Link to the video for anyone else who struggled to find it hidden in the article:


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Bumping this up for visibility


Any non-Twitter alternative?


Those replies remind me why I block Twitter on my router.



oof that was bad…hadn’t been there since Space Karen took the wheel.


You know what, maybe I should go back to using Twitter links now that you can’t see the replies anymore…


Reading the replies was a mistake


Ouch… you weren’t kidding. And I knew that, but I did it anyway. Shame on both of us I suppose, lol.


How in the world could someone’s naked picture be public domain? Just wondering and asking since you mentioned the Twitter comments.


Well twitter’s rage bait algorithm pushes the right wing trolls to the top (I saw one guy called colarado"““researcher””" was so butthurt he made like 8 replies posting boomer memes) but if you load in more replies there is tonnes of people making positive comments and are getting a lot of likes.


Quite possibly one of the greatest campaign ads I've seen. It's just too perfect.

@GladiusB@lemmy.world avatar

It’s extremely intelligent. Using the other side’s words against them. Not only that, he never said a single word in it. Just actions. In a cinematic context it is a great way to tell a story without having to tell the audience.

And not a single dig on the other side. Classy.

@PaulDevonUK@lemmy.world avatar


I hate Twatter so here is an NBC video timestamped to the start. The rest of the show is just Joe talking.


You are the hero that we don’t deserve. Except for me, I totally deserve you ;)

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But wait, it goes even deeper

Here is the yewtu.be link so you don’t have to deal with actual YouTube yewtu.be/f5cAap8pol0?t=70


So that last link just landed me on the search page, and I decided to lookup “poop head”, and this is what I got. I’m not disappointed.


When I click it, it just goes to the homepage.


It did for me, too, so I poked around a bit. If i search for just the YouTube video identifier (don’t know the technical term) it brings up the video on yewtube , so this should work:


(It doesn’t seem to like the time appended to the end)


That worked! I love all these YouTube alternatives, I’ll crawl through the mud to use them lol

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You mean Xwatter

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I’m so confused. Who could possibly think these are bad things?

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Someone who was paid to read things written in English phonetically without understanding what the clumps of syllables actually mean.


The fact that you’re confused by this just means that yor brain is working correctly.

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The GOP, nazis, kkk, Christians, business people. The list goes on, but you hopefully get the point

donuts avatar

Meet the Republicans!

@YoBuckStopsHere@lemmy.world avatar

If you say people and companies are ‘woke’ then you hate all these things.


I wonder if we could get right-wingers to brand themselves as “Napsters” because they’re not “woke”.

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The irony is that the same people twenty years ago were telling everyone to wake up.


Shake up weebles!


Weebles are only meant to wobble. Do not shake the weebles. They will become frightened.

Frog-Brawler avatar

20?!? I remember the “wake up sheeple” being quite prevalent during the pandemic.


Yea, the lack of judo flipping these things culturally always surprised me. Seems so easy to do but nobody does it. These groups rely on strong actions, behaviors and beliefs. That’s why when one does it they all have to. Like flying flags. Culture jam and gas light them about their identity would be the funniest thing. Take that one idiot that harasses target stores over lgqtb. There is nothing that stops people from also making memes of him reinforcing things like respecting each other and other cool messages to treat LGQTB community with love


when your entire ideology is based on opposition to what the people you hate are in favor of, well…

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Key & Peele covered this pretty well


i have somehow never seen this before. lmao. the dude cutting his tongue off was amazing

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You might like the series of Luther, Obama's anger translator skits they did.


I loved this bit and how accurate and hilarious it still is. But must admit I’m a huge fan.

Especially ‘Luther’ the Anger Translator had me in stitches. Just rewatched and still laughing after all those years.


Dude cutting off his tongue was too much


The upbeat background music is killing me in this video, but I also can't help but think that MGT is saying these things with a positive voice inflection. Like, this isn't the wind-up to a "AND THIS IS BAD" shoe being dropped at the end of her cadence. I'm fully surprised at how benevolent her tone of voice is here in describing anything about Biden given her other howler-monkey tendencies.


I detected a hint of sarcasm / sneer in her tone at “urban problems”, but yeah, she really lacks any self awareness at all.


Yeah I could definitely tell that "urban problems" was supposed to be a racist dogwhistle


This is the exact suggestion I saw posted around here when news of the speech was shared. You love to see it


I’ll donate to whatever PAC wants to run this ad on TV in MTGs district nonstop during the next Presidential election.




First post on Lemmy that I’ve bookmarked. That was amazing. How dare Biden do all those things that would benefit average Americans? What an asshole!

Let’s go Dems.


Be careful. She might run for president.

@YoBuckStopsHere@lemmy.world avatar

AOC vs MTG 2030


In a PPV cage match!


Need to bring back MTVs Celebrity Deathmatch


i’d vote for aoc for president before 99% of congress, but i hate to say i think mtg would destroy her in an actual fight. so in the interest of preventing mtg from putting a dub on the board, i’m gonna have to vote against this idea


AOC was a bartender in NYC I wouldn’t count her out. MTG belongs to the church of CrossFit so unless AOC is a tire my money is on the New Yorker

Fazoo, (edited )

The campaign of screeching into the void.

Edit: Don’t worry, easily offended denizens. Marj will bring you unsolicited dick pics to brighten your disposition.


mtg’s campaign will be screeching into the void. aoc’s will be shouting badly needed economic reforms into the void. there’s a difference.


What hellscape of a country have we become that we’re holding a presidential in election in what was supposed to be a midterm year, everything else checks out.


Let her. Conservatives would never let a woman be President.


Only video I could find on the ad campaign and it was from a news source from Australia, smh.



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I absolutely hate these links about videos without a clear area where the actual video is.


@Emu@lemmy.ml avatar

They don’t post the video because it will lose them clicks and they dont want to promote other content. It’s pathetic and I agree. Even the page has 2 videos in it but nothing related to this.


I had to click a link to another article that had the link to the video on Twitter 🙄



You da real MVP


I’ll be honest I did not watch MTG’s speech, and I don’t know the full context. But I don’t understand how that stuff is supposed to sound negative. She actually wrote that down and had someone proofread it and no one said “actually, this kinda makes it sound like he’s doing good things”


Republicans do not care what people like you think, because you are “socialists” trying to “destroy America”.


A lot of conservatives hate LBJ and think FDR was the beginning of the end. After all, conservatives have been trying to tear down the New Deal since it was implemented.

@RufusFirefly@lemmy.world avatar

Actually, Reagan and his trickle-down economics was the beginning of the end.


It looks like her words were “taken out of context” and reassembled to produce that gem. I very much doubt those words were just how she strung them together when she spoke them herself


Some Republicans genuinely think FDR was a bad president and the social programs he created were bad. They’re also the ones that like Reagan.


Yesterday there was that link on the black mayor that the town wouldn’t recognize. One of the passages was about him get free food for the poor in his town and the white rich folks trying to sabotage it, as if feeding hungry people was a bad thing.


Serfs need to be on the edge of starvation in order to work for low wages.

@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

While they themselves benefit from social security, Medicare, and union benefits.

I don’t understand these people.


My dad: Unions are what’s wrong with this country. I do everything I can to undermine them in the workplace.

Also my dad: They’re abusing the workers! I can’t even get a day off when I’m deathly ill without getting fired. Why won’t anybody stand up for us?!

Don’t even get me started on healthcare. He’s a diabetic. You’d think it’d be a priority for him.


Oh fuck yea. Mines on disability and Medicaid but anything about free healthcare is “communism”. I feel ya.


Sometimes there is hope. My dad was a lifelong conservative. I remember being brought by my parents to anti abortion rallies as a small child. When he got out of the military and joined a civilian job he realized it was dramatically under paid. He then became essentially the founding member for the largest EMS helicopter pilots union… Yes, EMS helicopter pilots used to be paid crappy wages. It took his fight for their benefits and creating a new union to realize that the conservative Republicans were screwing over the working class by manipulating them with social issues like abortion (he has since changed his stance on this as well). My mom on the other hand is still very stuck in her conservative ways while living off of social security, military pension and benefits from my dad’s retirement, and other social programs that help senior citizens; all while still complaining that she doesn’t have enough money and the costs of things being too high.


Or my uncles who’ve all retired with union pensions…


Was talking with a guy the other day about healthcare, I didn’t start the conversation, he kept saying who’s going to pay for it. I couldn’t get him to understand it’s two fold, you already do, and you won’t be paying as much as you are now with Medicare and insurance.


People keep voting for Republicans although Republicans are pretty clearly against any sort of progress and without any sort of critical thinking skills. Let the roads and hospitals and schools fall apart, the only things we need in life are Churches and Retail stores, let everything else burn.

@Chatotorix@lemmy.world avatar

The context is that she adds the word “socialism” to it. You know, making him sound even cooler.


i wish he was half as cool as they make him sound


What was she trying to say? Surely she didn’t mean to come off so complementary.


“Socialism bad. Biden doing socialism = Biden bad”

Of course, this only makes sense if the people you’re speaking to all agree that helping our nation’s citizens in any way is a bad thing


Probably something about the evils of socialism.


She’s speaking to those who get all their “news” from alt-right sources. But if you haven’t been paying attention to alt-right media, none of this will make sense.

I’m not sure it’s an effective campaign strategy, because as we’ve seen, the broader public doesn’t understand the intended message behind these convoluted narratives. And the people who do understand them were never going to vote for a democrat in the first place.


I bet half the views are bots. Can bots watch a video? if yes, change my mind

@YoBuckStopsHere@lemmy.world avatar

Half the views might just be me laughing how on brand it is for ‘Dark Brandon’


me too, i’m somewhat of an anarcho-bidenist myself /s


MTG is the poster child of the GOP/Nazi party. Such an ignorant scum bag.



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  • teuast,

    the jewish space laser does mind control now? i thought it was just for starting wildfires!


    Site doesn’t work properly in my country, anyone got a youtube link to the video?


    Non-Twitter mirror: streamable.com/hs4hxp

    @Grant_M@lemmy.ca avatar

    Brilliant! Dark Brandon kicking ass on malarkey 😎


    Thanks! I had heard about this and went to the linked article above hoping to actually see it without having to deal with twitter.


    Nah that would have made too much sense - you need to click on just the right in-text hyperlink to find it

    Fwiw thehill.com/…/4104701-biden-shares-video-of-marjo…

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