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when Tony’s Chocolonely started up based on slave free, the financial journals were doing headlines like “will they be able to survive this bold new direction?”


I’m parsing this, but here is their explanation:


Resonanz, (edited )

Man, capitalism is just fucking wild, isn’t it?

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like Nestlé getting out of a child slavery lawsuit because none of the slavery happened in the US?


Fuck it, from where I come from: people in agriculture get smacked just by existing or trying to build common cause with “let’s end hunger in the world”. I’m with you, salutations from America Latina ! And let’s make those fuckers get what they deserve.

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Quando dou comida aos pobres, chamam-me de santo. Quando pergunto por que eles são pobres, chamam-me de comunista. (When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.)

—Dom Hélder Câmara, cited in Zildo Rocha, Helder, O Dom: uma vida que marcou os rumos da Igreja no Brasil (2000)


Sometimes I wonder why mass shootings happen so often at universities and not at such HQs.

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Lack of education


That would be a rad game, if you could wake up Manchurian Candidate style in a bathroom in the 42nd floor rest room just before a board meeting at Corpotek and there is a voice in the back of your head that guides you to the pistol that is hiding under the second toilet from the wall.

What would the song that activates you be?


Just about put an end to extreme poverty, that’s pretty impressive.




ty c:

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They eventually found the cocoa market to be almost impossible to separate from slavery. They still do their best, which is a lot more than most, but they don't make any guarantees


They have some argument for doing business with one of the largest processors who’s not the worst but not provably ethical. Discouraging.

Found it:

At Tony’s, we exist so make all chocolate 100% slave-free, not just our own. That means climbing into the lion’s den and tackling change from within. It means getting to the root of the problem and paving the way for others by proving the scalability of our solutions.

Surprised that the processor, Barry Callebaut, is down for Tony to publish such blunt criticism of them. It’s like “don’t worry, Barry’s made a totally separate production line for us - only the Barry’s non-Tony production line contains the slave blood!”


I have yet to see proof that Tony’s is actually slavery free. And if it isn’t (as in “we are doing oUr BeSt”) then why the hell would I buy from them instead of… not buying chooclate?


Because they pay a lot more to the producers.


Ok so they pay more to the slave owners… how does that help the slaves?


They get whipped with gold plated chains instead of your low cost leather whips.


The biggest problem with claiming to be slave free is that you need to own the farms to make sure, which means the locals don't get those profits either.

Whittaker's is slave free but they can't advertise it because they support the local economies ... which means they can't be reasonably sure slaves aren't used when they're not looking.


Slavery predates capitalism by about as long as tribes predate capitalism.


You say that with some kind of implication of acceptism…


I say that because slavery has nothing to do with capitalism and never has.


You’re delusional.


Truly enlightening


Must be nice not to be diabetic.


It is, objectively, but also what??


Exploitation is Slavery. If you don’t a job for some rich asshole, you’re dead. Do you just not educate yourself beyond your own comfort? Do you just think than any comfort you chew like tobacco is anything but delusion?

That’s nightshade. Come back to reality and spit that the fuck out, now.


This is an insane take lol


Well identified. It’s easily 2 insane tokens and THAT is Cthulhu so I easily win the game here. If you’re unfamiliar with Lovecraft Letter, then do you best to find the digital documents cuz IDGAF if you understand or don’t. It’s well and out of print anyway.


How high are you right now lol


Depends what you mean by “high.”


And Nestle is not even close to the worst chocolate maker: uow.edu.au/…/at-chocolate-time-weve-discovered-wh…

In the really shitty end of things are Mondelez and Unilever.


I like how they tried to incorporate the quotation marks as some sort of quirky font by adding it above chocolate as well, yet it is still obvious.


They just work for free because of the “implications”


Would you let me take everything you have right there for free and sell it? Like…water?

…even if a make an unholy shitton of plastic that will contribute massive to the goal of killing everyone?


So other political and economic systems do not have a history of slaves too? Whenever I see things blaming capitalism for our issues I worry as it means we are no laser focused on the root cause of these sorts of issues…centralized powers getting too big and unchecked no matter their political flavour.


Most have a history, yes.

But the slavery with nestle is still going on.


Any social hierarchy requires centralized power. It just happens that capitalism is the dominant economic system in the world today that reinforces that hierarchy. The problem is social hierarchy. If only there was an economic system that seeks to abolish hierarchy. Oh well, guess we’ll keep looking…


The problem is social hierarchy. If only there was an economic system that seeks to abolish hierarchy.

Lol one wonders why this system has never been implemented. Oh it’s because it needs complete centralization of the economy.


There’s the rub that the fellas over at Hexbear think they have the answer for. No disparagements, I just don’t think it’ll work out the way they hope.


There is Bitcoin.


Wait til you learn where much of organic bat guano fertilizer is sourced.


The bat cave?!


Well shit


Wonder if it’s like cagefree or free range chicken where the label is actually meaningless and could be actively misleading and still legal.


They call them serfs now. Feudalism is back baby.


Feudalism is back in the menu boys!


Yeah probably when they say “slave free,” they mean

our slaves are free because we don’t have to pay for them 💡 😁


“Free as in free beer, not free as in freedom”


If it’s chocolate, definitely yes. If it’s Nestle, also definitely yes.

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Now with 40% less slavery!

  • Only applies to packaging.

John Oliver covered this on Last Week Tonight. tl;dw Cocoa is almost exclusively grown in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, two West African countries. Most of these farms are family run and there are millions of them. All the Cocoa they produce is purchased by a few companies who dictate price. Because they buy at such a low price, the only way these farms make money is if they force children in their families to work the farm for no compensation. Ie. Child slavery.


After watching that episode I started going out and buying, Tony Chocolonely. Gotta support good businesses.

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Sadly I don’t know how slave free Tony Chocolonely is, I was reading up about this the other day and they have been removed from the slave free chocolate list due to ties with big coco.

Article talking about it’s removal - foodnavigator.com/…/Tony-s-Chocolonely-axed-from-…

Slave free chocolate list - slavefreechocolate.org/ethical-chocolate-companie…

Hope this is helpful :)


I highly doubt that nestle isn’t using slave labor


Not just children in their family, even children from other regions are kidnapped and forced to work on the farms. It’s genuine, old fashioned, slavery.


The worst part is that the organizations that audit the farms in an effort to reduce slavery fail spectacularly. The Farms receive notice of the audit and what they hope not to find in advance, and then the audits only occur at most every 6 months but more likely every few years. A documentary team of students took a trip out to a few farms that receive these audits and found Child Slavery immediately.

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And Mars, and Hershey


Is that like gluten free? How many slaves are ground into a regular bar of chocolate?


Free Ghanian slaves! *

(*with purchase of regular-priced Ghanian slaves)

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It depends on how dark it is.


I like my chocolate like I like this joke. Dark.


Y’all need to read about the chocolate wars and the trade of it if you’re surprised about this. Now is also the one time in history where chocolate has been it’s most ethical and least slavery driven. Chocolate has never been 100% ethical


Oh the printers always screw that up.

“We’re Slavers. Free Chocolate!”

There, fixed.

Lionel Hutz

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No it’s “slave free tm.” Wich is just a trademark not a declaration.

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why is it in quotes

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If I see quotes like that on packaging, I treat it as a verifiable lie

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ironically slave free …


Because slavery is so prevalent in cocoa farms that it’s impossible to guarantee that no slave labor was used. Even if they make an effort use ethical sources they still can’t make that guarantee.


Well, yeah, but also, if this is Nestlé, it’s likely just too expensive to make sure.

Gotta have that unsustainable, permanent growth.


We are (big air quotes) “slave free”.


It’s the cartoon style. Notice the curve after “WE’RE” and above the c in “chocolate”


*made by sustainable inmates


Sustainably sourced inmates is great and all, but are they carbon neutral?

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