Republicans will never stop trying to steal elections.

jordanlund, avatar

Neither Trump, nor his supporters, have any clue what it is they are to be watching for.

All the claimed video evidence was either people voting or election workers doing their jobs.


It’s not about watching. It’s about intimidation.

jordanlund, avatar

If they don’t know what they’re doing, it’s not very intimidating. Sad, borderline hilarious, yes.


And still very illegal.

osarusan avatar

It's not really hilarious if you're in one of the groups that is regularly targeted by them...

FlyingSquid, avatar

They don’t have to do much to intimidate. Such as stand right in front of the boundary line with a rifle strapped to their back.

DarkDarkHouse, avatar

They’re watching for “them”, as in “us versus them”.

Shalakushka avatar

It's intimidating because they bring guns and gangs to the polls.


No no, it’s easy. If they see any dark skinned, or democrat looking people vote, they know it’s voting fraud.


Remember back in 2020 when massive crowds of MAGAs were banging on windows and trying to get in while poll workers counted votes? That’s what he is trying to get his supporters to do on a nationwide level next year.


Trump doesn’t want them to watch for anything. He wants a bunch of skinheads with guns loitering around the polling places intimidating poll workers and people who want to vote. And when they break polling place security laws like getting too close and police come and arrest them (if they even do that and don’t just let them break the law) then they spread videos of, look we’re just monitoring but police are hauling us away, what are they hiding at this polling place? Or even better for Trump, violence and polling places getting shut down entirely. He just wants voter suppression and chaos.


So how do we tackle using speech that is technically ambiguous, but clearly meant to incite violence or stochastic terrorism?


Probably by demonstrating a pattern of behavior in a court of law.


Having courts overturn previous established restrictions on the first amendment by adding stochastic statements as a clear infraction the same way yelling Fire in a theater does.

Stop using ‘a reasonable man’ as a tool of politic when its one of the worst bullshit scapegoats ever for lawmakers who don’t want to define shit or step on people’s toes by directly calling out what’s unreasonable, insane, fascist, or plain stupid.


More voter intimidation tactics. Gee whiz who could’ve seen that coming…

ares35 avatar
Bridger, (edited )

Trump is going to get a bunch of his followers killed.


I don’t think they have the hardware for jilling.


Thanks for the heads up. Hilarious typo there…


I assumed you meant jailed


That is already happening

Blackout avatar

Is he going to dress up like the hamburgler and steal them himself? Cause that's the only watching I'll be doing.

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