Before its creation, people were much more egalitarian. Native American women could control their own bodies.

Sure things look good when you start right after the last huge anti-egalitarian shift.

nexguy, avatar

Pre-columbian Americans kept each other as slaves for centuries…at the very least. So the lie that native American women controlled their own bodies is a slap in the face of the countless who were kept as slaves. Egalitarian…hardly.

flying_sheep, (edited ) avatar

I said “more” and gave a specific example in which way. The property of there being slavery didn’t change until much later, whereas the Christians immediately made life worse for women who until then controlled their own bodies.

There is no lie. Why are you trying to catch me in one instead of having a honest discussion?

nexguy, avatar

But the women never controlled their own bodies for thousands of years…likely since the first women. There are “fluctuations” where they have more rights for short stretches is time. You could cherry pick specific locations in a specific century of course. For example right now in the entire US, women have fewer rights than 10 years ago (fluctuation) but far more than 100 or more years ago.

flying_sheep, avatar

But the women never controlled their own bodies for thousands of years…likely since the first women

That’s Hobbesian fiction, not history. Check out this book for a version less driven by Victorian propaganda:

nexguy, avatar

This book denies thousands of years of native American slavery?

flying_sheep, (edited ) avatar

No, it pretty explicitly mentions it, but you should read what I’m writing, not looking for a reason to get worked up.

Let me spell it out: losing your bodily autonomy is bad. Therefore it’s bad when there’s slavery or misogyny. And of course it’s worse when there’s both. The fact that (a fraction of) tribes had slavery doesn’t invalidate that they weren’t also misogynist. Unlike the society that followed after, which both had slavery and and believed that a good Christian woman is the property of her man.

So read this, then again from picking out an irrelevant detail to nitpick on.

nexguy, avatar

Yes a “fraction” of tribes had slavery. 25% of the tribal population in the pacific northwest alone were slaves. A horrific and a dominant part of their society. The way women were treated by good Christians was terrible but to compare that in to the sheer number that were held as slaves in the past is disingenuous. Children sold for food. Children and women stolen from tribe to tribe to bolster numbers(forced assimilation which qualifies as genocide today). Were you a natural born tribe member female that hasn’t been captured? In that case you had a better life though you did partially through the exploitation of slaves and genocide… for thousands of years. A couple of hundred years of harsh Christan rule was in no way a step backward.

flying_sheep, avatar

What are you talking about? That 25% number is wrong. You found that on Wikipedia, ignored the statistic it actually applied to, and attached it to “tribal population”. Please don’t lie with statistics, even if that wasn’t intentional.

And most importantly, slavery increased rapidly as colonialism ramped up. Obviously Christian rule with substantially increased slavery and also misogyny is worse than a smaller degree of slavery and no misogyny.

Just read the book. It’s great.

nexguy, avatar

Do you truly believe slavery was rare among pre-columbian native Americans?

Let’s say for argument sake you are right. For 30,000 years slavery was a not-so-common occurrence in the America’s. Then for 200 years it increased. Then decreased for 150 years to a level far far below any point in history (per-capita). What has been the trend?

flying_sheep, avatar

That’s not data that can be summarized as a trend. Just like climate data, the changes in the last centuries are very drastic compared to before. If the fluctuation before happened mich slower, there’s no trend that can be modeled.


And even in more recent times, the pendulum has swung back and forth. FDR put massive public works programmes in place that would never get funding today, and LBJ (despite, y’,know, fucking up his entire legacy in Vietnam) introduced Medicare, which would be derided as socialist today. Reagan was a massive backslide, both objectively and in comparison.


Does this poll support for left/right policies or just labels?

I suspect if you properly formulate and frame questions on political issues you’d end up with the US being far left.


Then you’re in a partisan bubble. The US is not even close to far left, I don’t think you could even fake it with leading questions. There are far left people but there are a lot of far right and yet more center-right people too.


the terms mean nothing any more, by design.


They do though, but in the US they are used to label a group.

The political compass is still valid, and the US frame is on the right of that compass.

Liberals are the left in the US, but center right in the rest of the world.

uis, avatar
Huzzah! More my own copy-pasta!
American “left”: maybe we shold do some student debt relief? Just a tini-tiny. If you don’t mind.

Rest of the world right: universal education, more funding!

Rest of the world center: universal education, state must provide students with everything(including housing and food) so they don’t worry about anything else other than learning, state must provide teachers with everything(including decent salary) so they don’t wory about anything else other than teaching, state must provide universities with all necessary equipment, buildings must be maintained in good condition(so ceiling wouldn’t fall on students’ and teachers’ heads)!


Yep. I think the american public lacks words for what they align with. I also think most of the population would lean left if it weren’t for all the popaganda. But I think a lot…

EdibleFriend, avatar

And the women who aren’t liberal are simply fucking morons. There is no other excuse for supporting the party that so openly hates your gender.

uis, avatar

What if some of them are communists that prepare revolution after which they will establish UHC, universal higher education and UBI?

EdibleFriend, avatar

I guess I should be clear that I mean the ones that are conservative Republicans are all morons lol


Liberal is still too far right.

It’s high time we had a strong labor movement in this country.


You will need to break decades of propaganda ops pushing the idea that labor is equivalent to socialism/communism or at least attached to the forces of evil in some form or another, or that a union is an evil money stealing organization that the ruggedly individualist American should never submit to.

It will likely be easier to wait for the misinformed generations to simply die out than actually affect that sort of change.


This is the page I’m on. I’ve tried to convince my neoliberal parents that: unions are not lazy across the board, that taxes are a heavier burden on the poor than the rich, that China doesn’t have cockroaches infesting every inch of their cities, the violence of the American military, the corruption that exists within our government (on the liberal side), the similarities between conservative and liberal economic policy, etc…

You get tired after a while.


Judging by your comment you and I absolutely do not agree on what is best for the future of our country. Progressive tax is important, corruption exists within all governments but the ‘both sides’ argument is a horrendously stupid take that ignores social and environmental policy, and the similarities between conservative and liberal fiscal policy exist because the Overton window has shifted way too far to the right (in America); to see truly leftist/liberal economic policy, we must shift the spectrum away from the conservative/right side.


This poll seems to be focused on social conservative vs liberal, not economic liberal vs leftist

uis, avatar

Why people oppose liberals to conservatives? Opposite of conservatives are reformists, not liberals.


Part of it is branding-- in the US the GOP got people to think of them as conserving (ie preserving) something, whereas if people got asked to describe a similar situation they might come up with something like regressive. Liberal generally makes sense linguistically, because it’s the same root as liberate, as in you’re free to do what you want.

So whether it comes from a brand or a misunderstanding it doesn’t really matter because conservative vs liberal is how hundreds of millions of people in the US use and understand the words, and you can’t tell people (especially at that scale) that how they speak is wrong because that’s not how language works.


Point to the effective alternatives that aren’t hell bent on turning women back into domicile slaves.

I’ll wait.



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  • RBWells,

    Just because something gets you off, doesn’t mean that’s the way real life should work.



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  • eskimofry,

    You need help. You’re unhinged.


    Nice sockpuppet, enjoy your ban.


    Looks like you need to check your brain as I have had both my accounts for a long time and they are not the other person.

    Edit: also you’re quite a triggered idiot. It’s the fediverse. People can comment from other instances. Your shitty mod powers don’t work here.


    You got me, I laughed pretty hard


    There’s nothing funny about it. I wasn’t making a joke.

    uis, (edited ) avatar

    The country that no longer exists?…/Social_parasitism_(offense)

    Wierd noone mentined it in 15 hours.

    P.S. I think goal of zero unemployment is shit, but you asked example.

    uis, avatar

    2 days passed, you made post 5 hours ago. It seems you are rather impatient.


    They mean to say women don’t want their bodies regulated by men that don’t know a damn thing about how a woman’s body works. Like that fucking idiot Republican politician who’s also veterinarian and said he’s done thousands of ultrasounds on pregnant animals and that makes him an authority on women’s bodies. Like how the fuck do you make that jump in your head?


    By equating women to livestock…


    That clearly makes him a cannibal.


    Well fucking vote like it then.


    American political ideology as a whole has shifted left in recent years

    What the fuck is this bullshit. This is the opposite of what has happened.


    On the whole, the American public is shifting left (view how polls reflect generally more progressive positions compared to elected officials). The vocal minority are shifting right.


    Don’t mistake a loud and obnoxious minority for a larger group than they are.

    Honestly I see a lot of moderates getting burned by conservatives these last 12 years. Biden got literally the largest popular vote of any president of all time. That’s something to consider.


    People didn’t vote for Biden, as much as they voted against Trump.


    I voted for Biden and am pretty fucking happy with him, he’s significantly better than I thought he would have been due to his trust in his wildly competent administration. The only problem, and it is a massive one, is his unyielding support for Israel.

    Edit: forgot to mention, I’ll also be voting for Biden in November.


    And the fools are forwarding him again despite the previous results.


    might be more fair to say “women in the US are becoming less inclined to support a dumpster fire like the self-identified modern Conservative Party”.


    Just don’t forget there are some regressive women that actively want to return to the days of ‘barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen’.

    Just like some black people still vote republican for some reason.

    There’s no explaining everyone.

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