Doesn’t matter what the headlines or the opinion polls say. Vote like democracy depends on it!

qwertilliopasd, avatar

I voted for that bowl of tapioca once and I’ll do it again.


I’ll likely vote someone else in the primaries though.


There will not be a primary


This is the problem, DNC is refusing to hold a primary and is hell bent on forcing one of the only dem candidates who can lose to Trump upon us.

This is mostly about Biden’s ego - he thinks his legacy requires 2 terms. But what of his legacy if he loses the election, and democracy, all at the same time?! It’s madness.

Call your reps. Call the whitehouse. Demand a primary be held so this Titanic can avoid that MASSIVE orange iceberg, because it’s dead ahead right now and we’re barreling towards it.


This is the modern tradition. He’s the incumbent. We need to support him. He’s already proven he can beat Trump by a wide margin.


Not sure if sarcasm or?…

Biden barely beat Trump in 2020. It was by 40k votes in 5 swing states, and the latest polling shows Biden down badly in those same states this time around.

Snap out of your delusion


Polls don’t mean dick. Please don’t repeat 2016.


People’s opinions when voting matter, and just cause you don’t want to think about 2016 and think this tiny bubble of influence is enough doesn’t mean it cant happen again. You need to have a plan and embrace reality. Biden is, in fact, in trouble of losing.


He won by 4.5%, seven million votes, and 70 delegates.

And Trump’s base is dying off.


Trumps base is NOT dying off. They and their kids are saturated with non-stop radical right wing propaganda all day long every day in their trucks, their barns, their shops. The youth are actively courted incessantly.


Trumps base is NOT dying off

Wonder what the effects of corona will show in this next election. And of course there are new GOP kids, but not nearly to the same extent as the other way around.


7 million?! This is a tragic misconception. Do you understand how the electoral college works? Trump LOST the popular vote to Hillary, and still won in 2016.

Biden won by a slim margin of 40k votes across 5 key swing states in 2020, all of which polling shows he is now losing to Trump. Polls also show he is down by over 10% nationally, which means he has no chance. He’s an incumbent who has dropped below 40% approval rating nationally…this means he has 0% chance of winning.

Open your eyes. Facts matter.


I don’t live in the US so I don’t have a horse in this race

But it just seems like half of the people here can’t qualify Biden’s successes (and why he’d be worth a second voting for again) and the other half are just scared that Trump is on his way back and therefore the Dems need to vote like crazy to keep him out, regardless of how lacklustre his current term was.

I’ll say it here: he lost the popular vote with his unequivocal support for Israel. As a self proclaimed Zionist, he chose Israel’s genocide of Gaza over Trump’s victory and too many voters are going to remember that over whatever he’s going to promise (which so far is nothing; his campaign so far is just reminding everyone that the other guy exists).

There’s no way Dems win this one, unless Biden cedes to a more worthwhile candidate.


I really don’t think Gaza will be a defining issue in the 2024 election. It’s already fallen out of the news cycle and Gaza city will be under full occupation by next Nov.

Trump, however, will be in the middle of taking a huge beating by all his court cases. There’s zero chance he ever gets more support than what he had last election. The best thing we can hope for is that the GOP puts him up for another election.

Both parties have the same issue right now. Both candidates don’t have great appeal. But there aren’t any Democrats that have an issue voting for Biden. He’s been fine as president. We don’t have to worry about him going off half cocked all the time. The party will fall behind him. The same can’t be said for Trump.


The populations of US and Canada have a memory of a frog, the people at large won’t remember a thing unless you blast in on repeat near election time.

Democrats will likely target abortion protection as it is a winning issue and message for them. Republicans might be hesitant to hold on to the Gaza issue for 10 months as it is so divisive and is best exploited when events happen, plus if pressed on what Republicans and some Democrats would do differently you’d get humming, hawing and platitudes.

If I were a US voter (I’m not) I’d try to look past any single event. Trump continuously stirred shit in the US and around the world and spent his time fellating dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un. His administration focused on separating families at the border, eroding net neutrality, give away money through tax breaks, ample amounts of loans that were forgiven, packing the Supreme court with cronies to twist the meaning of the Constitution. Biden on the other hand put people in charge to hold corporations and anti-competitive monopolies accountable for once, strengthen labour law, did everything in his power to reduce student debt, actually managed the Covid crisis and on and on. He did bung up a few things imo like how he handled the Iraq pullout and the rail strike but those were rough situations that I could at least still put a base amount of trust in him in the future not to fuck up too badly.

overzeetop, avatar

That’s quite the myopic view of US national politics. Biden can’t stop Netanyaho from performing escalatio on Gaza than he can force Macron to limit France’s trade coziness with China, affect the interaction between Pedro Sanchez and Catalan separatists, or require Erdogan to admit Sweden into NATO. He has influence, but he doesn’t hold veto power over a foreign leader.


Agree with that to some extent, But he obviously can denounce BB’s atrocities to say the least. The double standard between Ukraine and Palestine is sickening


Biden can simply stop the money flow and stop yelling WE SUPPIRT ISRAEL NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO!!!

There is no reason to support Israel in anything. There’s no value in it. It isnt even a functioning democracy (and neither are we for that matter).


Can you please explain the “isn’t even a functioning democracy” part? From my understanding it is a democracy, and their latest election got them a minority govt that had to go into coalition against their opposition. What makes it non-functioning?


It has no Constitution and has been punting on serious issues, leading to the entrenchment of the Nuttyahoo coalition.


LoL how many times has Bibi been outted but only for them to realize they had no replacement or structure on how to do anything about it and had to take him back now? What like 3 times now? Great government for the worlds largest museum for Abrahamic religions with guns.


That doesnt sound very functonal


That Biden can control Israel’s domestic policies is a false talking point promulgated by corporate media.


half of the people here can’t qualify Biden’s successes

People are happier running around bitching because it is far easier than taking the trouble to delve into the real news. The MSM is largely responsible for it. Biden has to continue aid to Israel because it is popular. What most people don’t see is his behind the scene work of getting Israel to the table instead of the launch button. Biden has been working through Qatar to get Iran and Hamas to back off, simultaneously rounding up support for a multinational force to enforce a border between Israel and Palestine while possibly establishing a two state solution with international teeth.


Of course they could lose them. They are senile and old. They probably lose all sorts of shit


Well past time for one of those historical shifts to a third party.

CharlesDarwin, avatar

…and their policies would be?


“Normal” and not a military empire would be a start.


Why would the Dems care? They know who it is that will protect their privilege and power for them when the working-class no longer buys their “centrist” bullshit - that’s why they spend so much time “reaching across the aisle” to naked fascism.


I get that people dont like that argument of Democrats also being bad especially when one party is very clearly in full support of fascism or dictatorship akin to kings put in power not by Divine Right but by Corporate Right.

But fuck me if they willfully ignore the fact that the Democrat party is now essentially the Republican party of years ago with their policy being, “Dont do anything”. So we sit still while they are in power to then roll backwards with the Republicans.

“But they try” i already hear the shouts. No. Some try. The party does not. Honestly i am pretty tired of upper class white people saying it’s better if we stay Democrat leadership because they are ok with stagnation as long as they are still comfortably higher up the ladder from drowning. I’d rather us all be miserable so maybe people can get their heads out of their ass, live in reality and realize that things really need fixing. Their bubble of checkmarks means nothing, and I’m tired of pandering to narcissist who insist the world is still about them instead of larger issues.

We need a third party, but we cant have that. So we need a change of power. Which wont be allowed either. So instead we rot and people say
“well it could be worse.”
Fuck you. It could be better.


A question to American Lemmy users: from what I can tell you are Democrats for the vast majority : would you consider voting for a Republican president if you aligned with his ideas, or if the Democrat candidate was an unredeemable piece of shit? The two party system makes zero sense to me because it doesn’t seem, at first glance, that they’re a huge overlap, people are not willing to go to the other side often, it seems. … what’s the point of having debates and stuff then?


So, the issue we see is that the republican party has often run democrats, and then had them flip to republican after election.

I don’t trust most democrats either at this point.


Oof, could you give an example? Not calling you a liar; I’m just a young person trying to catch up lol


If you’re looking at the Senate it’s actually the other way around in the last decade. With the house and other offices it’s much harder to say who does it more. I don’t think it’s any sort of conspiracy or playbook, just something that makes the news and sticks in people’s memory when it happens… It’s a betrayal after all.…/List_of_party_switchers_in_the….


Thanks! I didn’t think to search Wikipedia; that was really helpful :)


Christ. In 2023 there was 1 Republican who swapped to Democrat.

In the same year there was 12 Democrats who swapped to Republican.

Nope. No issue with the parties at all. Only one is clearly the problem for sure.


Synema and Manchin are the two biggest recent examples. They ran as dems but side with the GOP when convenient.

glacier, avatar

People who go online on sites like Lemmy to discuss politics are usually strongly in favor of one party over the other. However, not everyone who votes in elections is like that. There are many moderate or swing voters. Presidential elections in particular are decided by a few key swing states. There is also an expectation that the Congress and the Courts could be a check on each other and on the President, so sometimes people vote for a candidate that they don’t fully agree with. Debates aren’t always about which candidate or party has a more agreeable stance on the issues, but rather which issues are the most important.


There are no real moderates and swing voters are those who don’t pay enough attention to what’s going on to have an opinion on it. In reality, swing voters are ignorant.


I’m registered NPA. I think, generally, everyone should be represented. I have voted Democrat, Republican and independent. Although the past couple elections I have voted straight Democrat because the Republican party has seriously taken a fascist turn.


I’ve done it before. Aka ditched the GOP when they started worshiping a spray tan.


Before 2016 I was definitely in the camp of looking at both major parties as well as any third parties. I was voting for who I thought was the best despite whatever party they were in.

However, 2016 really opened my eyes to what the Republican party is. They are a party that isn’t allowed to have different ideas. You follow the party line and do what you are told or you will be kicked out. Even republicans I thought might have cared for this country would have taken a stance but they didn’t. They tucked their tails and bent the knee.

I will never ever vote for a Republican. I can see clear as day what they are now and it isn’t good. They aren’t able to hide who they are anymore.

You can have debates in the Republican party. You can in the democratic party. Which unfortunately makes the Dems a weaker party because it isn’t a cult you are allowed to have a different opinion. The democratic party is basically all the sane adults that are left. It’s not just the “left” anymore it’s those in the center or those who didn’t go far right with the Republicans. The Dems will spend the next year attacking each other and fighting within the party because they aren’t unified and told what to think by one leader. So not all Dems will turn out.

It seems voter like to dismiss everything the democratic party does if they don’t line up with them completely on every issue. The voters find one reason to vote for Republicans and ignore the rest of party line.


They aren’t able to hide who they are anymore.

It used to be all back room whispers and dog whistles from the top brass running the party until one guy shows up and says all the quiet parts out loud, and now the mask has fallen completely off


Yeah 2016 changed me from Green Party to Democrat, and literally the Green Party turned out to be taking bribes from oligarchs to cut votes. But that just makes me bitter. I dont have someone i want to vote for i just have a party i have to try and vote against.

It’s a miserable existence trying to compromise on everything you care about and let parties of rich assholes do whatever they want because you have no other choices other than stagnation or damnation.

The governing systems are so broken I almost just wish them to break entirely to get people who so comfortably ignore it to care but instead it will just hurt lots of people who apparently half of them desire it anyways as long as it hurts someone they think deserves it. Yay, we live in the middle ground of new mafias and shit conditions and crumbling society in a boiling planet. What a fucking joke.


I would absolutely vote Republican if they were just a bit to the left on abortions, education, and unions. Actually unions and teamsters would totally support Republicans if they weren’t openly hostile to them.

Right now they’re just different flavors of big government endlessly growing and I really think some libertarians need some wins to shake them up.


I agree, but want to add that we would need actual libertarians, not fascists calling themselves as such


The ones who actually run for office are less fascist and more incapable of actually running anything.


Do you have some examples? The term libertarian seems to me to have been hijacked by the far right for the most part, and I’d like to see there’s real libertarians out there


There IS some degree of factionalism within the two party system. It is much more pronounced in the Democratic Party. Ever since Reagan in 1980, the Republican Party’s factionalism became severely diminished. The Libertarians are kind of their most loosely held affiliation.

The primary system is largely designed help direct and influence the political platforms of the two parties. The two parties have made some significant pivots and switches over its history.

But far more importantly however: What has really happened is the Citizens United and lesser known Speechnow decisions by the US Supreme Court effectively legalized corporate buyout of the American electoral system.

And now we got fascists.

captain_aggravated, avatar

American politics didn’t used to be the polarized team sport it is now.

We’re seeing the ultimate culmination of the Southern Strategy: Get with the preachers who run those “god says hate the blacks” churches that the South is full of, pay them to say “God says vote the Republicans in so we can use the government to take it out on the blacks.” Fast forward 60 years, and take a look around.


It was certainly that, but people kept the nasty stuff quiet and pretended to be dignified. Now nobody hides that nonsense.


The two party system makes zero sense to me because it doesn’t seem

That’s because you haven’t seen it for what it is - a glorified “good cop/bad cop” routine.


More like “neutral cop/fascist cop who will do away with your right to the due process allowing you to talk to these cops in the first place”


More like “neutral cop/fascist cop

There is no such thing as a “non-fascist” cop - it literally comes with the territory.


Do you not know what a metaphor is? We aren’t talking about cops.


Actually, the metaphor works a bit better than you think. If there is no such thing as a cop that cannot not serve the fascist institution that employs them, it might just be true that there is no such thing as a politician that cannot not serve the interests that assures them their power and privilege.


Right now? Absolutely fucking not. In the past? No, probably not.


Before the Tea Party movement in the Republican party, yes I definitely could have been convinced to vote for a Republican candidate. I was actually intending to vote for John McCain for president because at that time in history, both parties really did still have their crazy branches, but the relatively rational adults who knew how to compromise for the good of the country still ran the show, and I was genuinely concerned that Obama didn’t have enough political experience to be president.

Then McCain nominated Sarah Palin for his Vice President. That was such a pandering, cowardly, caving to the will of the utterly ignorant, insane extremists in the Republican party move that I voted for Obama. And then the entire Republican party got so mad that a black guy was president that they collectively lost their whole fucking minds.

Republicans no longer want to govern. They want to break things and stay in power and that’s it. That’s their entire platform. There’s nothing to debate because they literally aren’t even trying to DO anything useful. Their entire political position right now is “do the opposite of what Democrats want.” They have nothing to vote FOR. People who vote Republican right now are doing so only because they’re voting against the bogeymen in their own heads.


That was John McCain’s single greatest mistake. Actually I’d bet it was the national GOP party that forced it. In any case, I really thought that they believed they found the magic sauce and could get both the Tea Party yahoos and the establishment as well.


As a gay person, let me rephrase your question:

Would you consider voting for the party of people who have always dedicated themselves to hating you and making you suffer as much as they can get away with legally?


The answer, unequivocally, is “Abso-fucking-lutely.” But, you phrased the question wrong because you assume that people that vote Democratic are Democrats. They are not. Something like 20-30% of people who vote exclusively or near exclusively Democratic consider themselves Democrats, whereas Republican voters are around 50-60% for their respective categorization.

This isn’t particularly strange if you think about the authoritarian vs anarchical political dichotomy these two voter bases lean to for more than a second. The real problem with that is that Republicans, as a general rule, would never align with socialist values. So, while technically they could, anyone that claims to be a Republican with my values is almost entirely likely to be lying.

But, you missed a big thing in American politics: The moderate voter. We have a large group of people who consider themselves moderate, for reasons that all range within the realms of apathetic ignorance to willful ignorance. These people have either no moral quandaries with either particular side, are general unaffected by politics in a way perceivable to them, or are people who lean one way but do have moral quandaries with that side. Debates between parties are for them, which is why it’s about presentation, media sound bites, and moderate views.

Anyway, hopefully that answers your question!


Within the Democratic party, there’s debate about how to handle climate change. There are people who advocate for slow, cautious changes and still see fossil fuels having a small role to play in the future. There are others within the Democratic party that want more drastic action, and make a huge government spending program to try to rapidly move the US energy to renewables (even naming it after one of the biggest US government programs made during the depression). That’s normal politics. And it’s all within the Democratic party.

The GOP mostly deny climate change exists. A few GOP members suggest that climate change is happening, but is a natural event not caused by man.

The recent house drama from the speakership battle was caused because 10 nutjobs didn’t want to fund any social programs and wouldn’t approve the budget. Most GOP compromised and made a TEMPORARY budget proposal that the Democratic reps would vote for. This caused the hardliners to remove the speaker. Because he had the audacity to compromise on a TEMPORARY budget.

Removing policy aside and just looking at behavior, many GOP members do not believe in compromising to get things done. There’s attempts to not hold elected officials accountable (unless they are from the other party). It’s very little cooperation and more retaliation.

A single GOP senator didn’t like that the US military would reimburse a servicemember’s travel for medical care if they lived in a state where some reproductive treatments weren’t available. This one senator has single-handedly denied 360 military promotions and nominations to military positions. The Senate has historically tried to make it where being the minority party still had some power, so the rules let this happen (the other GOP senators on this committee weren’t blocking, just the one guy).

The Democratic senators became so fed up they decided to change the rules to prevent a single committee member from blocking promotions. While most GOP senators publicly condemn this guy, many said this rule change was too much. So it looks like the rule change vote will be along party lines, although the #1 GOP senator has said it might be necessary to vote through to get the military back on track.

The last GOP senator really known for being reasonable and wanting to work collaboratively (McCain) died. He was respected by both parties until Trump came along, and now the GOP don’t really hold his legacy in high regard.

Sorry, a lot longer than I intended, but it’s a pattern showing no desire to try to govern effectively. Putting all issues of policy aside, I think it’s a bad idea to vote for the GOP.


The only issue with that summary is that the people who voted to remove the representative willing to compromise were the GOP nutjobs AND the entirety of the 208 DNC representatives that were present. While I’m sure they had some political reason (aside from the popcorn moments), they showed that they, too, weren’t going to help someone willing to compromise.


In what world did Democrats owe McCarthy anything? He backtracked on the debt limit deal he personally negotiated in the summer to try and appease the nutjobs, and on his commitment to require a vote by the full House of Representatives before launching an impeachment inquiry into Biden, proving himself unreliable, untrustworthy, and a slave to the whims of the extremist fringe in his caucus. He publicly stated that he did not want house Democrats to help him keep the speakership, never reached out to them once in the leadup to his ouster, and offered zero concessions to entice Democrats to vote for him. So why in the world is it Democrats’ fault that they didn’t vote for a backstabbing, untrustworthy, extremist lunatic that spit on them publicly and gave them nothing to entice their vote?

I’m sick and tired of the rhetoric that since Democrats are the responsible adults in the room, they have to bear responsibility for not bailing the GOP out of their own messes. How about we hold McCarthy responsible for not keeping his caucus under control, or the right wing nutjobs for voting like they have full control of the government instead of being the fringe of the fringe in a party that controls a single chamber in Congress?

elscallr, (edited ) avatar

One thing to note is for all our partisan noise, the USA is a nation of centrists. If either party would put up a candidate that didn’t pander to the extremes of their party they’d win in a landslide, but that doesn’t make for very good down ticket fundraising and that’s what it’s all about.

No Democrat or Republican gives any shit about the actual country. All they’re interested in doing is making themselves rich.


My problem is that since the first time I’ve been able to vote, the Democratic party has shown they don’t care about who the people may want. They will actively suppress whoever isn’t their chosen one. And there are cases where they fund ads for their crazy opposition instead of building a meaningful case for their candidate. I voted for Biden originally, and I will not vote for Trump now, but I need more than “vote for me because I’m not the other guy”, especially the second time around. If Trump wins, it’s because the Democratic party shot themselves in the foot. Party cohesion is made by leaders who listen to their constituents.


Uh… Haven’t we been screaming that Biden is a pretty bad candidate since he took office and begging him to not run for re-election?

This is a surprise to who?


I’m starting to think that loosing this election is the dnc’s plan.


It’s what the oligarchs want I suppose.


“we don’t want an octogenarian! We want a fascist orange septogenarian!”


I’m sure we can find a 50 year old white man that will allow the oligarchs to steal wealth from everyone! Why can’t we let them run!?


All by design.


Even Obama said Biden shouldn’t run in 2020, but when it seemed like Bernie Sanders would win, he put in the calls to get other candidates to drop and support Biden, who became the democrats’ only hope.


Voting for Biden or any Democrat is like voting for a car salesman. They’re there to sell you corporate bullshit. Voting for Trump or any republican is like voting for a used car salesman. They’re trying to sell you old non working pieces of crap or shitty russian knock offs.


To who? The convicted felon? Or maybe it’s that Florida governor who is pissed off the largest Media company in the world?


There is nothing in the rules that says a Felon can’t play basketball! I mean be president.

Grant_M, avatar

Slipping into fascism is a one way trip.

lorty, avatar

Maybe their strategy for getting votes could be something better than “the other guy is worse”.


That’s pretty much all they have.

Nobody has ever really been excited about Biden, and there isn’t a clear heir for the Dems either. Bernie is ancient, and while there’s a lot of love for AOC from the base, she’s perceived as too far to the left for the swing voters.

The Republicans are REALLY good at identifying potential threats early and attacking them. They did it with Hilary for decades, and they’ve already started with AOC’s generation. The only one they really missed since the 90s was Obama, but he pretty much came out of nowhere.

Fal, avatar

That’s pretty much all they have.

Except for all the good things biden has done.…/what_biden_has_done_year_three_year_…


But the sad reality is that doesn’t generate excitement.

And Trump was so bad that “He’s not Trump” legitimately is the best reason to vote for Biden no matter what his record is, so it’s hard to focus on the rest.

Nalivai, (edited )

That’s absolutely not true. Dems and Biden administration have a lot of good ideas, and they do a lot of good shit, genuinely good, important shit. The thing is, they are terrible at advertising it, and their good shit is not enough because the country deep in trouble, so probably they could do more, and they definitely need to do more. But to say that they don’t have anything is not only untrue, but also very dangerous


The Democrats need a guy in a baseball cap who just, totally gets you bro.


Sadly I think this country is so right wing, that they will literally vote for Adolf Hitler before letting a woman be in charge.

BeautifulMind, avatar

The article could have, but didn’t, make the point that our politics and the rhetoric surrounding it today serve the right by subverting faith in democracy, and by exhausting likely voters’ critical faculties:

Yesterday, David Roberts of the energy and politics newsletter Volts noted that a Washington Post article illustrated how right-wing extremism is accomplishing its goal of destroying faith in democracy. Examining how “in a swing Wisconsin county, everyone is tired of politics,” the article revealed how right-wing extremism has sucked up so much media oxygen that people have tuned out, making them unaware that Biden and the Democrats are doing their best to deliver precisely what those in the article claim to want: compromise, access to abortion, affordable health care, and gun safety.

One person interviewed said, “I can’t really speak to anything [Biden] has done because I’ve tuned it out, like a lot of people have. We’re so tired of the us-against-them politics.” Roberts points out that “both sides” are not extremists, but many Americans have no idea that the Democrats are actually trying to govern, including by reaching across the aisle. Roberts notes that the media focus on the right wing enables the right wing to define our politics. That, in turn, serves the radical right by destroying Americans’ faith in our democratic government.


There’s also the tendency for people to assign to the incumbent all of the problems that happen on his watch- at this point, even with material improvements for most people, it’s a hard sell to convince people that they’re better off when every bit of right-wing media is devoted to telling people they’re worse off and the mainstream media just both-sides it like there isn’t one party trying mightily to end American democracy.


Right wing media hasn’t eliminated the incumbent advantage.

Stop trying to trick people into thinking they want the Dems to weaken their position by officially showing the world that they don’t have full faith in our current president.

Unless you really just don’t realize…

BeautifulMind, avatar

Stop trying to trick people into thinking they want the Dems to weaken their position by officially showing the world that they don’t have full faith in our current president.

What the fuck are you talking about? Where did I say that?


IMHO, it’s the Billionaires destroying democracy.


Trumps been polling ahead for 2 months. Reminds me of 2016 again. Democrats are doing their best to lose in 2024.

81 year old dinosaur won’t step aside. 2 new wars and focus on identity politics


I agree, the 78 year old dinosaur with fascist desires is the better choice.


I never claimed he was. Get your head outta ur ass


Any vote other than for Biden is a vote for Trump. If the choice is between 99% Hitler and 100% Hitler you vote 99% Hitler full stop.

Look up project 2025. That’s where we’re headed if Trump doesn’t lose in a landslide.

samus12345, avatar
TwoGems, avatar

Ok so it starts with you. Volunteer with your local voting rights groups and get people registered to vote. Work their social media teams. Go to high schools and go register those turning 18. Voting rights groups are well known for this useful work.


I really appreciate your call to do something. I personally don’t think we can vote our way out of this, but we all need to do something. Anything. Whatever we can and feel called to do. This isn’t the dress rehearsal.

TwoGems, avatar

Well, maybe. If everyone hadn’t voted though in the last midterms etc. or even the most recent races, we’d be doing a lot worse now.


Democrat leadership has a severe communications problem. I’m not sure why they refuse to fix the disconnect.


Controlled opposition, weaponized incompetence


Because it’s not a communication problem any more than the GOP had a messaging problem some years ago.

You can’t communicate your way out of shit governance. Democrats just keep getting further and further out of touch with working class Americans.


It’s a good thing Republicans are better for the working class then. GTFO of here with this argument. Our federal gov has 2 ellectible parties, vote for the one that sucks less in the general. Anything else is voting for the Republican candidate.

I’m not a shill either, I fucking hate the democratic party, but I’m also not dumb enough to trash them to a point that I don’t fully support them in the election.


Sure that’s all well and good for a personal ethos POV, but traditionally the Democrat path to victory is to get more people to vote by energizing the voter base. So being out of touch matters immensely and simply not being Trump is not going to engage the people the Dems need to win.

It was never about Dems vs Republicans because Dems don’t win by making Republicans vote for their candidate, Democrats win when they can increase voter turnout.


federal decriminalization of cannabis would be a nice card to play in a year.

He said he would pursue it in Feb. 2021, part of me wonders if he is waiting to drop that bomb so it’s fresh in people’s minds come election time


Too bad that one party being much worse doesnt make the faults of the Democratic party untrue. They havent really been much for real democracy lately have they? They push candidates unfairly. Do back market deals to enrich themselves and keep seats of power. And all while actively help push extreme right wing electorates to make themselves look better.

If someone was murdering children and the other person raping them and we had to pick only one to be in charge of the daycare I’m not picking the murderer but im certainly not gonna sit by and ignore the fact that we are putting someone very wrong for a position in place and im gonna fuckinf raise hell about it.

You cant just say the other person is worse and expect people to just stop talking about the obvious faults that are apparent in your choice.



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