Supporting the Rules

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Supporting the Rules

alt text: “the state of the animation industry”

“you’re pirating that show? don’t you wanna support the creators?” “I AM the creator.”

“haha the only way I can show future employers my work is to send a link to a bunch of pirated copies of it haha what a nightmare haha”


I had such high hopes for HBO Max as a bastion for animation before they got completely fucked. They nuked Summer Camp Island (a very wholesome, charming, and slightly weird show) right before its final season came out, delaying the premiere more than a year and with zero notice to its creator, Julia Pott. Pott implied as legally as she could that the season would get out there one way or another, so either someone at CN has a heart or her threat worked.

And to this day they deny that Summer Camp Island, OK KO, Infinity Train (one of CN’s top performing shows!), and others even existed, while cutting funding for even more shows. I’m still devastated, we had a beautiful revival in the 2010s, but now there’s barely anything new on at all. So many up and coming creators utterly shafted no matter what network they work with.

All we really have left is Prime and Netflix, and god knows those aren’t reliable. What a mess…


How is it that Piracy is better than Key reselling sites? Am I missing something?


They sometimes buy keys using stolen credit cards. When the fraud is found out, the banks will request the money from the developer. They in turn often don’t have a way to lock the fraudulent key, so it remains valid.

The costs for the initial bank transfer, plus the time invested in returning the money to the credit card holder are payed by the developer.

The key reseller has a 100% profit margin, the customer has a valid and cheap game key, and the developer actually lost time and money.

theshatterstone54, (edited )

Never realised this could lead to a loss from the game dev

Edit: So do it for Ubisoft, EA etc. but not for indie games. Got it.

Oh wait. realises you can’t do it for big companies anymore


Old employer bought Windows keys from G2A.

They’re not around anymore…


TLDR from Factorio devs: piracy costs only pirates(electricity bill, internet bills), resellers costs game studios a lot(fees, chargebacks) and often are part of fraud and money launderung.

ziixe, avatar

What’s the thing to the left of steam?


Looks like the company logo, Running with Scissors.

echodot, (edited )

They are saying they would like you to buy the game either from them directly (I assume on their website or something) or via steam, or GoG or if all else fails for you then pirate it.

I assume they are stating in order of preference.

Presumably if you buy the game directly from them they get 100% of the cut.


Random question: does anyone here know someone who has acces to MLP seasons 1-6 music files? I’m interested in instrumentals and original files before lossy compression.



“Don’t you want to support the creators”

Yeah, preferably them rather than the majority share go to Spotify or Netflix.


I fucking hate modern animation, anime especially


As someone in the industry, I have done this as well, even while sometimes working at the very same company who should in theory have easy access to said files.

tsonfeir, avatar

Demo reels aren’t a thing anymore?

SuperApples, avatar

I have this problem. A couple of AAA projects I worked on, years of work, got cancelled and all that exists now is “stolen” footage. Then there’s the dozen mobile apps that have been pulled from the app stores (or gotten “out of date” and no longer supported). Can’t find APKs or store listings, just 3rd party site reviews are the only evidence of their existence.


You don’t save anything to show later?

SorteKanin, avatar

Probably their contracts forbid them to, so even if they save something, it is practically piracy anyway.

Most code written by software engineers work the same way. The code is owned by the company, the employee can’t keep any of it after you leave or is fired.

jabathekek, avatar

Alpha FOSS vs. beta proprietary software.


Every job you mean, of course anything you do at work is your company’s property.


The credits couldnt theoretically magically appear?

I mean they wouldn’t be infringing on copyright or whatevs since they are just a list of names. and additionally most people on these lists would corroborrate the existance of most other people there (which doesnt make it perfect, but better)


Anyone got a link to some reading on this subject? This is the first I’m hearing about it and it seems pretty complex.

yamanii, avatar

They are referring to how Zaslav keeps archiving animation to not pay people.…/animated-content-removal…


This Zaslav guy’s kind of dumb, overpaid piece of shit, eh?

Anyone know how the $250 mil he’s paid in stock options works? In one of the links in the article above it says he only gets that money if the stock goes above a certain price. Surely, there’s tiers or brackets or something, right? Like, considering the stock has only gone down, it seems hard to believe he literally gets zero value out of all that stock


This is the latest example that sparked it off again, but stuff like this has been going on for a decade. Many animators and vfx artists who work for high profile companies never get the final versions of their work and sometimes work on locked down servers where they can’t easily copy the work for themselves. They are at the whim of the company to provide them the files. Usually they are ignored so the artists resort to pirating the work to then edit it down and showcase on their websites and reels.


Infinity Train is really good if you haven’t watched it. Very short episodes too. Probably my favorite piece of animation in the last 10 years.


It’s weird, I remember there being a pilot for it and people not being sure if it’d get picked up, and now suddenly it’s ended and has multiple seasons


It’s actually really fun to compare the pilot with its equivalent episode in the show, cool to see what little changes they made.


The intro music (if you want to call the background music soundscape thingy that) is exceptional. Always emotionally touched me.

I can definitely recommend the Infinity Train series too.


I think the first season was pretty excellent. The mystique disappeared a little bit after that, which definitely changed how the episodes felt going forward, but it was still good

Kissaki, (edited )

I agree the series got worse through the seasons. And not only because of mystique loss.



wrekone, (edited )

The third season genuinely made me angry. Not that it wasn’t good. There were just so many unlikable characters that it was hard to watch sometimes.

jabathekek, avatar

Looks like something I would want to watch. Isn’t it strange how the first time I’ve ever heard of it in the five years since it’s inception is on a forum devoted to piracy? 🤔🤔🤔🤔


I’d recommend Final Space if you haven’t heard of it, as well as Scavengers Reign for a newer title

jabathekek, avatar

Ah, I love cookies. And Final Space.

The ending though… gee wiz.


Didn’t Nintendo get caught selling pirated copies of their old NES games?

entropicdrift, avatar

Yes. On a number of occasions.


Rockstar was doing a similar thing I believe

SturgiesYrFase, (edited ) avatar

Yeah one of the GTA games on steam was a cracked copy

Edit: my bad. Manhunt, Midnight Club 2 and Max Payne 2.


I thought that was myth busted.


NES mini was sold with pirated games in format developed by pirates

backhdlp, avatar

Dana Terrace, creator of The Owl House, pirates her own show.

CorrodedCranium, avatar

I imagine the creator of Final Space might do the same


Still mad about this one

Final space was so good. Cartoon Expanse


For you 🍪

Sir_Kevin, avatar

Same thing happened with South Park until they started posting all the episodes themselves on their website.


Owl House and South Park truly belong to same category


can’t believe it got cancelled, it was really good


But to be fair, if you are an animator - you are really into pain.

Rustmilian, avatar

I made a rant post about this same shit.


Zaslav and whoever is influencing the bad movies at Sony are a danger to the industry. I do believe Warner Brothers was better before (like long ago) but they got in the make money fast mentality and took hostage good franchises doing cash grab after cash grab. Of course, making money is the name of the game but either you produce shit quick or produce a good product. That is how Marvel got where they are, with good products, but as you know they also switched to the quick-shit money making strategy.

Liked your rant btw.


Yep marvel shifted to put out shit and take in the cash. They forgot it has to be good for people to go. At this point superhero movies should be shelved the public is not going to them, and they have damaged the brand.

yamanii, avatar

And suddenly everyone is hyped again for Deadpool 3, people are only tired of bad shit.


After unceremoniously shitting all over the Netflix Marvel shows, Disney+ is doing an about-face and literally rebooting some of them WITH the original creators i.e. Punisher Season 3, it’s happening.

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