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You can excuse genocide?


What in the JPEG does the fine text say?


I Can Excuse Racism But I Draw The Line At Animal Cruelty


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I'm currently in "The Grinch" quadrant. Where are you? :P

The Christmas political compass. (via @politicalmemes)


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Oh yes. Especially when I was in school. And I don’t mean just from the kids.

This was close to 40 years ago and I still haven’t forgotten my elementary school teacher telling me to stop being such a Grinch and sing the Christmas songs for the school Christmas show because “we sang the dreidel song for you.”

I hate that fucking dreidel song, by the way. It feels like some Nazi wrote the worst holiday song ever just so he could blame the Jews for it.

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That sucks. I’m cracking up about the Nazi dreidel song.

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