Wahh blame everyone else for my shitty country that is unwilling to solve these issues.


For fuck sake…

  • Not free, regulated prices of higher education
  • Not free, national health insurance paid out of every paycheck
  • No “war on drugs”, meaning less drug abuse, thus less homelessness. Also - national insurance that pays the unemployed , thus less homelesness
  • Yes, absolutely, we are sooooo happy right now, for sure /s

Americans - you’re beeing owned by cooporations , not political parties.


For someone who doesn’t pay taxes, like students and the elderly. It definitely is free.


Students and the elderly absolutely pay taxes. There are handful of exemptions they might claim, but not for sales tax, gas tax, even property tax is just a reduced rate for seniors but students have it factored into their rent just like everyone else


this is a pointless argument “free” means “free at the point of access”

Like roads. You would describe being able to walk or drive down a road as “free” even though you did technically pay for them via taxes

The distinction is completely irrelevant and pedantic


I was responding to the guy above me who said students and the elderly don’t pay taxes


Well, the corporations own the political parties, soooo…


As an anarchist: I must agree.


I guess the US could achieve these goals too if they did not try to prevent healthcare, free education at any cost. Israel is not able to do this due to funding, but because they decided to use their money for this.


Well, it’s easy not having homeless people when you just go out and take other people’s homes


I’d like to point out that at least 1M Gazans now are homeless and the population of Palestine/Israel area is around 14M.

@gedaliyah@lemmy.world avatar

Probably unpopular fact to mention but Israel has to spend all of the money in the USA. It’s not making any new jobs in Israel, but only new jobs in the USA.

It’s a check America writes to itself.


What isn’t. 🤦🏼‍♂️


*America writes to its private weapons industry

It's why all the dystopian cop toys like killer drones are R&Ded in Israel, using Palestinians as unwilling test subjects.

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What’s the point of this meme? You’re funding Israel so they can have nice things? And that’s why you can’t have them? lol

From a European perspective I’d say you’re kinda neglecting the fact that you’d still be able to have these nice things regardless. Don’t blame Israel for your own unwillingness. You’re just choosing not to have them.

OpenStars avatar

Priorities, I reckon (hint: it's the one with oil).


Would be nice to see the homeless numbers expressed as a percentage of the population. The current view is misleading.


Well if I round the total homeless population to 600k and take the approximate US population to be 300M, then that would give a 2% overall homeless population.


Close, but you’re way off!

2% of 300M is 6M (6 million). So the percentage is closer to 0.2%.

Also the percentage is useless without a comparison to Israel. The 2,250 number represents about 0.02% of their population! So still a massive difference, based on those numbers.


Yeah, I was way off… I guess that’ll teach me to check my working

Also, good point with the comparison.


Based on these numbers and current actual population estimates it would be 0.173% in the US and 0.023% in Israel

I also think the “highest rates of depression worldwide” statistic is dubious.

Spot on with healthcare and student loans though


You are all why fanatics be fanaticizing.

The two party system has failed.

The RNC and the DNC both suck military industrial cocks.

Vote for either and vote for war. War meaning death of innocents and disabling of healthy young men and women. Mostly psychologically, but plenty physically.

Fuck... how did it get this bad...

Oh ya. Docile diligent 2 party voters.


It’s all set in the constitution. Not on purpose but in the systems and incentives it declares.


Yeah throw ranked choice voting my way or any of the other possible solutions and I’d vote to implement it. Problem is Ohio lol. I mean, they’re trying to “over rule” the vote for the constitutional amendment that passed by taking the courts jurisdiction away from any related cases. Don’t know if they actually could but still.


Thank you! That’s actually what I was interested in. Data without context is dubious, as you pointed out with the observation about the depression statistic. I can’t believe that statement as fact without knowing what the source data and/or methodology is; I.e. are they using the amount of antidepressants prescribed across the population, or did they send Phil out to take a tally of how many people are smiling at the park?


That's your takeaway? The mental gymnastics of you fuckers...


You should look up the meanings of “takeaway” and “mental gymnastics”.

The person is requesting more information, who knows what their takeaway is or if they have even come to any conclusions yet.


OP made 5 points.

"Ahum well.... acktchually.......... one of your points wasn't calculated per capita.

I won't do that, but consider your other 4 points nullified.

Trump isnt golden god, biden is golden god!"

Fuck off you party cock sucking plonker.


Works fine with Europe and other developed countries vs US. These things are mostly an us problem. Homelessness isn’t scaled per capita so there’s no way to draw any conclusion from that.

That being said, I think it’s stupid that we pay Israel anything, but “muh jews / muh holy land” I guess shug. Double true when they get defense hand-me-downs and aid since forever. Anything bad that happens to-or any negative thoughts about --Israel are obviously antisemitism though so please feel free to disregard.


Here from the South America: Now, Imagine Who Funds The US


That’s Meta Dank.


BlackRock multinational


Oh that’s one of the fat ones. But not all of 'em, keep on searching and you’ll eventually find the (highly disgusting) answers!


Can’t you just give them to me?

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