Project 2025 will cement America as a rightwing authoritarian state

The language of the linked article by Mr Barrington Salmon may seem to veer into conspiracy territory at times…if it wasn’t so well-documented. At the risk of “yelling into a echo chamber”…

“The actions of liberal politicians in Washington have created a desperate need and unique opportunity for conservatives to start undoing the damage the Left has wrought and build a better country for all Americans in 2025,” the Project 2025 manifesto said. “It is not enough for conservatives to win elections. If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical Left, we need both a governing agenda and the right people in place, ready to carry this agenda out on day one of the next conservative administration.”

Meyerson, editor-at-large at The American Prospect, said far-right conservatives and The Heritage Foundation have an extensive enemies’ list that includes “welfare recipients, lazy and liberal civil servants, anti-business regulators, environmentalists, and union bosses, “scientists, woke bureaucrats, woke educators, woke diplomats, woke generals and admirals, woke G-men, and anyone who doesn’t indulge the next Republican president’s every whim (an adaptation to the likelihood of a Trump nomination),” in the commentary titled, “The Far Right Has a Plan to Remake America. They Even Wrote It Down.”

America is at an inflection point, vacillating on a knife’s edge because of Trump, who has tapped into a deep reservoir of grievance, hatred and resentment plans that will be fully unleashed in a second term. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric – mirroring Hitler and Mussolini – is convincing observers that he’s a fascist, to add to his authoritarian bent.

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There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.

Eldridge Cleaver

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Now, please correct me if I am wrong, but as a non American, it seems funny to me that one of the points of gun ownership is/was in case of resisting a tyrannical government. And from where I am sitting, it sure does look like angry orange man is getting away with a lot of things that us non orange people would definitely be locked away for.

It seems to me that the judicial system over there is compromised and that’s the beginning of the slippery slope.


It’s based on a misreading of the 2nd amendment on the one hand, and on cornball cos-play fantasy on the other. The 2nd was intended so that state government could muster militias to put down insurrections such as Shay’s Rebellion, which it was written in specific reaction to.

As for the cos-play bit, there is no universe in which a private militia, no matter how well-armed, is going to have any chance at all of resisting the military power of contemporary US law enforcement. It’s a fucking joke.


Yeah, that’s what people say. But those people also tend to worship cops. The fact is that they can’t wait to help the cops murder their “radical left” (and immigrant) neighbors.

As shitty as that is, and it is shitty, their aren’t enough people raking the threat seriously. And I don’t mean by voting harder for Joe, I mean preparing to protect themselves and their neighbors.


Half-bricks are currently fully legal to own and carry. Just pointing it out

littlebluespark, avatar

What about one in each hand?

And, I know, before you stop to remind me: “Well then, what would you carry the molotov in, smartypants?”, but who goes around carrying two fully-legal half bricks without a like-minded compatriot just as passionate about nonchalant, platonic sight-seeing strolls? And, if only a half brick per person is the limit, why we just hand off one to the other and then we’re fully kitted with both the question and the answer, neighbor.

K1nsey6, avatar

And what have Democrats offered to counter this with? Nothing. They have just as much to benefit from P2025 as Republicans. But Republicans are honest in their intent.


What the fuck are you even talking about, have you read it literally at all


And what have Democrats offered to counter this with? Nothing.

It’s true. The Dems haven’t promised to essentially burn the Constitution with a spoiled rich-kid alleged con man to treat the country as his personal playground.

They have just as much to benefit from P2025 as Republicans.

Ok, I’ll bite. Such as…?

But Republicans are honest in their intent.

Especially in these recent times, I’d say Republicans can’t even spell “honest” in a game of hangman with five of the six letters exposed. And, really, since when has dictatorship ever been part of the GOP plan until 2016?


Vote against this but remember to have a plan b that doesn’t involve living the US.

K1nsey6, avatar

How can you vote against something that has already been getting enacted for the last few presidential terms. This shift started with Bill Clinton, it’s just until recently it got a name.


You vote Biden and not Trump. You then keep working to make the system and world better.

K1nsey6, avatar

That’s gonna be a hard no. Unless you are from the donor class there is no ‘make the system better,’ this is pure delusional thought. Liberals made the same claim in 2020 by declaring ‘push Biden left after the election,’ he just moved further right.


Yepp. “Vote blue no matter who” is worse than MAGA at this point, because at least conservatives are honest about who they are.

K1nsey6, avatar

Exactly the way that Malcolm X described them In bullet or the ballot, wolf versus the fox. The exact same way that MLK referred to them in letters from a Birmingham jail.


Are you talking about the guy who was assassinated in 1965?

Are you using it to reference modern politics?

K1nsey6, avatar

I’m talking about the way that both of them described milquetoast liberals as being worse than Republicans, more of a danger to society, and prevent progress despite all their rhetoric.


Do you think nothing has changed in sixty years?

K1nsey6, avatar

No they haven’t, Marx described them the same way too. Their technique for staying in power by co-opting marginalized groups before stabbing them in the back has remained the same.


Well if no one could change anything in the last sixty years what do you suggest we do?

K1nsey6, avatar

Stop electing Democrats


I’m glad to be chatting with someone smarter then everyone else who have thought of this problem since Karl Marx wrote about it but couldn’t solve it.

K1nsey6, avatar

The problem is liberals that claim to support the marginalized, but they only support them for power.


You keep taking about the problem but what’s the solution?

I’m talking concrete steps you can take to solve the problem.


So Republicans are the solution? But we’ve had plenty of Republicans as President and all over the country. If their ideas and actions were so great why haven’t the Republicans swept everything by now if it is so bad?

K1nsey6, avatar

They are not the answer. They are no different. However Republicans never pretend to care, and they tell you they dont. I dont want either, but I would rather know exactly where a person stands with me than someone pretending to be a friend and it turns out they hated me just as much as the other guy.

xhieron, avatar

Okay comrade.


The main problem is that largely over the course of our country’s recent history it is one vs one. It just doesn’t work. If you were hiring for a very specific, hard, responsibility filled job would you pick between only 2 people? Yes I know that primaries start with more but lets be real - how many of those weren’t already decided before the campaigns started.


But that just isn’t true, he didn’t move further right, he has moved left. Not nearly as far as I would like, but definitely left. He’s turning out to be the most progressive president since LBJ. Admittedly, that’s more of a criticism of how right wing the office has been in that time, than it is high praise of Biden, but it is true.

K1nsey6, avatar

You are falling off script, its supposed to be FDR.


If I’m not saying what you were prepared for, maybe you are the one with a script. It’s LBJ. LBJ was significantly more left than Biden, but can you name one since?

ripcord, avatar

“I don’t like what you’re saying, therefore you’re clearly following someone else’s script”

K1nsey6, avatar

All the echo chambers parrot FDR, and Biden isnt to the left of either. Hes to the right of Reagan and Baby Bush


How can you vote against something that has already been getting enacted for the last few presidential terms.

Please explain. What exactly has been enacted? A rightwing authoritarian state?

This shift started with Bill Clinton, it’s just until recently it got a name.

What? Again, please explain. What “shift” started with Clinton? What is this name of which you speak?

K1nsey6, avatar

Go back about 30 years and research DLC and 3rd way democrats. The entire shift to the right started with Bill Clinton at that point.

It’s always been a right-wing authoritarian state, when Trump was locking up protesters during the George Floyd protests, Democrats correctly called him out for it. But were strangely silent while protesters protesting against mass genocide in Gaza are also getting arrested, losing their jobs, while ignoring that he further funded Israel and completely bypassed Congress to get them more weapons. Sounds very authoritarian to me.


Most people can’t escape. It’s very hard to become a citizen of another country. Plan B should not be where to live. But we definitely should have a plan B.


All you need is residency.


Maybe we should fight for our country.


If I believed fascism and camps were coming for me I wouldn’t let lack of citizenship stop me from fleeing.

I’d be working under the table jobs as a undocumented worker.


Plan B should be some kind of direct action beyond voting. Leaving the country is somewhere around plan E or F.

RIPandTERROR, avatar

My plan is kms tbh

Scotty_Trees, avatar

When Putin took over Russia and turned it into him getting 99% of the votes every election, most people of Russia did not leave. When Putin cracked down on journalists, free speech, and gay/queer people, hell even his own oligarchs aren’t safe next to a Russian window, most people of Russia did not leave. When Russia invaded Ukraine, the first and second time, most people of Russia did not leave.

Have Russians bought the Kremlin propaganda hook, line and sinker? What does it take for a citizen to say enough is enough before they leave their country? Do Russians lack the means to afford the ability to leave their homeland, potentially forever from friends, and generations of families? Unfortunately, most people whether it’s Russia or the US, simply do not have the means, the finances, the connections, or the resources to leave. A minority of us will have access to this luxury, but for a majority of us, we are simply fucking stuck. And in case it’s not clear, I do not support Russia, I hope the Putin regime collapses sooner than later.


Funny thing is Republican states are more dependent on the Federal Government than Democrat states. So they are going to stop themselves?…/are-republican-states-more-federa…


Well not those people of course, those are the good people.

What they meant was brown/gay people. And that’s just to start with.


I believe that people will do the right thing and vote against fascism and for democracy. There is no plan b for me.

Also, as far as emigration is concerned, it is important to remember that dictatorships like Russia, China, and North Korea are all waiting for a second Trump term to invade NATO members of Europe, Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific, and South Korea respectively. Regions of the world that seem safe now may soon be at war.

This is not intended to discourage anyone from moving. If you have a safe place to go, don’t let me stop you. But it’s important to remember that a second Trump term will have wide reaching consequences beyond the United States.


Don’t worry, everyone. I’ve been told that change only ever happens in tiny increments.


Building up happens brick at a time, pulling down happens at freefall speeds


Cool. When can we pull down oppressive institutions? Oh right, in tiny increments.


The French disagree

TheGrandNagus, (edited )

France was a fucking disaster for a long time after their rebellion. Decades. People were worse off for a long time and the country was in disarray. It was a huge societal collapse that caused a huge amount of damage to pretty much everyone in society.

If you think France simply tore down their existing government and then things were great after, you’re mistaken.

There’s a reason the Reign of Terror isn’t called the Reign of Sunshine and Rainbows.

It was only a long, long time later that France was able to look back on their revolution and think “that was horrific but probably for the best”, and IMO that’s only because they were lucky that Napoleon came along and was a fairly competent dictator who stopped France from collapsing/being invaded. Without his dictatorship, France would’ve been destroyed by neighbours taking advantage of their weakened state.

Is that something you want? Decades of war, death, and turmoil, then life under a tyrant? It’s probably easier and a lot less unpleasant to get people that aren’t total twats involved in politics.


I’m not arguing that what France did was a idea we should recommend. Just that it’s possible.

But also, if you don’t think the current state of things is a fucking disaster, I’m not sure what to say.

So if we have to pick between it’s really slow disaster, and are really fast disaster… Well, there are options at least.

TheGrandNagus, (edited )

There’s the current state of things is a disaster, and then there’s post-revolutionary France disaster. I think you’re vastly underestimating just how bad it was.

We’re talking everyone being poorer, several wars, people dying from lack of food, death squads, extreme nationalism, lawlessness, a collapse of the scientific community, and other nations looming, wanting to invade.

If your country did what the French did, you certainly wouldn’t want to be there for the rest of your lifetime. But maybe it’d be a better place for your grandkids. Or maybe not.

K1nsey6, avatar

30 years of DNC incrementalism has turned it into a right wing party. Small unnoticeable steps to the right


Nuh uuuuh, the conservatives keep telling me the left has become too radically left!

K1nsey6, avatar

Maybe left of them, but still right of Reagan


Fuck the Koch brothers. This is their doing and they need a swift kickto thee teeth

ripcord avatar

One of them has been dead for years


That may make the teeth-kicking less satisfying. It doesn’t make it any less necessary.

FlyingSquid, avatar

There’s always grave-pissing.


Grave shitting?

FlyingSquid, avatar

Whatever needs to come out at the time.


Oh boy, soupy, corn filled diarrhea it is. Won’t need no poop knife with that kind of shit coming out.


That sounds like his problem.

WashedOver, avatar

I think people need to realize this is more prevalent within the conservative religious circles than they realize. Beyond the extremes of the rapture that’s been coming any day for decades, they want set their world right once and for all.

When they throw around terms like battleready there’s a outcome where they get to kick in the heads of those they don’t like and don’t want to exist without due process.

They are going to end all that is wrong around them with brute force and finally do what those corrupt politicians, justices, police, and government workers won’t do.

They want to bypass anything that complicates their mob punishment. Trump keeps feeding these types as it’s useful for him to have them rattled and ready to go. The group think will not allow those stung by him to speak their truths against him. It’s not allowed.

He is the messiah chosen by God. You know the thrice married, adulterer with porn stars while the wives were pregnant role model the religious right have been looking for all this time.

Thank God they found him to help God save the day. God the almighty and all powerful needs a orange colored grifter loser to help God out on the mission.


woke G-men

Imagine being such a fucking fascist you think the FBI is “woke.”

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