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Thanks for the boost, @lisamelton 😘

lisamelton, avatar

@DemocracySpot You are very welcome, sir! Love the texture in that photo. 💖

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LeslieVS1965, avatar

@DemocracySpot that is such an awesome photo - first thing that popped into my head is... It's the End of the World as we know it. . .

DemocracySpot, avatar


Thanks for saying so! That's always great to hear. 😊

qurlyjoe, avatar

Wow. I’m guessing, from what looks like blue sky at upper left, that this is actually a color photo, which is always so cool. Outstanding.

DemocracySpot, avatar


Yes, color and thanks so much, Joe. x

LikeItOrLumpIt, avatar

@DemocracySpot Wow! So dramatic!

DemocracySpot, avatar


Annie, the air was simultaneously muggy and electric!

LikeItOrLumpIt, avatar

@DemocracySpot This has got to be one of your best cloud shots!

DemocracySpot, avatar


Thank you kindly. 😘

Waitnwallflower, avatar

@DemocracySpot that is wicked!

DemocracySpot, avatar


Thx! 😉

mentallyalex, avatar

@DemocracySpot gorgeous

DemocracySpot, avatar


Thank you, Alex! 😘

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