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Interpreting 135

Welcome to a variety of cart eyed opportunities!

I have something special to tell you!

I have something special to tell you!

Play Am I an artist or a Venetian.

Venice any One Soul.

Indigo does not think so!

Does Camilla pray day and night?

Her face hurt and the pearls slept.

Asemic sign, Ulric in the Garden of Eden

I know a prophet of The Coral Tree God.

At the beginning of the dream, the long river longs to disappear;

History’s eyes do not look yellow and blue unsigi ana ke kaula.

Open your nose in that flower, yo up

Apparition stick a house bone;

And sell the red in the mud.

God comes to you for translation services.

You shine ~ Dagita hard pig-pellian teeth! Safe garden; Hansas Mikablaukaios Hilmi. Hansas Mikablaukaios Hilmi. Ti isu ket marog serbe dev ay-ayam kadak pallagcuan. This is the crazy and Olu Lohi is tired of visual birds – kaula unsigi ana ket marog ~

Tired of the big and beautiful river birds, his dream began to fade. – Kaula Pant Ana Ket Pant Ana Yellow and blue cannot be seen.

Atoqpa hinaspa paypa ñawpaqninpi
Atoqqa hatunchakuq maqanakuqmi karqan
Chay unanchakunataqa k’umuykunankupaqmi nisqaku
Huch’uy quchapa kantun.

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