Senate GOP fears drop in Trump enthusiasm, energy

GOP senators say there is less enthusiasm for former President Trump among Republican-leaning voters compared to 2016, a drop in voter energy that was apparent when only 15 percent of Iowa’s registered Republicans showed up for Monday’s caucuses.

Lawmakers acknowledge the weather was a factor behind the low turnout in Iowa but point to other signs of diminished enthusiasm for Trump, something that could hurt down-ballot Republican candidates in swing states.

Senate Republicans hope that Trump’s problems will be balanced by lower enthusiasm among Democrats for President Biden, though they expect Trump being atop the ticket will drive Democratic voters to the polls in large numbers.

Another concern among GOP senators is that Biden will have a big fundraising advantage over Trump, who is pouring his resources into his legal defense in the face of four criminal trials and two civil cases.


What a fucking ridiculous situation it is when the fact that one of the front runners for the presidency is fighting 6 legal battles at once and the biggest concern from their party is that those battles will hinder his ability to fundraise for them. No concerns over character or fitness to lead, just money. Our society needs to hurry up and collapse because we are a cancer on this planet.

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we are a cancer on this planet.

Not our entire society, just Republicans.


A distinction without meaning in my opinion. It doesn’t really matter what the exact percentages or causes are. The end result is the whole country taking the poison pill.



And you’d think the Republicans would get tired of losing after the third time.

But it seems they really want to lose four elections with Trump.

The problem is their base is just too crazy. Bernie bros still showed up to vote for Hilary and Joe.

But the Trump maga crowd will not show up for anyone else, unless their cult leader is in charge.

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Four elections? Are you counting midterms, I guess?




I have wondered what the GOP will do when they lose again with Trump. If they do what they’ve done in the past, they will learn the wrong lessons and try to make up for it with more illegal power grabs.

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The Capitol police will have their submachine guns & permission to use them next time.


How to ensure the capitol police won’t be involved in the hypothetical next insurrection?


One day, I’ll be smiling for no apparent reason. Someone will ask me why and I’ll remind them that Donald J. Trump is dead. Then there will be two people smiling…


I look forward to smiling with you


Is this The Great Storm caused by trickle down economics?


Can’t tell. There’s s very fine yellow mist everywhere and it smells funny.

littlebluespark, avatar

We all do. At the end of a noise for him. Justice for treason.


Another concern among GOP senators is that Biden will have a big fundraising advantage over Trump, who is pouring his resources into his legal defense in the face of four criminal trials and two civil cases.

Oh, they should be. I plan on donating quite a bit for the first time ever. I am planning on putting my money in the areas where it will make the biggest difference.

I’ve never donated to anyone before. But I gonna make it rain on the Dems if he’s their nominee.


Well, maybe they should have publicly cut ties and impeached him on Jan 7th, instead of covering for him.

He literally led a violent insurrection and attacked our democracy itself. And they still fell in line.

It’s too late. You shit the bed, enjoy laying in it.


Maybe they should fear the inevitable collapse of democracy, oh wait, they want that.


There use to be a time in America when conmen, wife beaters, business cheats, and men unfaithful to their wives and family had the devil beaten out of them.


Then the white man came


No, there really wasn’t.


Yeah! In American history, we tended to elect them to the Presidency.


I’m just gonna say it: I think part of the reason there’s less energy than 2016 is because the president isn’t black.


Obama wasn't running in 2016. The real fear of the party of misogynists and racists was that, after having to endure 8 years of a black man in the White House, they might then have to endure listening to a woman.


I’m super curious if they nominated Haley how it would go, but democrats didn’t do much better. When there is a woman on the ballot the bar suddenly gets shot to the moon.

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deleted by creator


I’m sure two things can be true at once, but considering that the party literally is powered by anger, I think they were invigorated by their rage of being led by a black person. On top of that, they had less fear about accidentally speaking out against the front-runner in a way that got them called “racists.”

Remember when racists used to be scared of being identified? Those were almost ever so slightly better days…


Not sure that the Iowa caucus turnout was only lack of enthusiasm. There was also a bad ice storm.

That being said, even if there is lower enthusiasm than in 2016, it just has to be higher than Biden’s, and there’s still a big risk there.


I'm really worried how the Israeli genocide is going to affect things.


I’m worried that by the election, we will be in a land war with Yemen’s Houthis.

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I dunno guys, I've kinda lost enthusiasm for the twice impeached, rapist, fraudster-in-chief, too. I have to admit, I didn't have much to lose in the first place, so I didn't even really notice the loss. I almost, but not quite, feel sorry for all his boot-lickers.


You mean you don’t feel confident voting for a criminal rapist pathologically lying cheeto that’s filled with human feces who would happily sell out the country to impress foreign rulers for 5 minutes?


Well when you say it like that anything sounds stupid… /s

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That's one way of saying it.

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