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This is anti-semitic and indicative of how frustrating this situation is for folks who want to have a productive discussion. I can't critique the Israeli government without a bunch of right wing bigots swarming and talking about <<THEM>>. Posts like this are a huge part of the problem.


The menorah is a symbol of Judaism, not Israel. Besides, everybody knows that menorahs shoot lasers, not missiles.

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Space lasers, no less.

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It is both. Otherwise, you are absolutely right.

ccunning, (edited )

If the cartoon depicted the entire emblem rather than just the menorah you would have a point.

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I thought it was Moses who shot the lasers from his translucent glowing pyramid form and only if he is not appeased with macaroni necklaces.

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I thought it was Moses who shot the lasers from his translucent glowing pyramid form.

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The Israeli government is not an honest representation of Jewish faith any more than Evangelical Republicans are an honest representation of Christian faith.

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From wiki:

The religious affiliation of the Israeli population as of 2022 was 73.6% Jewish,

Israel is strongly connected to Judaism. The status od Israel for Jews is like Vatican for catholic people. So I see no problem with connecting religion with state. I am not attacking religion by shering this meme I am attacking Israel actions in Palestine.

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Okay. Thanks for taking the time to explain!


We shot the whole bullet. Thats 60% more bullet per bullet.

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Thank you. I can excuse antisemitism but I draw the line at drawing the entire bullet as the projectile


This is anti-semetic. Jewish people aren’t causing a genocide, Israel is.


Now do the previous post to this very sub:


That one is also anti semitic


And yet people are eating it up and making excuses for the antisemitic imagery.

I thought was supposed to be tightly moderated.


It is tightly moderated, but just for dumb shit in my experience.


Unlike this post where it’s just a menorah, that post isn’t antisemitic. IDF Soldiers have the Star of David on their helmets to represent the Israeli flag. Israel puts it on all their military equipment. When a Palestinian child sees an Israeli aircraft bomb their family, or a tank destroy their home, or an IDF soldier snipe them; they see that Star of David.

Israel is the one using the Star of David to represent Israel. Which is antisemitic because Israel does not represent all Jewish people, despite the lengths Israel goes to claim such.


Do the IDF not use the Israeli flag vs the Star of David on their uniforms?

To me that’s where I felt the line was crossed; using a generic Star of David (representing Jews generally) vs the Israeli flag (Representing Israel)

I have done a bit of image searching now and none of the IDF seem to have the Star of David displayed prominently; this was the first image I came across where one was noticeable at all.

I looked up the artist and he doesn’t come off as antisemitic so willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that it wasn’t intentional


I agree that the artist should’ve added the two horizontal top and bottom lines, just to make it as clear as possible.


yeah. I hate Israel (the government and most politicians), but we need to be fucking cautious not seeing the fault in their religion. There are huge protest agains the President and the government.

Most people in Israel are against that shit. In the cities the population is one of the most progressive in the world


This is walking close to actual antisemitism. Equating Jewish culture with the actions of the fascist Israeli government is effectively calling for violence against all Jews, many of whom are publicly disavowing the genocide in Palestine

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My guy, like 90% of “anti-Israel” posts you see are like one degree off from straight up antisemitism


I was trying to be diplomatic but hard agree

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It's frustrating as fuck, I'm sure a lot of people have genuinely good intentions and just lack the knowledge to recognize what is valid criticism of the state of Israel and what is antisemitic garbage. The lines are increasingly blurred, which only serves to undermine criticism, endanger Jews, and promote Netanyahu's genocidal agenda.

Now, more than ever, it's important not to spread antisemitism, and to call it out, downvote, and report it when you see it. That shit never belonged anywhere in the past, and it sure as hell doesn't belong anywhere today.

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It doesn't help that Israel is basically calling anyone even slightly critical of it's occupation as "Hamas." While not being able to aim at anything besides aid workers/press/humanitarian encampments.

That being said, the more actions like this that sneak out, and the more that the USA and Israel try to tighten their grip, the worse the conspiracy theories and anti-antisemitism will become.

Nothing is going to stop because Israel's leadership is trying to start a war with Iran, and the USA wants to sell weapons. All while holding the Jewish religion as a body shield.

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