What did you use for the dairy free one? I tried vegan cheese once, and the taste was pretty good, but the consistency of the cheese was repulsive to me.


Personally I’ve only ever found 2 vegan cheeses that I can stomach. Vegan Philadelphia is very good, and I use that in many recipes; the other was a feta substitute by Violife which I enjoyed mixed with avocado. The pizza has a vegan version of the popular smoked Applewood cheddar, which isn’t bad, although not remotely attempting to be a mozzarella substitute.

My partner is allergic to gluten and milk protein, and the 3 cheese substitutes I’ve mentioned are the only ones we will buy for her. There are other vegan cheeses she has enjoyed at pizza places, but I don’t know what those are. I’m with you on your experience of vegan cheese, but there are rare exceptions that I consider edible. Most of the time if cheese is going on something I’m getting real cheese for me.

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Lovely. Longtime pizza/bread fiend here who's switched to GF for health reasons. Any info on the crust? It looks homemade.


I use a gluten free bread recipe I found online that uses a blend of buckwheat flour, rice flour and potato starch for the flour mix, and then psyllium husk which is needed to make the dough stretchable.

I tried just using gluten free flour to begin with but without the gluten it’s just awful to work with and impossible to stretch out well. The psyllium husk is an absolute game changer and makes this dough very easy to stretch out to a pizza base.

This is the recipe I use although I add much less salt because 5g per pizza base is a health hazard, and IMO too much for a loaf of bread too.

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Thanks! Hmmm, I have almost all of those ingredients, I think. I'll have to give it a try. I've been buying premade GF crusts but they are costly.

I've seen GF bread recipes with twice that amount of salt for similar ingredient amounts. I almost always cut recipe salt in half anyway, but I'll make a note of the health hazard :)

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