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coldv, in The whole island of Sicily covered by wildfires tonight. It's a catastrophe. Here is a satellite image.

Not saying shit’s not fucked up over there right now, but is this an artist rendering? Its got what looks like artist initials at the top and I can’t find this image anywhere else.


More fuel for the “climate change is a hoax” fire

Gutotito avatar

Yeah, looks like a nighttime image of the island with some smoke added to it.

fiat_lux, (edited )

It almost definitely is. This happened with the last big Australian fires too. Here's a an actual satellite photo of the Australian fires with overlaid red dots from NASA data for comparison.

Note the complete lack of smoke or cloud obscuring anything in the OP image.

Edited to add: NASA photo + overlaid data from Sicily's 2017 fires. Fewer fires, visible wind smoke trails.

NotBadAndYou, in England's red card offense against Nigeria in the World Cup

“Are you seeing this shit??”


Reminds me of that gif of Obama. Same exact expression.


Thanks, Obama.

livus avatar

"Did you see that ludicrous display?"


The problem with England is, they’re just trying to walk on you.

Vaggumon, in Sinéad O'Connor ripping up a picture of Pope John Paul II on SNL in 1992 avatar

She called out the shitty catholic church, got her career ruined for it, and 2 months later all the molestation stuff came out. Not once did she get an apology. RIP, Nothing truly did compare to you.

Happyjustbecause, in What were the skies like when you were younger? avatar

They went on forever and they, when I, we lived in Arizona and the skies always had little fluffy clouds in them and, er they were long and clear and there were lots of stars at night and, er, when it would rain it would all turn, it, they were beautiful, the most beautiful skies, as a matter of fact…


Thank you for this.


What is this reference?

Drunemeton, avatar

Fun fact, the track was built around a sample from this:

DrNeurohax avatar

Haha, that just made my day. I'm among my own kind here.


I know this isn’t the reference but this reminds me of that Reddit account something like commamassacre or commanightmare?


Over the past few years, to the traditional sounds of an English summer, the drone of lawnmowers, the smack of leather on willow, has been added a new noise…


I was hoping this comment would be here. I feel seen.


I see you! I got the reference too!!


This one caught me off guard – first time I wish we had awards here!


Just listened the other day for the first time in many many years. Still slaps.

Piecemakers3Dprints, avatar

Annnnd, now I’m going down that nostalgic track rabbit hole for the evening. 🤘🏼🥰


I scrolled specifically looking for this.
It was important that this be posted here.
You’ve done a man’s job, sir!
It’s too bad she won’t live… but then again, who does?

Bsher8365, in I took a picture of a cool door I saw.


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  • Salmoon,

    Thanks for the info! It is a delightful door with delightful lore

    calhoon2005, avatar

    yews that flank it may have inspired Tolkien with the Doors of Durin.

    Nice. I was about to ask what species the trees were.

    Zagorath, avatar

    It’s the perfect iconic English wood.

    aasatru, in Arrest of journalist Olga Fedorova (Alex Kent, New York, May 8 2024) avatar

    Creds and copyright Alex Kent over at Twitter. He also posted a picture of Fedorova's arrest, with her press credentials at full display.

    The context is, of course, the ongoing anti genocide protests.


    you need to sign in to even look at shXitter now? Thank fuck, it's finally dead.

    oce, avatar

    On desktop Firefox, using the Imagus add-on, I can still see the image by hovering over the link.



    aasatru, avatar

    You're better off, the comment section is full of bootlickers anyway.

    Here's the tweet:

    knocking down and arresting credentialed journalist Olga Fedorova in New York, NY on May 8, 2024.

    There are two attached images. The second photo should be accessible through the link even without signing in, but I attach it here for good measure.


    A link is great but xitter doesn’t let anyone without an account even look at content from their page anymore. Is there an alternate place to see these?

    aasatru, (edited ) avatar

    It's just two images, I've posted the second one here. :)


    Jesus. Everything needs a fucking account anymore.

    UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

    If you’re not signed in, its harder to track you.


    I thought the federation was against this type of stuff! :(

    56_, avatar

    This has nothing to do with that. Signing in with an account other than OP’s wouldn’t have done anything.

    aasatru, avatar

    Oh bother - I tried the direct link to the post, apparently that's for my eyes only. Fixed it now, thanks for pointing it out! :)

    Zoomboingding, avatar
    guyrocket, in OBEC Squirrel Bridge in Longview, Washington [OC]
    guyrocket avatar

    I wonder if the squirrels have learned to use it instead of the street. And do birds hang out on the roof of the covered bridge? Do any animals stay of of the rain in the covered part? Webcam?

    This is interesting. I might try making one...

    guyrocket avatar

    Very interesting read.

    Thank you for the link!


    It cost $1,000 in 1963? That’s over $10k by today’s value

    Burn_The_Right, in 'Head Banger aka Stunning Tit' [OC]

    Well, you know what they say. “A tit in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Whatever that means.

    guyrocket avatar

    I think "they" is just you. And you just made that up.


    Well, like they always say, “guyrocket can spot a fake tit quote a mile away”.

    guyrocket avatar


    southsamurai, avatar

    No, no, people do say that.

    At least two, anyway.

    Ironfist, in Trump's mug shot

    I’ve been waiting for this day for so long, seeing this wannabe dictator commit crime after crime with no consequences and hearing so many people saying this would never happen, but here we are. Cheers my American neighbors! This is a good day for democracy!


    I agree, but is this a consequence tho


    That’s what op is saying.

    jtk, avatar

    Isn’t this like the 3rd mug shot over the past few months, or did we not get to see those? I’ve lost track.


    Those places forwent the mugshot. Georgia stated they would treat him as any other defendant, so this is his first.


    I’d forgotten about “forwent,” I’m going to have to keep it in my mental cheek pouches for crosswords and other word games.


    “Mental cheek pouches” is a genius term. Stolen.



    You mean stashed in your mental cheek pouches.

    jtk, avatar

    In hindsight, that should have been obvious from today’s uproar.


    To be fair, the mugshot is for identification and it’s not like you need a photo of the Cheeto to identify him. What I want is a prison ID photo after being hosted down and de-loused (I know that’s just a movie trope, but I still want it)


    Delousing in jails is not just a movie trope.

    Hosing down? Got me there.

    watson387, avatar

    The delousing is real. No hose-down though. They do make you scrub up in ice cold shower water though.


    The other ones didn’t take mugshots


    I agree, but also a tragic day. This does nothing to reduce the polarization or convince his misguided followers of anything. Trump might go away but his voters won’t. We have decades of this to look forward to. It’s a step in the right direction at least…

    GladiusB, avatar

    I am going to disagree with you here. This is a long process. This teachers our kids about consequence. There is a lot more gears spinning than just punishing the big Cheeto.


    The alternative is worse.

    CharlesDarwin, avatar

    Oh well, if he was allowed to get off without any consequences, it would be far, far worse.


    The consequences of national polarization may, in the long term, make Trump’s actions look small.

    This arrest certainly pushes us closer to the edge. Whether that will lead us back to normalcy or over and down is yet to be seen.


    And it would be better for national unity if one party was allowed to get away with committing crimes without facing consequences?


    I’ve been thinking lately that if Nixon hadn’t been pardoned, we never would have been here today.

    kamenlady, avatar

    But that’s not the point. Him getting away with it or not, is one thing. The people standing in front of the Jail since 10 am, waiting for him to show up. Eager and sincerely wanting to show him their support. Firm in their belief that he cares or needs the support.

    Half of the nation really wants someone like him to be president.

    And they stand even stronger by his side, after these last weeks.

    This is the tragic message and important lesson from this.


    We keep saying “half of the nation” but he’s never won a popular vote. It’s a cognitive distortion


    Half of the nation really wants someone like him to be president.

    Not even half of likely voters.


    I wholeheartedly disagree that it’s a tragic day. The tragedies happened when he committed his crimes and got away with them for years. This is just the beginning of resolution.


    Exactly right. Saying this mugshot is a tragedy is like saying it’s a tragedy when somebody with cancer finally qualifies for the surgery to remove the tumor.

    Talaraine, in England's red card offense against Nigeria in the World Cup
    Talaraine avatar

    Video for those that'd like to see it

    livus avatar

    Alternate link for those of us who got "uploader has not made this video available in your country" errors


    Eesh. That video is damning. I don’t even watch soccer/futbol and that’s pretty egregious in the replay. She pushed off her back, then stepped on it… Not an accident

    motorheadkusanagi, in Another church in my neighborhood

    And yet, they dont pay taxes…

    MrJameGumb, avatar

    Yeah, it’s pretty messed up. Honestly I’m not religious as at all though, I just like taking pictures of churches. They’re always such interesting buildings! This one is particularly odd because it’s a little castle hidden in the middle of a residential neighborhood. This is not a main street and it’s surrounded by normal houses lol

    LollerCorleone, in The view outside my rehab facility (Switzerland)
    LollerCorleone avatar

    That's a great view and I am rooting for you! Come back stronger!

    soupspoon, in Brushed up against this while picking corn. It stung.

    Yeesh I hope you’re doing alright, I have such a fear of a surprise caterpillar sting, especially on the neck

    theodewere avatar

    surprise caterpillar

    band name maybe, debut album A Sting on the Neck


    Cover picture: a massive crawler dozer right about to land on some guys neck

    theodewere avatar

    okay, is he too busy to notice the giant cat sneaking up on him because he's absorbed in his iphone? is the band making a social statement in this album? or is the caterpillar more of a metaphor for our own destructiveness coming back to bite him.. IN THE NECK..

    BettyWhiteInHD, in Sinéad O'Connor ripping up a picture of Pope John Paul II on SNL in 1992


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  • XeroxCool,

    I watched Goodfellas last week for the first time. Pretty sure that’s who Joe Peeci really thinks he is. I liked things better when I only knew him for My Cousin Vinny.


    Which was recently proven true too. She was basically cancelled for being a good human and trying to call out some shitty things.

    RickRussell_CA, avatar

    Some of the abuse was well-known at the time. The mistreatment of women and children in Church-run Irish schools and workhouses throughout the 19th and 20th centuries was increasingly well documented by the 1990s. Mass graves were discovered in the 1970s, although in the 1990s the church was still publicly denying any responsibility. Hence Ms. O’Connor’s protest.

    I don’t know what Ms. O’Connor knew about the ongoing abuse of children by priests and the church coverup efforts. But I’m sure she wasn’t surprised, as she was well-acquainted with the Church’s perfidy.


    It was well known in Ireland, but not in the U.S. That’s why it was such a shocking moment and National headline. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that the scandals started popping up across the US and people decades later realized she had a point.

    RickRussell_CA, avatar

    So, I was in my 30s when O’Connor did her thing on SNL, and I definitely remember the context being discussed here in the US. There was a (brief) national conversation at the time about why she would do this, and a fair amount of attention on the 19th and early 20th century abuses by the church’s schools and workhouses, where “women of questionable virtue” were held against their will and forced into labor. When O’Connor was interviewed about it, she talked about the abuse of women and girls.

    I do agree that what the church calls “the crisis” – the revelation that active pedophiles had been using their positions in the church to cover up their extensive crimes – was not well known until the 2000s.


    Thanks for bringing perfidy to my vocabularies’ attention. What a good word.

    “Don’t give that Loch Ness monster perfidy!”


    Honestly, I have never imagined the Loch Ness Monster as faithless or disloyal before today.


    Iirc she was put into a catholic asylum type place when she was a teenager, and treated terribly. Presumably it’s where she saw up close and personal what the church was really doing.

    It’s been a long time, but in the 80s, I recall the Catholic Church being known to be exactly what we know it’s to be now, but not in the same way. It wasn’t as widely accepted. As much as I despise this statement, it was also a VERY different time.


    The issue was that it wasn’t really widely known at the time. Or at least, it was easier to handwave away as rumors and speculation. The church was still doing a pretty good job of keeping a lid on all their issues. So when she did it, all the Catholics immediately disregarded the protest and jumped on the “she hates God and Catholics” bandwagon. Some of the abuse was well known, but it wasn’t recognized to be anywhere near as pervasive and ubiquitous as it is these days.

    She essentially made herself an easy target by not explicitly clarifying what she was protesting. Lots of people simply saw her ripping up the photo of the pope without any context as to why, so it was easy to take out of context.


    Iirc she was a pretty young adult when she did it. Not the age bracket for thinking ahead.

    I get what you’re saying, but at the same time, even young me wanted to know more about what she was saying because it was clearly real.

    I also agree it was a different time and the way info was handled and disseminated was wildly different too.

    She just got the absolute shit end of the deal though.


    I think she was principled, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t looking forward she was setting herself aside in favour of a justified cause in her eyes. It was selfless not poor forethought.


    Maybe. Probably. You’re probably right.


    She said in an article i read today that she was proud because it prevented her from being No. 1 again, which is something she never intended. What a badass punk.

    Syldon, avatar

    Sorry to disillusion you but this was well known in the 70’s. It was a standing joke. People knew they just never confronted the issue because ethical standards were pretty low back then.


    Yes and no. It was known among the churchgoers. The altar boys knew which priests to avoid, and why. The parishioners knew, or at least heard rumors. And when a priest was suddenly transferred across the country/internationally, it was pretty widely accepted as code for “they got caught.” But they didn’t tend to talk about it outside of the church, and the news was still afraid to be labeled as anti-catholic if they reported on it.

    So the general public only really heard the jokes, rumors, and speculation. And the church had the plausible deniability to allow them to screech about being unfairly attacked. And it worked. The church happily played the role of the victim, and the general public turned on her.

    Syldon, avatar

    The general public were the congregations that went to the churches. I was brought up in a catholic system in the 70’s.

    EnderWi99in, in The whole island of Sicily covered by wildfires tonight. It's a catastrophe. Here is a satellite image.

    While there are indeed a great many forest fires happening around the world, and no shortage of them across Sicily, this is an artists rendering and not an actual satellite photo. The actual fires are FAR more localized, and this kind of hyper sensationalized reporting just does a disservice to the actual severity of the situation. It's a big enough problem even without the sensationalism.

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