The whole point of things like this is to dilute the impact of the words being used. This way, when they get caught doing the exact same thing, it won’t seem “bad” in the eyes of their constituents.

It’s one of the reasons the GOP are pushing so hard to impeach Biden. So when people say that Trump was impeached twice, the MAGA crowd can just say “Yeah, so was Biden. So was Clinton. Presidents get impeached all the time. They never get removed. It’s all for political show anyway, it’s no big deal. The next guy will probably get impeached too.”

It’s why GOP politicians are trying to frame even minor incidents of protest as “insurrections” or “coups”. They know it sounds ridiculous. That’s the whole point. If you water down words like “insurrection”, “coup”, “sedition”, and “treason”, then the MAGA crowd can just say “January 6th wasn’t an insurrection. The country is still here. Quit calling every protest an insurrection. We’re not in the 1780s any more.”

Same thing with the RICO charges. Why do you think Miller and MTG were tweeting “RICO?”. Charge everybody with RICO charges and Trump being charged no longer seems like a big deal.

It’s a long term strategy. Make the idea of being charged with crimes just a normal part of the political process, and make everybody think it’s not that bad. That way, when they’re caught engaging in the corrupt acts they routinely accuse others of engaging in, it’ll be considered “normal” and “no big deal”, and make it almost impossible to remove them.


Boil the frog.

Just like we did with crony capitalist economy. It’s ok because it’s just the norm for those with capital to fuck over those without. No pitchforks required.


It’s a very insidious way to make the country more like Russia, where there’s so much propaganda there is no objective truth, words have no meaning, and rule of law of even more nebulous.


Well quite a few republican politicians in the pocket of Russia. Would make sense they learn their strategies.


Hypernormalization. Adam Curtis spoke about this in his documentary.


I have to watch that. Although it sounds like not a very happy watch when I’m already on edge all the time from current news.


Firehose of propaganda is one of the main weapons discussed in Foundation of Geopolitics.


It was just a little “light” treason!


“It wasn’t” -Ron Howard

Zombiepirate, (edited ) avatar

I offer as proof of your claim how Nunes kept calling things “drug deals” during the first impeachment because there was testimony that John Bolton and his moustache said he wasn’t going to be a part of the “drug deal” being cooked up in Ukraine (referring to the scheme to blackmail Zelenskyy).


Pretty typical. If they win then it is democracy in action. If they lose it’s a coup. Republicans don’t care about democracy, they want an autocracy.


They are fascists who want fascism


Accusation in a mirror (AiM) (also called mirror politics, mirror propaganda, mirror image propaganda, or a mirror argument) is a hate-speech incitement technique where one falsely attributes to one’s adversaries the intentions that one has for oneself and/or the actions that one is in the process of enacting.


Also known as projection, but I think projection requires that it is unintentional.


The Repubs are sad that their gerrymandered maps are going to be tossed in the trash can and are throwing a little temper tantrum. That’s all there is to this.


Here is a thing conservatives looooove to say:

“Elections have consequences”

Zombiepirate, avatar

They also, until recently, loved saying “your side lost, get over it.”


But it was all peachy keen though when the legislature gutted the governor’s powers a few years ago after the people got rid of Scott Walker, right?



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  • ButtholeSpiders, avatar

    That will eventually be their go to for dealing with others, making it a norm will make the public question when aren’t officials projecting?

    They want to numb the public to the point we stop paying attention, the sad thing is for a large part of the population, it works. Like parenthood, there needs to be repercussions, otherwise why not lie?


    Republicans can go fuck themselves.


    Imagine how much better everything would be if they just like, shut the fuck up and accepted losses.

    blanketswithsmallpox, (edited )
    blanketswithsmallpox avatar

    Graceful losses and being humble when wrong is a lost concept on them, and a lot of people besides.

    An entire party of ❄️s when called out, but all they do is weaponize the hypocrisy lol. It's easier to just point it out quickly then move on. Just to prime any readers who might have a margin of sanity.


    With jaw-dropping force.


    Ah yes, the strategy of saying “you used your legal right to vote, therefore you are a terrorist” to voters.


    Is this just gonna be the norm from here on out? It is, isn’t it? Fuck, we are so fucked on…everything, basically.

    ArtVandelay, avatar

    I’m convinced the Republicans are trying to water down the definition of coup, so that way when they are convicted of it, as they rightly should be, it already has a much less severe definition in the common lexicon.


    You voted against me? That’s a coup!

    Yeah, we just “voted” against Biden on January 6th, thats all, I swear!


    That’s what they’re doing with “pedophile” as well


    It’s not a fucking coup IF IT WAS VOTED FOR BY A MAJORITY you fuckwit


    Dude, she’s a conservative. We’re lucky she could write an email.


    You’re assuming she didn’t have her underpaid assistant write it for her.


    The assistant is getting paid with tangible currency? I thought they “paid” with experience?

    LazyM11, (edited )

    Well after what happened and what people call a “coup” eh it’s all bs


    As always the GOP accuses the democrats of things the GOP is guilty of.


    Yeah. Didn’t the republicans change rules to oust the former liberal chief supreme Court justice that the rules stated would be the longest tenured or oldest member of the court? Now the liberal members take it back.

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