Isn’t this dangerous to the birds? Don’t they get poked?

@Nativeridge@aussie.zone avatar

so damn cute 🥰

@Hupf@feddit.de avatar

Great shot! Tucsonan here. What area of town or where in AZ?

colourlesspony, (edited )
@colourlesspony@pawb.social avatar

Hey! It’s on edge of the Ironwood national monument down Mile Wide road. Cool seeing someone else from Tucson here.


Cool indeed! I will have to go there sometime. Never been to Ironwood. Live in NE Tucson. Thanks!!


You guys want to meet at the Arby’s on 22nd and Kolb?


It’s a… Saguowlo cactus! 😆😆😆

…I’ll see myself out.


How do you build a nest hanging between cacti?

colourlesspony, (edited )
@colourlesspony@pawb.social avatar

You can’t really see it in the picture but the saguaro has one main truck that splits into a bunch of arms. The nest goes down to where the arms split off. Weirdly this nest is sort of communal. I’ve seen red hawks using the same nest.

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