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This seemed to be popular information when I posted it (ahem) “elsewhere”. Thought it might be welcome to have here.

If you’re trying to keep track of where we’re at in the Trump prosecutions:

Updated 7/27/2023

January 6th Federal Investigation
Investigation <- You Are Here
(Trump has been sent a “Target Letter” indicating he is under investigation and has been given until July 20th, 2023 to appear before the grand jury.)

Georgia - Election Interference
Investigation <- You Are Here
2 new grand juries impaneled 7/11/2023.
Indictment - July 11th to September 1st.
(Grand Jury work expected July 31 to Aug. 18)

New York State - 34 felonies, Stormy Daniels Payoff
Arrest <- You Are Here
Trial - March 25th, 2024

Florida - 40 felonies, Federal documents charges
Arrest <- You Are Here
3 new felonies added 7/27/2023.
Trial - May 20, 2024

Other grand juries, such as for the documents at Bedminster, have not been announced.

The E. Jean Carroll trial for sexual assault and defamation where Trump was found liable and ordered to pay $5 million before immediately defaming her again resulting in a demand for $10 million is not listed as it’s a civil case and not a crimimal one.


Thanks for the summary!


74 felonies. How big of a health bar does this boss have.


Any of the rest of us would have been in a jumpsuit and jail cell a long ass time ago.


Wheels of prosecution turn slowly. Normal people wouldn’t be imprisoned yet, either.

Federal trial dates are typically 12-18 months after indictment in the US.


I think what everyone is saying is that the indictments would have happened much sooner.


That I can definitely agree with


Us plebs would’ve also been jailed pending trial. Meanwhile, this dipshit is still getting on planes and spreading disinformation with zero accountability. With 70 felony indictments, he’s still one of the most free people in the country.

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If Trump was black, the cops would have killed him by now.


If the left had sacked the capitol, a state of emergency would have been declared, a widespread and indiscriminate arrest and detainment of thousands of people tagged as ‘leftists’ would have occurred, and we would have been under martial law.


California would have been preemptively nuked.


Thanks i appreciate the you are heres


By “rock Trump world” I think they meant make absolutely no difference to anyone wrapped in right wing propoganda blankets. Tuning in last night it was about how the left is “grasping at straws” going after the poor “janitor”


Was going to post almost the exact same comment. This changes literally nothing for about 20% of the country. If anything, they will just double, and triple and quadruple-down on him being a martyr and these are all politically motivated charges.

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More like 43% of the Republican voters.


Republicans represent roughly 1/3 of the registered voters. 43% of that would represent roughly 15% of the entire country.


This breakdown of voters should be included in every disclaimer on ever poll that’s comes out online, in the news, or on the radio. That’s not a small number of people, but it is a SIGNIFICANT minority and the country needs to not be held hostage by 15% of the population.


Totally agree and this is where our low voter turn-out really kicks us in the ass. These MAGAts vote and vote often. They might “only” represent 15% of voters, but if their rate of voting is 2X what other groups are, then they could easily represent 30% of the actual ballots cast. That is easily enough to swing elections in their favor… and all because regular folks are too lazy to go vote.


"Regular folks are too lazy," to stand in line for hours, or were blocked by shitty regressive laws to block student votes, or their polling place was changed twice in a year, or any other of the myriad cheating mechanisms regressives have baked into the system.


Yup…that sucks. But the military taught me “no excuses.” We need to outlast, out organize, and out fight them. Volunteer to help - Teri Kanefield (she’s on mastodon) has some incredible tips - Obama calls it Citizenship.


It's not an excuse. Ignoring the systemic problems and blaming individual people who have literally no control is an abuse tactic, so it makes sense that would be the military's MO.

On a personal level, I operate the same way you describe. I do what I need to do, and I burn the energy and time and money that it takes to make that happen. But I have the choice to do so, and not everyone does.

Use the energy that would otherwise go to lambasting tired, poor, and overworked normal people and instead direct the anger at the people making us pay out the nose to have access to the basics, including the time needed to vote.


You’re both right. I can’t demand someone working two jobs to take a bus across town and wait in line for two hours with their kids to vote, even if I think I would find a way to make it work. But if you have to take an hour of pto to vote, make plans, whatever level of reasonable effort and don’t just because it’s as hard as doing your taxes? Too bad, democracy isn’t supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to mean every citizen’s needs are acknowledged. Keeping yourself informed is hard and frustrating and if you can do it that’s the price.

When you brush off your civic duties because someone else will do them you have to deal with the consequences of someone else having done them or not


Couldn’t have said it better.


Spoken like someone who has never voted because the reality is that the vast, vast majority of voting goes perfectly smoothly and is accomplished within a few minutes. But by all means continue to talk out of your ass and simply regurgitate the usual bullshit endlessly reposted on Reddit and Lemmy.


I vote every time I'm able, but sure, go off.

It doesn't matter what I do as far as voting, because my area is gerrymandered to such a degree that even my relatively left leaning area goes to a republican most of the time. We are vastly outnumbered in statewide and national elections. But I vote anyway. The voting is smooth here because they don't give a shit because it's all be rigged for over a decade via the legislature.

The places where voting is NOT smooth tend to be the places where republicans used to win, now have trouble, but don't quite have the power base to gut the whole thing, so they just add layers of complexity to shave off democrat votes in hopes they'll get enough to make it permanent.

Stop trying to act like this giant country, with 50 different ways of handling elections, is somehow a one size fits all, and that any failure is the lowest, least influential peoples' fault.

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And yet, they keep winning congressional seats and Mayoral races. I wonder why that is… /s


Because they VOTE. While regular people will use any excuse to skip out of going to the polls.

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I’m not sure that’s the entire reason.


If this is going to be some conspiracy theory nonsense, then you can just go ahead and keep it to yourself.

Politics isn’t quite easy, but it isn’t really that difficult either. It’s kind of like sports - you get the most points you win.

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Oh, no conspiracy, just actual Republicans found guilty of illegal gerrymandering, while also applying all kinds of tactics for voter suppression. If Politics is like sports, some of the Republicans are cheating.


I wasn’t sure where you were going to go with this. No one is saying that gerrymandering doesn’t exist, but even in most of the most heavily gerrymandered districts, Dems could win if only enough of them would get off their asses to vote. When HALF the country doesn’t show up, upping your numbers by even a small amount can swing elections where Republicans like to stack the cards on their side. This is especially true on mid term years where Dems are notorious for not showing up, so they lose representation in Congress.


Thank you very much for the very easy to digest explanation of his multiple investigations. We are living through an absolutely insane time


Did they really though? One extra guy caught up in all this, but it’s just sort of par for the course for Trump world. They’ll just keep denying, deflecting, and calling out the “Biden Crime Family”. I’ll believe Trump world is thoroughly “rocked” if/when Trump goes to prison.

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  • NounsAndWords,

    and I have no horse in that race as I’m not an American

    You are seriously underestimating our ability to fuck up the whole world.


    They actually really love their martyrs in that group. At this point, Trump has probably outlived his usefulness as an active politician in the GOP and he’s much more useful to the party as a symbol and a martyr (assuming he can’t steal the 2024 election). He’s their new Ronald Reagan, the standard that new GOP leaders and faithful are judged against. Their new slogan may as well be WWTD? (What Would Trump Do?), because that’s how they’ll frame everything for the next decade or two.


    That's no different than it is now

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    Trump world sounds like a rough theme park.


    Trump world. Come to spend all your money for nothing in return and also get sexually assaulted!


    And if you try to tell anyone you were sexually assaulted, be prepared to have your family threatened with violence.

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    .. And I'll I got was this lousy t-shirt.


    There’s a fun form you can fill out where you get to make the park owner money and go to jail for them as they sit back and laugh at your stupid volunteer work


    There’s a roadside attraction I drove past recently in the northern part of Michigan called trump land. Had signs and shrines on both sides of the road. I truly do not understand how people can be that batshit insane and still be allowed in civilized society.


    The Democrats are in the process of re-electing him. It’s happening before our eyes.



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    So your dad already supported him? Because he can’t vote for him more than he already would have.


    His dad is going to break three pencils marking the ballot instead of his usual two.


    Well, given pretty much all voter fraud found was Trumpies trying to vote for him multiple times the dude's dad can certainly try. Probably fail, but try


    ah this is the theory that we should just let him stage coups, pilfer classified docs, and commit crimes without any impediments because his insane (literally) base doesn’t care and will vote even harder than they would have voted. OK. Yeah, I see your point.


    I think he’s getting down voted because it seems like they are suggesting that we don’t pursue criminal charges just because he’s a rich political figure. And running for office is an excuse for not pursuing charges just because they are a popular choice for some. Especially the since the evidence that is out there seems to be very strong and compelling… And that’s just the public info.

    Public servants (police and such) and political figures should be held to a higher standard not a lower standard, regardless of what political side they are on. And the rich and powerful should be held to an equal standard as the poor.


    “Should be.” Cool idea.


    We’re still paying the price of pardoning Nixon, that’s what all this is

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    How does this make any sense?


    This site has a pretty good and easy to understand listing of the different cases and their progress:

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