Whew CNN eh? That’s not great.


CNN has not learned anything.


If Biden s team doesn’t demand trump be completely muted during Biden s time AND have the cameras cut only to Biden then they’re fucking up


CNN learned everything they ever needed to learn during The Gulf War. They learned that if shit goes off the rails then people watch as much as they can. It’s in their financial interest to keep things off of the rails.

FuglyDuck, (edited )
@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

“Go change your diaper. I can smell your shit from here.”

“Sorry, the bronzer market still hasn’t recovered in DC.”

“You suck so bad at golf you have to cheat.”

“Oh shut up.”

Only way I’m actually watching is If Biden gets lippy. It this is going to be such a fucking shitshow Biden shouldn’t do it.


Yup constantly bring up his rapes and frauds he committed and still commits. Make fun of him for scamming his followers constantly. Bring up that he stole money from a cancer charity at least three times.

@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

Even if Biden does (and he won’t because there’s some sort of moral high ground or something,)

The people that need to hear it won’t. They only watch conservative outlets and will only get the 3-syllable-gotchas of Trump mocking Biden and call it a “win”.


3-sylla whatsits? You gotta slow down with those big lettery words.


I really hope Joe just comes out and name calls like Trump always has.

“Hey Sleepy Don, I heard you’ve been falling asleep in your felony trial in New York. Very low energy. Sad”

Fight fire with fire baby

@khannie@lemmy.world avatar

I would honestly pony up money to see that.


He’d probably win over some of the knuckleheads if he did it tbh


How long do they think the defense portion of his first trial will last? Will his defense be like “we will give you the list of our witnesses on Nov 10th, no sooner.” If not, could Trump be convicted before the debate?


At this rate, he’ll be convicted before the end of the month.


Na, the prosecution started on April 15th, cut witnesses, and tried to go as fast as it could. Trump loves slow walking everything, so it will be longer than the prosecution, putting closing statements beyond June 15th.


According to reports I’ve seen recently, Trump has no defense witnesses. If that’s true, all that’s left is closing statements and jury instructions. There be more motions, sure, but merchan doesn’t seem likely to be generous with delays at this point.


Can we stop giving Trump a platform please?

@Rutty@sh.itjust.works avatar

I think 1/4 to 1/2 of the American public disagrees.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think we should ever speak his name or acknowledge his existence kinda like shunning and the Amish.


I put up social media filters to make sure I don’t ever see anything about the Amish or the content they post - I think it’s working and I haven’t had to fiddle with it in years.


Maga -make Amish great again!


I don’t understand your train of thought. There’s absolutely no way he shows up. This is only good for Biden.


The last time trump showed up to a debate he was hopped up on steroids and proceeded to have a near meltdown on national TV. There’s a very good argument to be made that that performance was a not insignificant part of why Trump lost in 2020.

I for one cannot wait for Biden to goad him into an apoplexy of rage onstage with, hopefully, intervention by secret service. All Biden has to do is suggest trump isn’t very smart and hell spend the rest of the time fuming and making himself look like a moron.


I want biden hopped up on amphetamines and absolutely verbally slamming the shit out of trump for an hour. Full dark brandon. Nothing else is worth watching.




Steroids is the typical treatment for mild to moderate covid symptoms. Trump tested positive for covid three days before the debate. The fucker was feeling run down so he loaded up on steroids which made him more bonkers than usual and proceeded to spew covid all over everyone in Cleveland.


I don’t know that the type of steroid you treat a COVID infection with is the same type of steroid that makes you feel things

@Ipodjockey@lemmy.world avatar

June 27th is Dementia Live!

Who will shit themselves first?! The odds of a stoke on live television have never been higher! Witness the long anticipated rematch of two rich geriatric white men pretending to represent the concerns of ordinary people! What insane lie will they tell next?!

The Conman and the War Criminal. You have to see it to believe it! This is definitely the last time this happens before one of them dies! Don’t miss out!


Biden is not exactly “rich”, with a total net worth of about $10 million, mostly due to two homes he’s owned for decades. He and his wife’s AGI is about $580,000 - in line with an upper middle class doctor or lawyer.

Regarding Palestine, Biden is undeniably the better choice when it comes to supporting Palestinians. It’s not hard to imagine what Trump would have done given his sentiment that Israel should “finish the job”.

@Ipodjockey@lemmy.world avatar

I’ve heard this sentiment from many other people, and I understand where you are coming from. Six months ago I would have said the same.

But, I can’t stomach it anymore. I saw a video yesterday of Palestinian boy the same age as my youngest. He was screaming in frustration because his family is dying of thirst. The innocent rage on his face and the tears of hopelessness were like a punch in the gut.

What Israel has done to Palestine and is currently doing is evil. Straight up Nazi-like genocide and ethnic cleansing. They have concentration camps… It’s fucking awful. And the bombs that are killing those babies are paid for with our taxes and labor. And we can see it happening in real time, they aren’t even trying to hide it.

Biden might not say the quiet part out loud, but the billions of dollars in weapons he is sending to Israel will “finish the job” just the same. He is a war criminal funding genocide. Neither is an ethical choice. I’m choosing to do what I can to tear the system down and vote third party until it gains traction. Or till a civil war breaks out. Fuck the fear mongering trying to force a political binary, fuck both parties.

10 million net worth is still rich by my personal definition. Biden also controls immense political capital which is another form of wealth.

Anyways, I’m obviously a little heated about this, but hopefully I’m making some rational sense.


If you would have voted for Biden, and you’re choosing not to vote or you vote third-party, you are effectively voting for Trump. That’s the worse choice, ethically.

You are not giving a rational argument - you are describing a course of action that will result in the less moral outcome.

@Ipodjockey@lemmy.world avatar

If both candidates are morally reprehensible and the political elite refuse to give the voters better options. Then revolution and overthrow of the government is the only ethical course of action available.

I think you are describing a path of political damage control, but I am of the opinion that the political parties are two sides of the same right-wing coin. A vote for either results in our rights being stripped away to benefit the wealthy class. It’s just a matter of speed and approach. Also, there is an argument to be made that minorities are already living under severe state oppression and to uphold the system as is only benefits the white majority.

At some point I have to pull the moral rip cord and stop participating in a immoral system as much as possible. Otherwise I am just an enabler.

I think there is better way to run human society and I don’t think the American Republic as is has a path towards that.

I think we might be the bad guys…


Apathy/“checking out” is an intended consequence of amped-up propaganda. In Russia, it’s deployed so the “ruling elite” have even less oversight.

To make things better, you have to help steer - saying you’re not going to participate unless everything is perfect nullifies your impact.

And, to be sure, “burning it down” will almost certainly not result in things aligning to your moral stance - opportunistic, evil actors thrive in chaos.


I know that some people dislike watching old guys for 90 minutes, but you could always hit a Stones concert.


I see no meaningful information coming out of this and mostly think it is going to depend on the moderator and if they do their job and/or try to be “unbiased”. And trump will likely pull out for no apparent reason.

That said: I still think it is a good idea. One of the “debates” last time REALLY “hurt” trump’s strongman schtick. I forget which one it as, but trump started another Hunter Biden attack. And Joe seemingly thought he was referring to Beau and tore into the orange shitstain. **And trump backed down. **

It was bassically exactly what Democrats should be doing across the board. Show “decorum” because that is what “moderates” like. But the moment a line is crossed? You smack them down and make them acknowledge they ain’t shit.

@jordanlund@lemmy.world avatar

The Trump voters won’t care who wins.
The Biden voters will never change to vote Trump.
“Undecided” voters aren’t choosing between Biden and Trump, they’re trying to choose between voting and not voting.


The Biden voters will never change to vote Trump.

Setting aside a bunch of people in Dearborn, Michigan.


This is what hurt Venezuela and is what’s hurting America.

Both sides had been playing by the rules for the longest time.

Then one side went rogue.

And the other side continued thinking that they could handle the situation “with decency and decorum.”

All while the other side encroached in, just like the bully pushing the kid off his chair, inch by inch, second by second, and all the kid does is yell “hey could you please not?” instead of elbowing the motherfucker in the stomach.

And then, you have what you have today.

You can’t play nice with those types.

Biden needs more of calling Trump a clown, and saying “would you shut up, man?” next time. It’s the only way to put them in place.


This is fucking stupid. There is nothing to be gained by platforming Trump.

@Badeendje@lemmy.world avatar

Money… ad dollars… a lot of em for CNN.


NO! FFS idiot DNC consultants are going to fuck this up again.

From the same people that foisted decades of republican-lite candidates on us.


Why? Didn’t it work last time?


Did it? I don’t know if that debate last time change anyone’s mind. I know liberals and leftists were horrified at how Trump behaved, but they already were horrified at how he behaved. On the other hand I know conservatives personally who thought Trump showed he was strong in that debate whatever the fuck that means.


So what you’re saying is that this debate won’t change anything either? I’d be okay with that. But it surely will be entertaining.


It can ONLY hurt Biden.

It will ONLY hurt Biden.


This is just basic post-2016 common sense.


Debating Trump will hurt Biden?



Nope. It will help Biden.

We don’t need to go back to 2016, when 2020 was there.


Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t wrestle with a pig; you’ll just get covered in shit, and the pig likes it”?

It’s an expression for a reason.


It’s not like Biden hasn’t debated Trump in the past.

What are you all on? Get off the internet for 24 hours and smell the fresh air outside.


It's been pretty obvious Trump is going to win again for at least six months now, but just like in 2016 the DNC marches us towards our mass graves.


Trump lost the last elections while being a sitting president. Why do people keep forgetting that?


Are you on drugs? There’s no way he wins.


I desperately wish I had your optimism and conviction.

I hope he doesn’t, but…


He won’t. The majority doesn’t want Trump. And I know… electoral college and shit - but people has wised up. That’s why Trump lost last time, and will lose again next time.


IDK, I think it’s going to be very close. Quite a few people I know who disliked Trump over Biden in the last election now favor Trump. Many are in demographics you wouldn’t expect. Most never vote though.

Trump is doing slightly better in the polls than Biden: projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/…/national/

People’s money are on Trump winning (slightly): newsweek.com/donald-trumps-chances-beating-joe-bi…



What’s your logic in thinking he has any chance at all?


Russia hasn’t stopped influencing American media. GOP hasn’t stopped having him as their candidate. People haven’t stopped being stupid and hateful. 🤷‍♂️


What makes you think that? Trump voters love him. Between the economy and Israel’s actions, Biden voters are pretty damn disaffected at this point. It was close last time (he won the tipping point state by a mere 0.6%), so it doesn’t take too many people staying home to result in Trump winning.


Trump voters love him, but they’re not the majority. Trump will lose again.


they never were the majority. Not even amongst the GOP (to differentiate people who vote party vs president). And yet… 2016.


Yes, 2016. But THEN… 2020.

That’s the part that people conveniently leaves out.


They don’t have to be the majority. They just have to show up to vote in some swing states where Biden voters don’t bother. President isn’t based on who has the majority. It’s based on a) turn out and b) electoral college. It doesn’t matter if everyone and their mom turn out to vote democratic in California. It matters if about 20,000 people in Wisconsin who voted Biden last year decide it isn’t worth the trouble this year.


Correct. And all that already happened in 2020 when Trump LOST while being a sitting president.

More people will vote against Trump, including this recently naturalized 'Merican.


With how unpopular Trump and Biden are, it’s probably easier to lose as the sitting president. I don’t know anyone happy with the state of the country, and that’s generally blamed on the president.


And added to that, the massive disinformation campaigns from foreign powers.

What a shitshow, man.

NineMileTower, (edited )

If you think that Americans are affected enough by Gaza to vote for Trump you are flat out insane. He lost once already and there’s no way he’s gained voters. He’s accrued a multitude of criminal charges. You say " Trump voters love him. " And that’s true, but there aren’t many left. Media will have you believe it will be close, so that they can keep your eyes on their content.


No one is going to vote for Trump over Gaza. They’re just not gonna vote. And you must live in some kind of bubble if you think Trump supporters have changed their minds over the last 4 years. Some of them have since 2016. But if they supported him in 2020, they’re supporting him now. Trump doesn’t need anyone new to vote for him, just for a small percentage of people who showed up for the record turn out election in 2020 to not this time around.


I think you’re going to see the biggest landslide election in our lifetimes towards Biden.


I think we’re going to see record low turnouts making the remaining votes count so much more.


I think you’re underestimating GenZ


Do you happen to personally know a bunch of 2020 Trump voters who are voting Biden this time around? I have no idea where you’re getting this confidence from.

NineMileTower, (edited )

I know a few, but to base my argument on anecdotes is not helpful. However, check this article out: Donald Trump Suffers Huge Vote Against Him in Maryland, Nebraska

However, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who dropped out of the race two months ago, is still receiving a notable number of votes against the former president, winning 20 percent of the vote in Maryland, or more than 47,500 votes, and 17.8 percent in Nebraska, which amounts to nearly 37,000 ballots.

A lot of people are arguing that it will be a close race, but if 17-20% of your party is voting for a candidate that has already dropped out of the race, that can’t be good for a close race. These people SHOWED UP to vote for someone else who was no longer in the race. I refuse to believe that these voters went out of their way to vote for Haley in the primaries, just to say “Ah, fuck it, I’ll just vote for Trump” in the general election. Third party votes are going to hurt Trump.

There have been multiple polls which suggest that Haley supporters will not go on to vote for Trump in the 2024 election, with Biden’s campaign team also said to be hoping to win over these disillusioned Republicans.

candybrie, (edited )

Maryland is blue and doesn’t matter. Similarly, Nebraska went for the republican candidate by more than a 20 point margin in 2020.

If you want to use that argument, how many people voted for “noncommitted” in the Michigan democratic primary? People don’t even have another option but are going out to vote “not Biden” in an actual swing state.


I live in MI and I highly doubt that. There’s a Democratic majority in all three branches.


MI went for Trump in 2016 and broke for Biden by less than 3% in 2020. If those “noncommitted” voters didn’t show up, it would be a problem for Biden. Whereas if the Haley voters didn’t show up in Nebraska and Maryland, it would not be a problem for Trump.


It is almost a certainty that Trump will lose the popular vote. It is highly likely the election will be extremely close still because of the electoral college. In a country of hundreds of millions, it only takes hundreds of thousands of voters in swing states to change the outcome, regardless of the majority.

@snooggums@midwest.social avatar

Hey Biden, stop treating Trump like an opposing candidate and treat him like the insurrectionist that he is.


I understand the sentiment, but it’s not really Biden’s job to do that. The justice system has utterly failed us, but having the president decide who is and isn’t an insurrectionist probably isn’t a great idea.


If the justice system has failed and the insurrectionist is on the verge of winning, the risk is not making some sort of change.

@snooggums@midwest.social avatar

It is his job to promote himself as a candidate and point out his opponents flaws, like being an insurrectionist who can’t stay awake at his own criminal trials.


He is challenging Trump to a debate that he won’t accept. He’s doing exactly as he should while the justice system isn’t doing its job.


“President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have both accepted an invitation from CNN to debate on June 27…”


If you honestly think Trump will be there, you are delusional. He will back out and play victim. If he actually debates Biden I’ll send you a video of me kicking myself in the balls.


Darn. He is such a loser! I was hoping for him to show up and get humiliated (even if it would not be reported as such)


This is how I would start every answer:

“I will address the problem according to the will of the people. I will abide by the votes cast and counted. I will protect people’s voices and their rights. Democracy is my highest concern and we should do everything to protect it against people who would rather storm the capitol and kill their own elected officials.”

Or something.


I’m looking forward to that debate lol.


I just hope the moderator has a microphone kill switch so Trump can’t just yell over Biden’s answers and filibuster the whole thing as he has done in the past.

Trump talked constantly through the 90-minute debate, sometimes incoherently and other times rattling off unfounded and baseless attacks against Democrat Joe Biden while refusing to let the moderator even ask questions.


According to the npr story I just heard Biden’s team did set “microphones open only when it’s the candidates turn to speak” as one of the terms. Also no live audience, only candidates and moderator in a studio.


That is awesome news. I hope they stick to it.


No live audience gives me a little hope. Trump needs that feedback to know he's not gone off the rails, as we saw in the 2020 debates.


That is a good point. Without an audience to clue him in that he is crossing a line, he may just get crazier than usual.


I groaned when I saw CNN is hosting. They’ll let him do whatever he wants, it’s good for ratings

@jordanlund@lemmy.world avatar

That’s one of the Biden requirements, when one person is speaking, the other microphone is killed.


They need sound proof booths too. Otherwise, Trump will absolutely be shouting over Biden, trying to distract him and make him stutter, while it’s Bidens turn.


Biden only recently said that he was happy to debate Trump, though he was non-committal on the format of such a debate, telling radio host Howard Stern, “I’m happy to debate him.”

Im surprised Stern is still on the air, even more so that Biden would do an interview with him, and that everyone apparently ignored it even happening?

It seems like it was mostly about his life and not any pressing issues America is facing, but here’s a link:


It’s probably the most we’ll hear Biden talk. Even if most of it seems to be random fluff.

I don’t know why he picked Stern as the venue, but he needs to be doing more of this. Getting out and doing interviews. Just preferably harder hitting questions than:

Did you ever save someone’s life when you were a lifeguard?


The whole purpose of a Howard Stern interview is random fluff. It’s to make people like Joe Biden seem like he’s “one of us”. It’s not meant to promote a political agenda, or even have serious discussion on any given topic. Howard Stern would have been more likely to ask Biden about details of his and his wife’s sex life back in 1976 or something instead of a question with even mild political relevance. That’s Howard Stern. That’s what he does.

I don’t know why he picked Stern as the venue, but he needs to be doing more of this. Getting out and doing interviews. Just preferably harder hitting questions than: Did you ever save someone’s life when you were a lifeguard?

This is a reasonable expectation for if/when he goes on more serious interviews, but this is par for the course for Howard Stern, and he doesn’t even try to pretend otherwise.


I dunno, never listened to Stern.

But you’re acting like these days he’s Good Morning America.

Bill Clinton went on MTV and answered live questions then did a sax solo, that reached a shit ton of people in a demographic that gets Dems in office.

I don’t even know what demographic subscribes to satellite radio these days, let along how many listen to Stern.

Like I said tho an hour long interview is 100% what Biden should be doing, I’m just not sure why they picked Howard Stern in 2024.

Maybe because Charlemagne just isn’t an option for Biden anymore?

He kept asking Biden hard hitting political questions, and we seem to agree that when Biden talks politics it doesn’t go over well with voters.


I don’t even know what demographic subscribes to satellite radio these days, let along how many listen to Stern.

Regarding how many people still listen to Stern, I obviously don’t know the exact numbers, but given that SiriusXM keeps renewing his contract which hovers around 9 figures annually, I’m going to guess that he still has an extremely large following and is probably one of the only reasons the vast majority of SiriusXM subscribers are even subscribed in the first place.


Oh yeah, he’s always been the main draw there.

I’m not sure what his contract is like tho, they may have given him a ridiculous long contract to make the jump back in the day. So still paying him 2000s money even without that audience.

Here’s to hoping this is just the start and Biden starts doing more appearances though.

He needs to engage with voters if he wants to win. This is a step in the right direction at least.


I’m not sure what his contract is like tho, they may have given him a ridiculous long contract to make the jump back in the day. So still paying him 2000s money even without that audience.

He just renewed it in I think 2020. And he’s still hovering around 100 million annually.

And apparently both of us are vastly underestimating SiriusXM’s popularity; a quick google search shows that they pull in about $9 billion a year with a subscriber base of 34 million people. Apparently the pool of people who are too cool for AM/FM but can’t quite get the hang of Spotify is bigger than we may think.


$265 each per year. That’s wild.

My wife got a used car with a Sirius in it. She used it for the free trial but we don’t do talk radio so it seemed completely pointless.


I used Sirius for a short time right around when Sirius and XM were merging. Never listened to a single talk station. Couldn’t have cared less. I cared about the uncensored, commercial free music with stations tailored to different genres. It was great, and IMO worth the money at the time.

Then came streaming. Once streaming came along, Sirius instantly became obsolete. Streaming offered me everything that Sirius had and then some. Since I didn’t need or care about talk radio, there was literally no need to keep my subscription going. I had thought that most others did the same thing. Apparently, I was wrong.

JasonDJ, (edited )

I imagine a big draw is Stern and probably sports radio.

Sirius XM has a long list of sports-talk and play-by-play stations. And the “listen to sports” and “browses Lemmy” venn diagram is, in fact, two entirely isolated circles.

I don’t care much for sports but in my market I think all the sports stations are old AM radio. Satellite adds a ton of fidelity and may not have the regional blackouts TV has (that I don’t know about).

@Riven@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Biden should go on AOCs twitch to do an interview. That’ll get people’s attention.


If she shows her feet then Ben Shapiro will likely watch. Maybe he’ll get to hear what real policies are as opposed to “roll back all environmental protections” and “be a dictator for a day”. That could change lives.

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